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Jan 28, 2019 · 4 min read

Do you work at a desk? Chances are you listen to music while working. In fact, it’s widely known that listening to music at work increases your productivity while working. According to one study 90% of workers were found to perform better and produce more accurate work while listening to music.

Music is great at getting us in the zone, but it also has a fantastic ability to bring people together. Some theorise we are on the cusp of a rising epidemic of loneliness in the workspace, something that may well be on the rise given the shift toward a remote workforce. At Daily Fire we believe that music can play a vital role in creating a sense of connectedness and belonging to an ever more digitalised workforce.

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🔥 The role of music in the workspace

In this article I want to discuss the role of music in the workspace, not necessarily for making you more productive, but for its ability to help form personal relationships in a professional environment.

It’s nothing new, and you may already do this, but we propose you provide a place, like a Slack channel, where employees and co-workers are able to share music with their peers. This allows for everyone to get to know a little bit about one-another over something they all share, a taste in music. In my personal experience, via Slack, I found myself talking to colleagues outside of my typical teammates and going onto form lasting relationships — with new people to talk to at the lunch table.

Moreover, music sharing is rewarding. Music can be a gift, there is something magical about discovering a new track you listen to on repeat, or better yet, sharing a song that someone else can’t get enough of!

There is something awesome about finding someone with a similar music taste to you. You two are almost pre-disposed to get along with each other. Now I’m no scientist, but if you think about it, sound vibrations from a song you like enter your brain and tickle it in such a way that feels good. Now if the same piece of music has a similar effect on someone else, you’re wired similarly and may be more likely to get along (sorry to any neuroscientists/neurologists that may be reading this 😝). I’m not suggesting that you two are destined to become best friends, but at the very least you now have something to talk about when you cross paths!

The beauty of music sharing is that it’s an enjoyable experience in and of itself. It doesn’t need to be overthought, but simply sharing the song that has been stuck in your head all day, or the song that caught your attention while listening to your usual playlists can give others something new to enjoy and hopefully save to their playlists. In a world of algorithmic recommendations, suggestions with a human touch can be a breath of fresh and original air.

Particularly on Slack, a channel where colleagues and talk about something other than work for a bit, may not be your boss’s favourite thing, but can be a rejuvenating experience — helping you power you through writing that final email or launching that feature before 5pm.

🔥 Sparking the Channel

If you are looking for a way to get people involved, a great way to spark the music sharing channel is to start a themed day around a mood or genre. Something like “Chilled Tuesday” or “Fire’d up Friday” can be a great way to help kick start the sharing of music and make it more fun.

Daily Fire will help you do this with its built-in “Themes” feature, which creates a dedicated playlist for the day and tallies the reactions for the music shared (read more about themes here). You can even “like” songs shared by your peers and “follow” them if you really like their taste! Each song is synced to Spotify, Soundcloud and YouTube, allowing you to follow along no matter your platform of choice.

🔥 Final Thoughts

Music sharing can be a rewarding and fun experience at work, providing a place where personal relationships can be formed in an increasingly digital and remote workforce. As an added bonus, it can actually make employees more productive and we hope will make them happier and more collaborative.

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Peace, Love & 🔥

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