Hidden Code in Pokemon Go has just been discovered

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Hey trainers! Welcome to Daily Game Tips!

TheSilphRoad’s Reddit is a great site for info on Pokemon Go. Most of my info is taken from them and I’m crediting them right now, and I would also like to thank them for providing awesome info. Thanks so much!!

All of my info is coming from this post, and all credit goes to u/cokuspocus for his amazing research.

Here are some highlights of what this post talked about:

New Incense Types?

Incense is used to attract Pokemon to you and only you.
  • item_incense_cool could be used to attract ice or water Pokemon specifically
  • item_incense_floral — flower? could be used for attracting grass or bug types specifically

New Catching Mechanics?

  • activity_catch_legend_pokemon — could be used for specifically catching LEGENDARY POKEMON like Articuno, Moltres, Zapdos, or even Mew or Mewtwo!

Different Gym Mechanics?

People have been confused about the identification of a “fort”, but that has been identified as a POKESTOP. When a pokestop is not identified, it is converted to a gym. With that, here are some interesting lines of code

  • fort_deploy_pokemon — this is where you place Pokemon after claiming a gym but…
  • fort_recall_pokemon — with this, it hints to the fact that gyms might be changed. you might now be able to take Pokemon in and out of gyms!


The Pokemon Go trailer suggested the use of trading in Pokemon Go

Many of us have been waiting for trading in Pokemon Go. Numerous lines of code found by u/cokuspocus lead to the fact that there is trading, it just hasn’t been released into the game yet.

  • trade_search — a search for anyone in your area, or across the world, that wants to trade?
  • trade_offer — offering pokemon?
  • trade_response — responding probably to the offer
  • trade_result — people get what they offered, and the trade is done

Catching Mechanics?

The word “ITEM” is the factor that decides whether or not you catch a Pokemon or not. They all fit into the code, but these have stood out.

  • item_effect_cap_chance_trainer — there may be a cap based on what level you are
  • item_effect_cap_chance_first_throw — maybe the first throw has a better chance to catch… or worse
  • item_effect_cap_chance_night — probably increased or decreased chance of catching Pokemon at night

Finally, our weirdest line of code, found by u/cokuspocus:


Could this lead to companies sponsoring Pokemon Go and thus getting their own Pokestop or Gym? We may never know…

Thanks for reading! Make sure to tune in every day to read my tips and tricks for Pokemon Go!

Happy Gaming!

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