Today was a good day.

I can’t say I’ve always paid close attention to the [happenings] last day of a month. But, today was pretty epic.

It started with a stop at Starbucks with a friend and her son, catching up over coffee and Teavana tea. Wait, rewind. It started over a conversation with my SistahFriend and prayer. A conversation that brought forth clarity for things to come.

After the Starbucks visit, a quick stop at home. Followed by a conversation about travel plans for the weekend. Where will I end up next?!

Then after a conversation with a childhood friend, about future endeavors, I was ready to take on the world. Before I did [do] that, I was able to reflect with my boss about my first year with his company. He is right, its still just a job. Yet, I hope to learn all that I am to.

What’s the purpose in all this?! To be honest, I don’t know. Maybe in it all, when we really pay attention, we can see just how valuable 24 hours can be.

Looking toward the future with today in mind. #dailyisthejourney

~ Z

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