Five new experiences I had this weekend

Long weekend trip to Whistler

I live in British Columbia. It says it on our province’s license plates but I live in a beautiful place.

Only recently I’ve started to truly explore where I’ve been living for over twenty years.

1. Ran from trains

Brandywine Falls Provincial Park

I forgot to turn on my Nike+ Run App until we were about to head back to the car and by the time we got back the app had logged 4.13 km.

In reality, we had hiked closer to 8–9 km from the Brandywine Fall park, where we ate a picnic lunch box I had packed in the morning, to Whistler Bungee, located on the Cheakamus River. The hike itself was not hard but there were a lot of detours and not knowing where we were going made the trip unnecessarily long. Also, I’m not sure if it’s just my ignorance for the terrain but is there a way to the bottom of the falls? I was really hoping to get a long exposure shot of near the bottom but I didn’t know how to get down there.

Some pro-tips:

  1. Swim Lake trail as of Sept, 4 2017 is not accessible. We hiked it and had to turn back because of a road-block.
  2. Bring lots of water, it’s very dry terrain and a lot of the train is not shaded. Hats are recommended.
  3. Don’t go at noon if you are taking photos; too much exposure.
80mm f/4 1/250s ISO 100
Brandywine Falls Trail Map
Railways make for great scenic backdrops

Final thoughts: I wish I had the time and energy to go do the Lava Lake trail but it was just too hot and we were exhausted.

2. Felt a little disappointed at an art gallery

Audin Art Museum

I don’t think the collection was as inspiring as the building was. The architecture of the building was what made me want to go in but I wasn’t too excited about the exhibitions.

The exhibitions I saw were their permanent collections: E.J. Hughes, Emily Carr, Gordon Smith, Jack Shadbolt and aboriginal art, and their feature collection, “Edward Burtynsky: The scarred Earth.”

Honest opinion? I don’t really enjoy contemporary art and Emily Carr is someone that I’ve been seeing since elementary school so I was not too impressed. The featured exhibition was interesting and tied into the idea of a sacred Earth that was being physically scarred by construction and mining but I don’t think it was a ‘must-see’.

3. Stayed at a fancy hotel room

Fairmont Gold at Fairmont Whistler Resort

For a complete gallery of photos:

Two things I can say about this experience:

  1. I only aspire to be able to afford all vacations in hotel rooms with bathrooms with double french doors and gold hardware.
  2. I could probably never have anything other than miniature glass ketchup bottles at my continental breakfast bar.
How I demand all my hotel breakfast bars to look from now on.
I took this home

4. Had super premium ice cream from cows

Cow’s Whistler

This is a PEI-based creamery with a store in Whistler and there’s always a line which made me want to try it last time I went but I didn’t have time for it. This time I got to try their ‘wowie cowie’ and it was okay. Their ice cream is not ‘super premium’ as they market it but it was tasty especially on a hot day.

I normally gauge the quality of ice cream by trying the vanilla flavour because vanilla is my favourite flavour and ridiculously hard to get right. Vanilla ice cream is delicious only when the ice cream itself is creamy and rich because vanilla doesn’t act as a mask but enhances the natural flavours of the cream used.

I sampled the vanilla ice cream and I got the wowie cowie. The wowie cowie is a vanilla-based ice cream with toffee, caramel, chocolate chip and some crunchy cookie dough-like bits.

Wowie Cowie at Cow’s Creamery Whistler

I don’t think you are missing anything special if you don’t go to Cow’s but if you want ice cream, their ice cream is decent.

5. Realized some of my favourite people have changed, and loved it

I finally got to spend some time with my brothers and I’ve realized, they’ve changed so much, and for the better!

I love them so much and no amount of time or money they take from me is never a waste. They were always children in my eyes but they have matured and I’m always really grateful that I’ve got them.

How was your weekend?