July 15, 2017 Going to the Claude Monet’s Secret Garden exhibition

Vancouver Art Gallery : Claude Monet

The Vancouver Art Gallery is really stepping up their game. Last year I went to see the Pablo Picasso: Artist’s and his muses exhibition and this year the VanArt Gallery has the impressionist, Monet, on display until October.

This was my third attempt to see the exhibition: the first two times I had made plans to visit the gallery after work, there was a line around the block that was growing as I was debating whether it was worth waiting in the hot sun. Both times, it was a Tuesday and Tuesdays, the gallery is open until 9pm and admission is only $10 so I can see the appeal.

So I went on Saturday morning at 11am. Did I not have to wait in line? Nope. There was still a queue but it wasn’t too bad and we were in the gallery in 15 minutes.

Claude Monet is exhibited until October 2017

A lot of people around me have started to ask me the same question: “what is there to do in Vancouver?” This is actually a loaded question because all of the people who ask me this question have the preconceived notion that 1. there is nothing fun to do with one’s time in Vancouver and 2. I was a rare creature that was not bored out of my mind here.

If you are looking for a vibrant and exciting nightlife, I’m sorry but I’m not the girl to ask because I’ve never been to a club. I don’t enjoy drinking and loud crowds stress me out after a certain period of time. I can understand people from Korea finding this city a little dull because we don’t have all the flashy attractions.

Frankly, between work and school, I don’t have time for too much. I love the way I spend my time: learning new things, going for walks, spending time outside.

I think it’s who you spend your time with that makes life interesting and satisfying and I get the feeling that people who look at me peculiarly when I respond “I love it here” when they ask me how I can live here and not get bored won’t understand until they have a circle of people they can truly enjoy doing anything with.

I took a lot of pictures in the gallery of the Monet pieces but I won’t add them here.

Part of the big picture

The pictures don’t do paintings any justice; this is something you have to see for yourself. To future me: if you haven’t gone to Paris yet, if you haven’t visited Giverny yourself, what are you waiting for?