A Santa naughty list to navigate change and local complexities…

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France Roundabouts and the Yellow jacket lobbyist…

-We traveled on more than 42 french roundabouts, 
-many complex situations documented,
-many stories from all strates of society
We literally cannot generalize yet, if it's right or left, probably a big mix of all tendencies, one sure thing we need to navigate chaos the best we can...A ground shacking rebellion is invading France right now and no one knows how to stop it. les sans culottes (''peasants, beaufs, jaqueries'' they say) took over roundabouts all over the French territory, we had no idea it would be that powerful.Allready some signal on the horizon > Amazon warehouses > Monsanto labs > airbus facilities blocked in south of france...People reclaim that the 1% pays their dues...basically more social/climatic justice…

and a new terminoly > ‘’the Gambiologists’’ and other autonomous / temporary niches of resistance

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What is a Gambiologist?

Gambiologia Coming from Gambiarra: is the Brazilian practise of makeshifts, the art of resorting to quirky and smart improvisation in order to repair what doesn’t work or to create what you need with what you have at your disposal. Gambiologia is the ‘science’ that studies this form of creative DIY improvisation and celebrates it by combining it with electronic-bio/digital practises.

We want more international and independant guildes of biohackers (especialy online skills co-op)

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come with your bricks and come build and play with us !

As a poetic and perhaps politic statement we are soon going to communicate on a more transparent and encrypted social network made by independant hackers that we TRUST. The plateform is call MAMOT.fr (it’s french yeah @laquadraturedunet we love to colonize new spaces) We have no idea where we are going with it, but at least we would design our own ethical filters to curate appropriate practices within biohacking societies. …

or the biology of survival in extreme environments

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During my last serendipituous move to Japan, I discovered a strange specie call Tardigrade, people call it a ‘‘water bear’’ and it lives in urban enviroment as well as…anywhere else on our small planet.

that tinny living organism can survive everywhere on earth thanks to Crytobiosis technic. Basicaly it empty itself from water and becomes invicible, dont care about boiled water, dont care about space vacuum, dont care about radiations…


How to Engage communities with tardigrade workshops?

well its easy, play god and make a ‘’dead sleep mode’’ tardigrade magically living again by droping a split of water on it (I have plenty of tardigrades in crytobiosis mode in my traveling bags, customs often love to piss me off about it…usualy it ends up explaning what the world of bioahckers is about and that I am not a bio-terrorist). …

Getting the private datas from all explorations, articles and most shared/viewed posts from Biohacking Safari and Biohacking Society (exclusif biohacker group) or www.biohackingsafari.com our non profit with Quitterie Largeteau and myself @daillylaurel enjoy and share :)

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WE TALK about Biohacking Safari and VICE VERSA

HOME MADE videos THAT SCORED HIGH On Biohacking Safari


LOREM fablab :

Is the futur of citizen science happening in unused libraries?
Loic shows us his photo-bioreactor prototype that can cultivate
living organisms such as Yeasts, Bacterias, micro mushrooms,
algaes, etc.. A bioreactor is a must have for any biohackerspace.

Echopen :

EchOpen project: designing an open source and low-cost echo-stethoscope
Their lab stands in the oldest hospital of Paris, let’s visit ‘’ l’HOTEL DIEU ‘’ #OpenSource

Le Cube :

If you are looking to grow you own cannabis call
AURA, it reminds me of Mediamatic Aquaponics in Amsterdam, or some kind of city Farm Hacking and citizen scince

CRISPR EDITING (live video)

CRISPR workshop at Counter Culture Labs in Oakland CA about Citizen Science


Few other videos and experiments scored high on Biohacking Safari:

and of course George Church loving my DIYBIO skateboards from Biohacking Safari

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‘’ I haven’t ride one of those for a long time ‘’
<< GeorgeThugChurch >>
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from a cuban basement studio debugging the pirate radio before getting the system running

This story was written during a low tech workshop organised in Santiago de Cuba. the idea: create a local DIY network using what’s allready present


Cuban have created a collaborative peer to peer system call ‘’El Paquete semanal’’. Basicaly 1 tera bit of datas coming up from Miami on a hard drive then distributed to a network of small hands and messengers. …

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cc Geoffrey Dorne

A new dark age, art and code

Mitch Altman about communities

Karsten Nhol from https://srlabs.de/

Fintech and security, the N26 case (Hillarious)

Learning as social construction

Encryption and some hope

international banking transfers vs blockchain

Milk without cows from Bay area biohackerspace CCL

Hacking journalism

wireless talkative language LoRa

Baguette privacy #QuadratureDuNet

Know how corporates can control your datas

contemporain forms of critical/creative activism

Digital punk camouflage

Bio-Engineered soft candies !

A south american point of view

The talk will explore how local surveillance systems are rapidly expanding across Latin America and Asia. Much earlier and faster than the regulatory frameworks for adequate protection of privacy and personal data. Without democratic mechanisms, community or neighbourhood consultations to determine their necessity or appropriateness.

“The future of design is a future where anything material in the environment — whether it’s wearables, cars, buildings — can be designed with this variation of properties and relationship with the environment that can take part in the natural ecology, Hopefully it points towards a shift that goes beyond the age of assembly into the age of a new kind of organism.”

Neri Oxman

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The study room of the lab

In this short piece I will feature my week deep exploration at Valldaura Labs, it is a project promoted by IaaC (Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia) for the creation of a self-sufficient habitat research centre. Located in the Collserola Natural Park, in the heart of the metropolitan area of Barcelona. Valldaura has a group of laboratories researching into self-sufficiency that aims to be self-sufficient in the next few years. The group comprises three laboratories: Food Lab, Energy Lab and the Green FabLab which produce the three things we need to be self-sufficient: food, energy and many of the things essential to the good life, combining the age-old ancestral knowledge that connects us to nature with the latest advanced technology.

Bonus: The view on Montserrat montains was supposed to be Gaudi’s inspiration for his architectural creations

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Outside labs

Spaces in the Collserola Natural Park

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The Chaos Computer Club (CCC) is Europe’s largest association ofhackers.[1] The CCC is based in Germany and other German-speaking countries.

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The CCC describes itself as “a galactic community of life forms, independent of age, sex, race or societal orientation, which strives across borders for freedom of information….” In general, the CCC advocates more transparency in government, freedom of information, and the human right to communication. Supporting the principles of the hacker ethic, the club also fights for free universal access to computers and technological infrastructure.[2]

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Jurassik 5 Chali 2na, Akil, Zaakir, Mark 7even, DJ Nu-Mark and Cut Chemist

When I got the invitation from Lexis > Music is My Sancturay, (@MIMSLexis) I was not even close to realize the richness of all undergound music I was about to taste. I started by Dimension and then continued to Outlook.

Much deep connexions were made, my highlight remains THE MADLIB CARNIVAL , let me guide throughout my sound and visual essay, (all videos are mine or official songs from artists)

with Pete Rock, Jay Rock, Madlib and unexpected, MOODYMAN from Detroit !!

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Reporter/EthnoPhotographer/Critic: serendibscoop.com

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