On the death of a Lawyer…..

I, true to my generation, googled for a poem which would put up the facade that I rememberer it by heart, which however I didn't. I remembered Rodin though. Saw the thinker in Archie’s long back.

I am a Lawyer. The screen before me asked me to tell my story.

So I will tell it. I sit in an office with two hundred other people like me. We would remind you of the man from “Office Space” i.e. our productivity is exactly 45 minutes a day.

We sit. We stare at our screens. We go on social networks. Occasionally look at the Associate going down the aisle and think — woah, that’s a piece of work.

And we wait for Sundays. Oh, god help me we wait for Sundays. Sundays are drinking days. We drink, till we can sleep. And that is a lot of drinking, considering the practice we have at it from Law School onwards.

Or we go to a house party. Meet people we have no interest in. Or we dont give two shits about. People who are continuously trying to sell themselves as a package. “I work for this new age Venture Capital Firm — Sell Your Soul Ventures….Its was Time Magazines top 20 best venture firms in the orld last year”. We listen to that and think, “Bro….thats a horrible pick up line”. Sometimes we don’t even listen. Our generation is the one born with an auto-reply feature:

Here are some standard replies — That’s so cool man.

That’s sick.

That must be so much fun.

Shit….that’s brilliant.

If you get any of the above answers from us….it mostly means that we do not remember where the conversation began and could not give two shits if you jumped off the building in the next two minutes.

We write reports. Lots of them. Most of us specialize in writing on paragraph in s particular report. If our parents asked us tomorrow,”Do you sell companies for a living?”. We would have no answer. Hell no….

We are stuck in 1984. One of us knows only how to tighten the small screw on the bigger bolt, on the assembly line of things. We have no idea how to sell a company.

Someday we will however. When we become Partner……Someday.

Partner in what?

Someone else’s dream in seems. You hold a .72% equity in it.

This is our generation. We blame our parents, our relations, our girlfriends.

Our old, now seemingly poorer parents, who graciously paid for our college, never asked us to go to Law School. Or any School for that matter.

They wanted us to become a success. And by success they meant a happier person.

We chose Law School. Because we loved the subject? Hell no….No one understood what it entailed.

It was for a pay cheque. And no wonder it all went wrong and downhill.

We are actually living our dream. The dream of a red-bull, alcohol and nicotine infused life.

We went through Law School. Gained fake accolades, and false credentials. Published in the Journal of Horse Shittery which no one would even care to open. President of a random society which would bring no change whatsoever.

Therefore we blame. “My job is not good….My Boss is not good….The Firm does not pay enough”.

Think about it. They themselves are stuck in it for so long, they don’t know the difference between the matrix that they live in and what they want.

We sit at our desks all day…..and we look for opportunities. What about the one in front of us? God Knows.

We are a generation which received fraudulent education. Not an education of skills or enterprise, but an means to an end education.

After Law School now some of us realise, “How can a new generation enter a profession solely based on the pay cheque as a criterion…..”.

Do we enjoy Law? God know’s.

We sit in office and say we hate out jobs. And we look for new ones everyday.

Necessary poison?

After five years of transactions, and reports no one reads, one doubts if there is any Law — Its only mere transactions and more and more transactions.

Our life this way has become one large transaction. You go to office, earn the money, pay the bills, procrastinate and die. Transaction closed.

Is there a way out. Maybe, but its difficult, and it will bring you closer to the destructive and soul crushing truth about who you are and what you know?

You are no one — You have not brought and neither are you going to bring any change to the world. You know nothing. A farmer can grow his wheat and survive. You know nothing but to edit and proof read documents written by others.

Ok…You know English. That fact is worth something……

We sit….we look….we repeat. But for what.

Today I question myself — If this is what I want to do — why do I come to this glass house everyday and open the classifieds and look for “opportunities”….

My parents broke their backs to give me this one…..and to only see me happy…so why?

Today I refuse to complete my report and I sit….I take a deep breath and I think. Why?

What difference do I bring to the world? Even the ciggeratte seller on the street makes a difference to us. In case he is absent, it is highly inconvenient for us. So what do we do?

Does the person who reads the report know of your existence — Are you replaceable by another brainless copywriter just like you — Did you or that report make a difference to the world — And even if it does — Do you like what you do?

Lets all sit down and think — Just for one second……….