Wikileaks Internet Link Severed

According to Wikileaks, the founder Julian Assange’s internet link has been severed by a state party. Following this a devised contingency plan has been activated at that time as well. This was confirmed at their website.

The Ecuador Secretary of State, John Kerry and the United Kingdom’s Foreign Commonwealth Office was referenced as each of the string given in the tweets matched. These 64-character codes brought about lots of rumors regarding the death of Assange. According to Reddit and Twitter they resembled the dead man’s switch that would automatically become active if he died.

However, this is true that such switches do exist. Many US officials have already made threatening statements at Assange in the past. Wiki itself tweeted that the then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had asked in October 2010 if he could be killed in a drone strike. The same year, even Democrat, Bob Beckel of Fox News Channel said that a dead man can’t leak things. Though, it was this month that WikiLeaks celebrates its 10th anniversary.

On the other hand, Assange himself hinted that the deceased DNC staffer Seth Rich could be their secret source. Rich was aged 27, and was discovered with many gunshots on his back at Washington DC in July after which he died. According to the authorities, it is a botched robbery case though his death gives rise to many conspiracies. This is because the anti-secrecy website was busy releasing emails stolen from Clinton’s Gmail of John Podesta. In the leaks there were 12,000 Emails of which 50,000 accessed mails that raised a lot of questions. These were particularly related to Clinton’s campaign and a few members of the media. They also included how the team handled scandals etc. Poof, they magically disappeared. How convenient.

Well, many people think WikiLeaks is not independent but a Russian Government hand. Mr. Assange has been 5 years in London at the Ecuadorean Embassy while Sweden charged him with criminal assaults.

His very last interaction, however, was with Pamela Anderson buying him a vegan meal! More to follow on that story, you can bank on it.


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