The Future: Perspectives from a Teen

I suppose I should introduce myself. Hi, I’m Sam, 16 year old hoping for the dream that I will enjoy the future. It seems strange, being in an app where the majority of users are older than me, but the stories and words everyone writes is really enjoyable and a good pass time for me.

It’s stressful to even think about it. The large, daunting task of life, especially since “If anything can go wrong, it will” (Murphy’s Law). Thanks Murphy, such a joy he is. So, here are the thoughts of a 16 year old on the future.

My original thoughts are mostly about: “If in 5 years or so, will I be the idealistic body type that I’ve been wanting for years, or will I remain the blob I am now?” Not exactly the best thought process, but hey, insecurity doesn’t wait for anyone. Another thought is: “Will I be a stressed train wreak like I am now, working on a job I hate?”

Of course we all go through ups and down. Scratch that, let me rephrase with clarity. We all go through some ups and a lot of downs it seems. But let’s not focus on the “Ye who enters, abandon all hope yadda yadda…etc” (Love you Dante). Let’s focus on what we should do.

Do the things you love:

Now everyone tells us to follow our passions, but as a child of two Asian-American parents, some of us don’t follow that rule. Of course after 15 years of my parents “slyly” mentioning how great Dr. Han sounded, did they realize “Hey our son is artistic! Who would have figured that out?” (They come from a place of love, lots of hard love). Anyways, we believe in having that job where you at least won’t loathe it, but just something to pay the things we all hate, bills! So that in our free time we can focus on our beautiful hobbies, A.K.A. passions that will hopefully become a sensation.

Choose the future you want:

Believe me, I understand, the minute you choose a career, you are faced with good old insecurity and the opinions of everyone around you. I inspire to be a Youtuber and writer, but I doubt my friends would be as supportive the second they see my awful attempts. I create these scenarios where I am ridiculed at school for doing things I love. (Insecurity is an annoyance that must be destroyed!). It’s a struggle, and I want to just say if you are doing what you love, you are a courageous human being, stay awesome. Going back to my stereotypical roots, establish a firm foundation before diving in, but please don’t actually dive into a foundation, that seems painful.

Time Management:

Be a time management freak. Juggling school and sports takes up a lot of our time, imagine working instead. Both are draining tasks and when you get home you just want to take a nap, watch a few shows before working on homework. Now, that’s great, but a 10–15 minute nap is better, no need for a few hours. That precious time is used to write, sketch, make a video, anything. Time is a precious thing, and treat it as such. (Whoa, Sam calm down, you’re not a wise man yet).

Honestly, in the end, live life. Each day is a day you are alive, and I think we should appreciate that. In this world, I think we need our passions and hobbies, because without them, what are we?

Now, as a 16 year old, my advice is probably not what you should be reading on a Sunday night. Watch some Netflix, it helps with the emotional baggage w/ life, especially helpful in maintaining a happy face at school. (Caution: not exactly the best thing to do for your mental state). For all those adults, literally all of you, have a laugh at the most likely foolish advice of a teenager. Anyways, this was my perspective and tips on the future. See you guys later! (Leave a heart, because love is great).

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