Review: “Cold & Rain” EP

Dj and writer — Drew @dailysoundbeast

If you love female vocal licks in your drum and bass with some old skool vibes, Fracture’s new “Cold & Rain” EP is a must!

Inaya Day, best known for her vocals on “Horny” by Mousse T, sings slick vocals that permeate through Fracture’s drums, reminiscent of old skool jungle vibes. A buzzing synth leads the rhythm of the track with Inaya’s seductive voice and into a second drop that kills. Straight dancefloor business.

“So High” featuring Alix Perez highlights the EP with a funky bass synth, vocals that coo and moan, (I’m a sucker for female vocals and vocal licks!) and drums that briefly morph into a jungly vibe.

“Your Time” is another one for the dance with bass hits that sound like bombs going off amidst honking cars speeding by in the background, unrelenting bass plucks and tribal-ish drums.

On the flip side, “On My Mind” follows the EP’s feature track with some more female vocal licks. The track’s a bit mellower than the others but would fit nicely in a dj set to get the vibes going and booties shaking.

If you haven’t picked this up yet, I highly suggest it. Definitely vinyl worthy. Fracture’s bandcamp sells it with a few bundles that include a “Cold & Rain” shirt, poster and of course a 140g piece of vinyl. (see link below)


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