NFL 2016 Week 5 Betting Recap

I may not have been perfect with my NFL betting tips for Week 5, but I gave you enough winning information to make knowledgeable wagers and continue earning money this football season. That being said, do you remember what Uncle Frank told you? First of all, the Philadelphia Eagles are pretenders, not contenders, in the NFC East. Now I know what you’re saying, how can you possibly say that based on one one-point loss on the road? Because Uncle Frank knows, and this Philly team simply is not that good.

The Detroit Lions are not good either and got off to a strong start against the Eagles before kicking the game-winning field goal in the final minutes. This is a Detroit team that has lost to the Chicago Bears and Tennessee Titans. Philly has two of its three wins over the Bears and Cleveland Browns, who are a combined 1–9 this year. Granted, the rout of the Pittsburgh Steelers was very impressive, but I chalk that up to “Any Given Sunday” along with the Buffalo Bills shutting out the New England Patriots at home for the first time since 1993. Speaking of the Patriots, I also told you to pound them with Tom Brady back.

Unlike others, I will own up to my bad advice too, like taking the Bears to upset the Indianapolis Colts on the road. Chicago stinks but had a shot to at least cover the spread had it not been for a late fumble by wide receiver Cameron Meredith, who otherwise had a great game. I did tell you Brian Hoyer is better than Jay Cutler, and all he did was throw for the second-most passing yards in Week 5 behind Brady. Alshon Jeffery still thinks Hoyer should have had the most, and his team should have won the game.

Back to me being right. I knew Trevor Siemian was more hurt than the Denver Broncos were leading on, and sure enough he missed last week’s home loss to the Atlanta Falcons with a bum shoulder. Rookie Paxton Lynch got a rude welcome in his first career start replacing Siemian and could have another rough go of it this Thursday night when the Broncos visit another crappy team in the San Diego Chargers. Do not sleep on the Chargers in this spot, as they are slightly better than their record suggests. With Denver head coach Gary Kubiak also missing the game due to health problems, San Diego has a chance here.

For those scoring at home, I was wrong about Ryan Fitzpatrick of the New York Jets and Case Keenum of the Los Angeles Rams getting pulled as well. But you know what? The Jets and Rams still looked terrible in big losses, and they should have gotten the hook. Uncle Frank made you some money there if you bet the Pittsburgh Steelers and Buffalo Bills like you should have based on that info. I can only do so much kids, so take this stuff for what it’s worth, which has been more positive than negative so far.

Author: Frank Hackman