NFL 2016 Week 6 Betting Preview

NFL 2016 Week 6

Just to give you fair warning, Uncle Frank is due to lose. I’ve been riding hot and enjoyed that easy win with the San Diego Chargers on Thursday night too much. In fact, I got so hung over that I missed my deadline, which is why this is being posted later than usual. Back to the Chargers, who I said had a shot to upset the Denver Broncos earlier in the week. They do not have much to play for the rest of the season with almost no shot at the playoffs, so you need to pick and choose your spots with them.

Philip Rivers is still a dangerous quarterback no matter who he’s throwing to, and you will be able to make some more money backing the Bolts the rest of the way. The Broncos, on the other hand, are quickly becoming fade material. Trevor Siemian is playing hurt for Denver because rookie Paxton Lynch looked bad against the Atlanta Falcons, and his shoulder may never heal if he keeps starting. The Broncos are not repeating as Super Bowl champs, so take that to the bank and pick your spots with them as well.

Could the Las Vegas Raiders be the best team in the AFC West? We’ll find out on Sunday when they host the Kansas City Chiefs in a huge game for both teams. All the supposed sharps are on the Chiefs this week because they view them as the real deal, swinging them into the role of road favorites in this spot. I totally disagree and am betting the Raiders to win in what will now be viewed as an upset.

What about my New England Patriots you may ask next? Well, that’s a very good question. As much as I love the Pats, Tom Brady can’t possibly top last week’s performance in his return from his suspension. Everybody is betting New England again at home versus the Cincinnati Bengals except for me. The Bengals are a good team, and I really think this could be the year they break through and win a playoff game for the first time in more than two decades if they can just find their way in again this season. The Pittsburgh Steelers are going to win the division, but the Bengals are a Wild Card team to watch.

Speaking of the Steelers, how do they not blow out the Miami Dolphins on the road? Because of “Any Given Sunday” — remember what happened when Pittsburgh visited the Philadelphia Eagles in Week 3? The Dolphins aren’t as good as the Eagles, or are they? Records aside, I still like this Miami team and believe first-year head coach Adam Gase will turn things around soon. They have too much talent not to at least cover the spread here, as the Steelers own the third-worst pass defense in the league, giving up more than 300 yards per game. Bet you didn’t know that, so look for Ryan Tannehill to have a big day.

Author: Frank Hackman

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