100 Incredible Resources For Tech Entrepreneurs And Startups

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Dude. Startups are hard. But they are also fun. And life-changing and depressing and full of risk and reward. For those of us who call ourselves entrepreneurs, we can’t help ourselves. We’re chasing that crazy weekly growth rate. We’re all about that hustle. People think we’re crazy. Sometimes we are. But we’re always looking for a leg up. We’ll take any advantage we can get to help us claw and sweet-talk our way to the top.

And that’s exactly what this post is all about. 100 advantages startup founders can take to the bank. Sometimes — at least to me — it seems like there is way too much advice for entrepreneurs floating around out there in cyberspace. What entrepreneurs really need are resources and tools to help them get out there and build and sell and hack and flourish. So you’ll find no advice on this page… just a kick in the pants and the suggestion that you get out there and get to it.

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General Resources

  1. Startup Stash — A curated directory of resources and tools to help you build your startup.
  2. Freebie Supply — Awesome free things for entrepreneurs and startups.
  3. Startup{ery — A library of the best resources to help you build your business.
  4. VC Cafe Startup Resources — A huge list of startup resources (updated over the years).
  5. Startups.co — A startup launch platform to help you find customers, funding, press, mentors.
  6. Toggl — Free time tracking software to improve workplace productivity.
  7. Bootswatch — Free Bootstrap templates.
  8. Slimvoice — Insanely simple invoicing.
  9. Domainr — Find the best domain names fast.
  10. Rapportive — Get LinkedIn profiles right inside of Gmail.


  1. Requests for Startups — A daily newsletter of ideas that investors would like to fund.
  2. Startup Quote — Wisdom about making things.
  3. Foundation — Kevin Rose interviews some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs.
  4. Pitchenvy — A gallery of startup pitch decks.
  5. Signal Tower — Longform interviews with brilliant designers and entrepreneurs.
  6. Startups.co.uk — The UK’s leading resource for starting a business.
  7. Startup Digest — The personalized insider newsletter for all things startup in your area.
  8. GV Library — Resources from a radically different kind of venture fund.
  9. StartupTalks — A curated collection of startup related videos.
  10. The How — Learn from entrepreneurs who have hard-won advice to share.
  11. Startup Idea Prompts — Little prompts to spark big startup ideas (click the button).
  12. Startup Vitamins — Motivation for your business.
  13. Closed Club — A weekly digest full of lessons learned from failed startups.
  14. #StartupMovies — Movies, series, documentaries and podcasts for entrepreneurs.
  15. RandomStartup.org — Stumbleupon for startups. Discover random startups.


  1. StartupStack — Find companies that use your favorite language and technologies.
  2. Talk To Us — Let your visitors show you why they aren’t converting.
  3. InVision — A prototyping, collaboration and workflow platform.
  4. Codeship — Continuous delivery made simple.
  5. Segment — A simple hub to track customer data.
  6. Batch — Free engagement platform for mobile apps.
  7. Commando — Manage servers easily online.
  8. DigitalOcean — Simple cloud hosting built for developers.
  9. Intercom — Customer communication made simple.
  10. Sqwiggle — Fast and easy way to stay in contact with your team.


  1. Knowlium — Business plan software.
  2. Visible — Crystal clear performance insight for startups and investors.
  3. Startup Documents — Less time on paperwork, more time on business.
  4. The Startup Admin — Experienced assistants, HR, office managers and bookkeepers on tap.
  5. Proved — Prove your startup idea; validate with customer feedback.
  6. Clerky — Helps startups get legal stuff done right (and fast).
  7. Pressfarm — Find journalists to write about your startup.
  8. Startup Growth Calculator — Calculates how much funding your startup needs.
  9. Startup Metrics Dashboard — A simple way to monitor your business metrics in realtime.
  10. Startup Equity Calculator — Figure out how much equity to grant new hires in seconds.


  1. Treehouse — Learn HTML, CSS, iPhone apps and more.
  2. Startup Institute — Immersive education for the innovation economy.
  3. The Lean Startup — The movement changing how products are built.
  4. StartupClass.co — Y Combinator’s how to start a startup (free expert knowledge).
  5. Startup Sales Bootcamp — Learn the psychological hacks used by top sellers.
  6. MIT OpenCourseware — Free online class materials.
  7. Skillshare Entrepreneurship Classes — Take online classes.
  8. How to Build a Startup — The Lean LaunchPad (Udacity).
  9. 3 Day Startup — How students get started.
  10. Startup Engineering (Stanford) — Leap from academic CS to actual engineering.


  1. Teamstory — A social network for startups and entrepreneurs.
  2. #Startup — The global startup community, on Slack.
  3. Startup Genome — They love startups… map your local startup ecosystem.
  4. Startups List — Collections of the best startups in different places.
  5. Inspired Startups — Online startup community for entrepreneurs.
  6. Digital NYC — NYC’s startup hub.
  7. Startup Blink — The global startup map.
  8. Represent LA — The LA startup scene, mapped.
  9. Mapped In Israel — The Israeli startup community, mapped.
  10. Start-Up Chile — Just what it sounds like.

Blogs for Entrepreneurs

  1. AVC — If you don’t already know about this blog… shame on you!
  2. First Round Review — Experts speaking directly to you about what matters.
  3. Trend Watching — Consumer trends and insights from around the world.
  4. Startup Nation — Everything you need to build your business.
  5. Both Sides of the Table — Mark Suster’s blog (2x entrepreneur, now VC).
  6. Above The Crowd — Notes from an experienced VC.
  7. Feld Thoughts — My personal favorite VC blog to stay tuned into.
  8. StartupCFO — A blog on funding, growing and exiting startups.
  9. David G. Cohen — Founder and managing partner, Techstars.
  10. Entrepreneur On Fire — Daily podcast interviews with interesting entrepreneurs.


  1. 500 Startups
  2. Y Combinator
  3. Techstars
  4. AngelPad
  5. DreamIt Ventures
  6. Seedcamp
  7. Muckerlab
  8. Brandery
  9. Betaspring
  10. Tech Wildcatters


  1. Startup Secret Santa — Exactly what it sounds like. Awesome.
  2. OfficeFetish — Showcasing offices from new startups and tech companies.
  3. Startup Challenge — Startup insights from YC, gamified.
  4. Startup Fight — Guess the startup and chose whose pitch is better.
  5. Startup Network — Predicting successful startups.


  1. Cool Startup, Bro — Watch the latest, greatest new startup videos.
  2. Trello — Free, flexible, visual way to organize anything with anyone.
  3. STARTUP Threads — Quality branded apparel for your company.
  4. Asana — Teamwork without email.
  5. Startups Anonymous — AA for startups.
  6. Unsplash — Free high-res photos (for you to do whatever you want with).
  7. Work In Startups — Where startups meet rockstar employees.
  8. 7 Cups of Tea — Starting up is hard. Find someone who will really listen.
  9. StartUp — A podcast; what happens when someone who knows nothing about business starts one.
  10. Google Platform for Startups — $100,000 in credit and 24/7 support for eligible startups.