21 Exhilarating Monthly Subscription Packs for Men, Women, Families and Foodies

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Almost everyday feels like Christmas around our office. Why? Because we get to open fun and exciting packages full of surprising tech goodies companies send us to review. The best new phones, speakers, tablets, watches, VR gear and various other tech accessories arrive en masse at our UPS box and the endorphins start flowing the minute I realize another fun box was delivered. There’s just something about getting something new delivered that’s EXCITING. Doesn’t have to be big or even expensive. Getting new stuff in the mail is jut FUN. But what if you could get something fun AND useful delivered to your door every single month?! Well, you can.

A number of subscription services exist to help you live better and more conveniently. Stuff you want and need just shows up at your house. BAM! Happiness ensues. From guys grooming supplies and clothes (which, let’s face it guys, we hate to go out and buy ourselves) to women’s beauty and fashion products to more niche categories like stuff for nerds, parents and kids, pets and food. We’re talking about stuff that would be considered amazing gift ideas (whether for someone else or just for yourself!) for birthdays, holidays or “just because.” I’ve been wanting to make a good list with these products for a long time. Enjoy (I know you will). Oh, and don’t forget to checkout the BONUS ITEM at the end of this post… it’s a new subscription service that will make your home or office SO AWESOME. And if you’re a dude, don’t miss our roundup of 20 sites with awesome gear for men.

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Birchbox (for Men and Women)

Birchbox is getting special attention/credit for being the original monthly goodies subscription service. Birchbox offers a Beauty Box for women and a Grooming Box for men. Awhile back Birchbox sent DailyTekk a sample box and our staff LOVED it. From the moment the box arrived we knew it was going to be good. Inside there were all kinds of useful products. Birchbox is highly recommended by DailyTekk (and no, we weren’t paid to say that). Oh, and did we mentioned your deliveries are customized just for you?

For Men:

We’ve covered Trunk Club on DailyTekk before (see Men Hate Buying Clothes But These Sites Make Clothes Shopping Look Good); it’s been one of the most popular links on our site for quite a while. Our audience seems to love it (I know for a fact that LOTS of our readers have bought clothes from Trunk Club in recent months). Trunk Club gives guys a personal stylist to help you find premium clothes that fit your style and budget.

  • BattleBox — Survival and tactical gear delivered monthly.
  • Dollar Shave Club — Get a great shave for a few bucks a month.
  • Loot Crate — Mystery geek and gaming gear delivered monthly.
  • Nerd Block — Curated monthly surprise nerd packages.

For Women:

GLOSSYBOX delivered exclusive cosmetic and perfume samples from the best makeup brands to your door every month. Each month subscribers will receive a “beautifully wrapped” box containing 5 deluxe-size beauty products. With products from over 200 premium brands and limited edition boxes, you’re sure to be elated with every delivery.

  • Wantable — Style, fitness, makeup, accessories and more, delivered.
  • POPSUGAR Must Have — Handpicked fashion, beauty, home and fitness gear for gals.
  • Scentbird — Get a 30 day supply of designer fragrance.
  • Your Bijoux Box — On-trend jewelry delivered right to your home.

For Families:

Bluum is a monthly subscription service for moms and their kids. It sends age appropriate products from pregnancy to preschool. From toys to books to gear to essentials, Bluum has moms (and kids) covered. Moms can either pick items they’d like to have sent or can choose to be totally surprised by what arrives. In any case, you’ll never have to worry about kids getting bored with their current toys again.

  • Cooper And Kid — Character building, imaginative things dads can do with their kids.
  • Kiwi Crate — Every month, new adventures for young innovators.
  • BarkBox — A monthly box of dog goodies.
  • Purr-Packs — A monthly box of cat goodies.

For Foodies:

We all snack. But there’s no need to get stuck in a snack rut when Graze will send you new snacks every month. Choose from over 100 delicious snack options and get 8 delivered to your home. Plus, there’s never any genetically engineered ingredients, artificial flavors or colors, high-fructose corn syrup or trans-fats.

  • Bestowed — The best healthy food, snacks, beverages and more.
  • Try The World — Discover the world through gourmet food.
  • Love With Food — Discover new junk free snacks every month.
  • Teabox — Take the quiz, get the perfect teas delivered monthly.

Bonus: The Swatch Box

The Swatch Box delivered premium decor, paired with decorating advice, directly to your house. They just sent DailyTekk a sample box (worth over $1,500) to review and I can’t wait to crack into it. Very excited about this startup. So if you need to decorate or outfit your home or office, this should definitely be on your list of options to check into.

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