25 Tools for Making Meetings Matter: The Best Meeting Scheduling and Productivity Apps

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Depending on your view, meetings suck or meetings are great. If you think meetings are great, you’re probably using some of the amazing meeting scheduling and productivity apps below. If you think meetings suck, you can start thanking me right about now for making your work life a lot more bearable.

The reality is that meetings are a necessary part of business. They bring knowledgable people together to decide things and to take action. But if you’ve been in the workforce for longer than 6 months, you know that meetings can be a drain. But they definitely don’t have to be.

If you’re a boss, get on these apps ASAP for more productive and fruitful meetings. If you’re an underling, tell your boss about these apps (and make them think it was their idea to implement if you’re really needing help pushing it through) and start enjoying days with less wasted time.

Schedule Meetings

  1. Clara — A virtual employee that schedules meetings.
  2. Meet — Schedule meetings easily using your iOS or Android keyboard (by Sunrise).
  3. Invite — A Microsoft app that helps groups agree on a time to meet (whether they have the app or not).
  4. Pick — Find mutual availabilities, automatic booking, share your availability and more.
  5. Assistant.to — Book meetings with one email. No back & forth. No double bookings. And it’s free!
  6. Genee — An app that automates the entire process of scheduling a meeting.
  7. x.ai — Another personal assistant that schedules meetings for you.
  8. vyte.in — Make time suggestions directly from your calendar.
  9. Meetin.gs — Let others schedule meetings with you; fine-tune availability.
  10. Update — Really, really, really simple scheduling for your personal calendar.

Run Productive Meetings

  1. Attentiv — Get realtime anonymous feedback, discover the best ideas, vote on decisions and more.
  2. WorkLife — Great design featuring agenda, decision, action items, open issues and easy calendar integration.
  3. Do — Visual meeting timelines, agendas, follow-ups and automatic meeting summaries.
  4. Pinstriped — Meeting prep (pre-meeting emails), prepare files in advance, unique notifications, timers, follow-up.
  5. Qoffee — Enforce talking points and allow attendees to choose what to discuss.
  6. Solid — Automatically pulls agenda info from Google Calendar; runs agenda, surveys participants post-meeting.
  7. Sunsama — A time network for your office. Organize all your office events, including meetings.
  8. Lucid Meetings — Beyond scheduling; prepare agendas, run online meetings, capture notes/action items.
  9. Action — Effortless meeting followup. A browser-extension for assigning action items, tracking progress and more.
  10. Minutes.io — Take notes and share them right away.

Other Meeting Tools

  1. Teamreporter — Your secret meeting against unproductive meetings; get automatic status reports.
  2. Charlie — Make a killer impression on whoever you’re meeting. Pre-meeting attendee intel.
  3. Robin — Really simple meeting room booking system + analytics.
  4. Lowdown — Meet before you’ve met. Get the pre-meeting lowdown.
  5. Meeting? — YO for meetings. Make sure everyone knows about meetings — quick/easy.
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