Never Miss a Good TV Show or Episode Again: 5 Apps to Track, Find and Remind

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Not sure when the next episode of your favorite TV show will be on (either on TV or online)? Don’t know where you’ll be able to watch it? Want to discover the best new TV shows and get recommendations for content you’d like to watch? Want more info about your TV viewing habits? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, this list is for you. And if you’re into Netflix, check out our list of the 4 best ways to find something you’ll actually want to watch on Netflix.

There have been plenty of times when there was a TV show I wanted to watch but didn’t know when it would be available (or where). For instance: every time a season ends and a new season begins. I don’t know when my favorite shows come back. But now I don’t have to because there are several apps that can keep track of all that for me (and help me figure out the best place streaming service to watch on and help me discover new shows I might like).

TVShow Time

TVShow Time will notify you when new episodes of your favorite TV shows are out. Simply select your favorite TV shows to have a calendar automatically created for you. And you can plug into a large community for commentary and even recommendations for new TV shows you might like to watch. Works on iPhone, Android and Web. automatically tracks the TV shows and movies you watch via your media player. It also works with iPhone, Android and Windows devices. With the apps you can checkin to movies or TV shows and you can also see what’s trending, what you’ve watched (history) and create collections.


JustWatch will help you find and watch the TV show you are desperate to see even if you’re not sure where to find it. Whether it’s on Netflix, Amazon, HBO Now, Hulu, Crackle, Epix, iTunes, Google Now, Vudu, Playstation, XBOX or many other services (so basically it covers EVERYTHING). With this service you WILL find where you can watch that show you want to watch. The free mobile app can also notify you of price drops (i.e. help you find when it’s cheapest to watch).

TeeVee 3

TeeVee is an app that will not only send you a push notification when your favorite shows air in your local time zone, but it can hep you track your unwatched shows so you can see what you want to watch but haven’t had a chance to yet. TeeVee syncs with (and iCloud) which means you’ll have updated info across all your devices.


Legit lets you save everything you want to watch in one place (TV shows and movies), find out which streaming services have the episodes you want to watch and interact with friends around your favorite content. And that last part is really what sets it apart from other TV tracking and discovery tools. Seeing what TV shows your friends are into is a great way to discover something new to like.

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