The 100 best, most-interesting websites of 2016

Jan 7, 2016 · 7 min read
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This is the 5th year I have made a top 100 list of the best websites I think you should consider visiting frequently over the next year. It’s my site’s longest-standing tradition (as old as this site itself) and I take it very seriously. That’s because I know that the sites I list here (especially those in the top 20) are going to get loads of traffic this year (and next year as well).

For 365 days, while going about my daily business, I stash away cool new websites I stumble across in an Evernote list which I then crack open in January and start curating. Of course the prerequisite time-wasters and entertainment sites are here but there are also plenty of sites with serious and substantive information (along with some real indie gems). There’s even one creative website that is made of nothing but sound!

It’s not like I endorse, love or agree with everything said or portrayed in each of the sites below, it’s that I think they are interesting or culturally relevant enough to be here. Quick thought: people keep saying the open web is going to disappear, yet somehow this list gets more and more popular every year! You can check out last year’s list here or browse through the huge archive of tech-related lists I put together almost daily. You also probably shouldn’t miss my other most-recent top 100 lists: 100 best YouTube channels, 100 best Instagram accounts, 100 best Vine accounts and 100 best Pinterest accounts.

Note: please don’t copy/paste this list on your site. It took me a year to put together!

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  1. Upvoted — The best, most-interesting stuff from Reddit.
  2. All Day — Just as intellectually curious as you are.
  3. Notey — Surfaces the top stories from the best blogs, daily.
  4. Staance — Discover cool stuff and share your opinion.
  5. The Hustle — The most interesting reading I’ve done on the Internet in a long time.
  6. Hopes&Fears — Life and culture from a global perspective.
  7. Ello — Cool social network with stuff you won’t find elsewhere (and no ads).
  8. How Far From Home — A couple traveling the world taking amazing photos…
  9. Pick the Brain — Grow yourself.
  10. Bored Button — Are you bored? Not anymore…
  11. Bonus: Huckberry — The coolest clothes and gear for guys (worth signing up!!!!)

90 more fun and informative websites that will vacuum up all your free time (and then some)…

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  1. FamilyShare — Discover how to improve your family life and more.
  2. Elite Daily — The voice of Generation Y.
  3. i100 — Seriously addictive news (from The Independent).
  4. Things Organized Neatly — Exactly what it sounds like.
  5. The Cheat Sheet — Time-saving cheats/guides for modern men.
  6. — Amazon’s truest (and cheapest) competitor.
  7. Google’s Night Walk — Wow.
  8. Vumble — The best videos everyday, voted by you.
  9. Fusion — Pop culture, satire and news.
  10. ZOZI — Things to do (and the gear to do it with).
  11. If The Moon Were Only One Pixel — Whoa… this is mind-blowing.
  12. How old do I look? — A Microsoft robot guesses how old you look using machine learning.
  13. DoSomething — Making social change a real thing.
  14. DevArt — Art made with code.
  15. Ranker — Ranking everything.
  16. The Toast — Fiction.
  17. FutureLearn — Free online courses.
  18. CROACIA — A sound only website. Nice!
  19. The Simple Dollar — Fight bad spending habits (while still affording a few luxuries).
  20. GiphyTV — Watch the best gifs.
  21. Snapzu — A community of communities (and a Reddit alternative).
  22. Touch of Modern — Shop the coolest stuff in the world.
  23. HowStuffWorks — Stuff to blow your mind.
  24. Sporcle — Mentally stimulating diversions. Trivia, quizzes, brain games, etc.
  25. Handmade — Amazon’s Etsy tribute.
  26. — Where to go when you’re not sure if politicians are lying.
  27. Privacy Tools — Protect yourself against global mass surveillance.
  28. Tiffany Thiessen — Food and lifestyle content from someone you might recognize…
  29. Supercook — Instant recipes based on the ingredients you have laying around.
  30. Live Science — Science news anyone will find interesting (seriously).
  31. Freshness Mag — Streetwear fashion, contemporary menswear, sneakers and more.
  32. A Beautiful Mess — Women’s lifestyle site focused on creating happiness everyday.
  33. Cardboard Box Office — Homemade recreations of favorite TV and movie scenes.
  34. TakePart — Stories that matter; actions that count.
  35. Fixya — Ask a question about fixing anything (like broken tech…).
  36. BestReviews — Independent lab testing so you’ll never settle for second best.
  37. The Odyssey — Crowdsourced ideas and views from millennial influencers.
  38. Just Delete Me — A directory of direct links to help you delete accounts across the web.
  39. — Venture out; videos, photos and articles about adventure.
  40. Carryology — Discovering, discussing and disseminating cool stuff to carry with you.
  41. What They See — You visit museums to see works of art. This is what they see.
  42. Unsplash — Truly incredible FREE stock photos you can use any way you’d like.
  43. From Where I Drone — Amazing drone photography, tips, tutorials and more.
  44. attn: — Informing and empowering the next generation to make a social impact.
  45. Our World in Data — Visualizing how our world is changing (lots to dig into here).
  46. Melty — Dedicated to young people’s entertainment, fashion and trends.
  47. TruthDig — Drilling beneath the headlines.
  48. Terms of Service; Didn’t Read — Know if a website is going to screw you or not.
  49. Thinga — A kid-friendly search engine.
  50. Forvo — Know how to pronounce ANY word.
  51. — Calculate the total time you’ve spent watching a TV show (or shows).
  52. Note: if you’re viewing this list on any site other than, it was stolen.
  53. Snapguide — Really cool DIY how-to guides (from tech to gardening and more).
  54. Tubefilter — For people who YouTube (creators and fans).
  55. Inherently Funny — Just funny stuff (but not what you’re expecting…).
  56. someecards — A humor site with ecards, articles and original content.
  57. This. — Find and share the web’s best entertainment, art and journalism.
  58. Little Big Details — A daily dose of design inspiration.
  59. Clapway — Quirky discoveries, tips and news off the beaten path.
  60. Nerd Fitness — Helps desk jockeys, nerds, and average Joes level up their lives.
  61. Science of Us — What studies say about human behavior and productivity.
  62. iwantdis — A curated collection of the Internet’s best products and gifts.
  63. Racked — Obsessed with fashion and style.
  64. The Sweet Setup — Recommending the best iOS and Mac apps.
  65. We Heart — Online magazine exploring art, design, lifestyle and travel.
  66. Reveal — A new home for investigative reporting.
  67. Featured Creature — Discover unique animals you never knew existed.
  68. Scott H. Young — Psychological interestingness.
  69. The Hand & Eye — Stories about people who make things with their hands.
  70. The Northern Post — For fans of the outdoors, adventure, wanderlust and gear.
  71. Welzoo — Make Welzoo your homepage and donate to charity without paying a cent.
  72. Tickld — Spread laughter and cure boredom.
  73. Think Simple Now — A moment of clarity.
  74. Quiet Revolution — Unlocking the power of introverts.
  75. Fresh Off the Grid — Camping and food stories from the road.
  76. generosity — A platform for human goodness.
  77. Addicted 2 Success — Quotes, motivation and inspiration.
  78. The Cubic Lane — News minus pre-established political leanings.
  79. Wait But Why — Delving into the interestingness behind all kinds of things.
  80. Tools and Toys — A collection of fine paraphernalia, guides, reviews, interviews, and more.
  81. Googling — An online entertainment and technology magazine.
  82. Penelope Trunk — Advice on the intersection of work and life.
  83. Internet Action Force — Socially awkward digital nerds making videos about news and life.
  84. Art of Visuals — Awesome photography.
  85. Life After College — Wake up, live big, love the journey.
  86. Listverse — Ultimate top 10 lists.
  87. Chris Guillebeau — Writing about life, work, travel and more.
  88. Expedition Portal — Travel + rugged.
  89. Marie Forleo — Marie wants you to add more value to your life than you even dreamed possible…
  90. Most Exclusive Website — Serving one visitor at a time every 60 seconds.
  91. Alphr — A fresh take on technology.
  92. Rtings — The best site for picking out your next TV…
  93. All That Is Interesting — Fascinatingly cerebral.
  94. the unbeatn path — Stories from dropouts.
  95. — Personal development and self-improvement.
  96. Paid to Exist — Live and work on your own terms.
  97. Love This Pic — Inspiring pictures and quotes.
  98. Riskology — Leadership strategies for introverts.
  99. Geyser of Awesome — A tumblog full of interesting photos.
  100. Remains of the Day — A bespoke blog by Eugene Wei (a techie).
  101. Click-o-Tron — Fake click-bait content made by a computer. Weird…
  102. Please don’t copy/paste this list on your site. It took me a year to put together!

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