The 100 best, most-interesting websites of 2016

  1. Upvoted — The best, most-interesting stuff from Reddit.
  2. All Day — Just as intellectually curious as you are.
  3. Notey — Surfaces the top stories from the best blogs, daily.
  4. Staance — Discover cool stuff and share your opinion.
  5. The Hustle — The most interesting reading I’ve done on the Internet in a long time.
  6. Hopes&Fears — Life and culture from a global perspective.
  7. Ello — Cool social network with stuff you won’t find elsewhere (and no ads).
  8. How Far From Home — A couple traveling the world taking amazing photos…
  9. Pick the Brain — Grow yourself.
  10. Bored Button — Are you bored? Not anymore…
  11. Bonus: Huckberry — The coolest clothes and gear for guys (worth signing up!!!!)

90 more fun and informative websites that will vacuum up all your free time (and then some)…

  1. FamilyShare — Discover how to improve your family life and more.
  2. Elite Daily — The voice of Generation Y.
  3. i100 — Seriously addictive news (from The Independent).
  4. Things Organized Neatly — Exactly what it sounds like.
  5. The Cheat Sheet — Time-saving cheats/guides for modern men.
  6. — Amazon’s truest (and cheapest) competitor.
  7. Google’s Night Walk — Wow.
  8. Vumble — The best videos everyday, voted by you.
  9. Fusion — Pop culture, satire and news.
  10. ZOZI — Things to do (and the gear to do it with).
  11. If The Moon Were Only One Pixel — Whoa… this is mind-blowing.
  12. How old do I look? — A Microsoft robot guesses how old you look using machine learning.
  13. DoSomething — Making social change a real thing.
  14. DevArt — Art made with code.
  15. Ranker — Ranking everything.
  16. The Toast — Fiction.
  17. FutureLearn — Free online courses.
  18. CROACIA — A sound only website. Nice!
  19. The Simple Dollar — Fight bad spending habits (while still affording a few luxuries).
  20. GiphyTV — Watch the best gifs.
  21. Snapzu — A community of communities (and a Reddit alternative).
  22. Touch of Modern — Shop the coolest stuff in the world.
  23. HowStuffWorks — Stuff to blow your mind.
  24. Sporcle — Mentally stimulating diversions. Trivia, quizzes, brain games, etc.
  25. Handmade — Amazon’s Etsy tribute.
  26. — Where to go when you’re not sure if politicians are lying.
  27. Privacy Tools — Protect yourself against global mass surveillance.
  28. Tiffany Thiessen — Food and lifestyle content from someone you might recognize…
  29. Supercook — Instant recipes based on the ingredients you have laying around.
  30. Live Science — Science news anyone will find interesting (seriously).
  31. Freshness Mag — Streetwear fashion, contemporary menswear, sneakers and more.
  32. A Beautiful Mess — Women’s lifestyle site focused on creating happiness everyday.
  33. Cardboard Box Office — Homemade recreations of favorite TV and movie scenes.
  34. TakePart — Stories that matter; actions that count.
  35. Fixya — Ask a question about fixing anything (like broken tech…).
  36. BestReviews — Independent lab testing so you’ll never settle for second best.
  37. The Odyssey — Crowdsourced ideas and views from millennial influencers.
  38. Just Delete Me — A directory of direct links to help you delete accounts across the web.
  39. — Venture out; videos, photos and articles about adventure.
  40. Carryology — Discovering, discussing and disseminating cool stuff to carry with you.
  41. What They See — You visit museums to see works of art. This is what they see.
  42. Unsplash — Truly incredible FREE stock photos you can use any way you’d like.
  43. From Where I Drone — Amazing drone photography, tips, tutorials and more.
  44. attn: — Informing and empowering the next generation to make a social impact.
  45. Our World in Data — Visualizing how our world is changing (lots to dig into here).
  46. Melty — Dedicated to young people’s entertainment, fashion and trends.
  47. TruthDig — Drilling beneath the headlines.
  48. Terms of Service; Didn’t Read — Know if a website is going to screw you or not.
  49. Thinga — A kid-friendly search engine.
  50. Forvo — Know how to pronounce ANY word.
  51. — Calculate the total time you’ve spent watching a TV show (or shows).
  52. Note: if you’re viewing this list on any site other than, it was stolen.
  53. Snapguide — Really cool DIY how-to guides (from tech to gardening and more).
  54. Tubefilter — For people who YouTube (creators and fans).
  55. Inherently Funny — Just funny stuff (but not what you’re expecting…).
  56. someecards — A humor site with ecards, articles and original content.
  57. This. — Find and share the web’s best entertainment, art and journalism.
  58. Little Big Details — A daily dose of design inspiration.
  59. Clapway — Quirky discoveries, tips and news off the beaten path.
  60. Nerd Fitness — Helps desk jockeys, nerds, and average Joes level up their lives.
  61. Science of Us — What studies say about human behavior and productivity.
  62. iwantdis — A curated collection of the Internet’s best products and gifts.
  63. Racked — Obsessed with fashion and style.
  64. The Sweet Setup — Recommending the best iOS and Mac apps.
  65. We Heart — Online magazine exploring art, design, lifestyle and travel.
  66. Reveal — A new home for investigative reporting.
  67. Featured Creature — Discover unique animals you never knew existed.
  68. Scott H. Young — Psychological interestingness.
  69. The Hand & Eye — Stories about people who make things with their hands.
  70. The Northern Post — For fans of the outdoors, adventure, wanderlust and gear.
  71. Welzoo — Make Welzoo your homepage and donate to charity without paying a cent.
  72. Tickld — Spread laughter and cure boredom.
  73. Think Simple Now — A moment of clarity.
  74. Quiet Revolution — Unlocking the power of introverts.
  75. Fresh Off the Grid — Camping and food stories from the road.
  76. generosity — A platform for human goodness.
  77. Addicted 2 Success — Quotes, motivation and inspiration.
  78. The Cubic Lane — News minus pre-established political leanings.
  79. Wait But Why — Delving into the interestingness behind all kinds of things.
  80. Tools and Toys — A collection of fine paraphernalia, guides, reviews, interviews, and more.
  81. Googling — An online entertainment and technology magazine.
  82. Penelope Trunk — Advice on the intersection of work and life.
  83. Internet Action Force — Socially awkward digital nerds making videos about news and life.
  84. Art of Visuals — Awesome photography.
  85. Life After College — Wake up, live big, love the journey.
  86. Listverse — Ultimate top 10 lists.
  87. Chris Guillebeau — Writing about life, work, travel and more.
  88. Expedition Portal — Travel + rugged.
  89. Marie Forleo — Marie wants you to add more value to your life than you even dreamed possible…
  90. Most Exclusive Website — Serving one visitor at a time every 60 seconds.
  91. Alphr — A fresh take on technology.
  92. Rtings — The best site for picking out your next TV…
  93. All That Is Interesting — Fascinatingly cerebral.
  94. the unbeatn path — Stories from dropouts.
  95. — Personal development and self-improvement.
  96. Paid to Exist — Live and work on your own terms.
  97. Love This Pic — Inspiring pictures and quotes.
  98. Riskology — Leadership strategies for introverts.
  99. Geyser of Awesome — A tumblog full of interesting photos.
  100. Remains of the Day — A bespoke blog by Eugene Wei (a techie).
  101. Click-o-Tron — Fake click-bait content made by a computer. Weird…
  102. Please don’t copy/paste this list on your site. It took me a year to put together!



I make videos and write articles about tech. Catch me on Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and especially YouTube (@DailyTekk).

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