The Top 100 Websites of 2014

Narratively made the list for telling stories “rambunctiously.”

Every year on DailyTekk I create (curate) a list of the best new blogs and websites I come across and think other people should know about. I’ve done this for three years running now and it’s one of the highlights of my year.

This list literally took a full year to create. I kept track of new links I liked as I discovered them, then organized and pruned the list until I was satisfied I had included only the best of the bunch.

Originally posted on my own site (click here to view the original, pictures and all), I thought I’d share the this most recent list with the Medium community (which is only fitting since I mentioned Medium in the “Must Reads” category).

As you can see I’ve also included a few favorites from the two previous lists (2012, 2013) at the top to get you warmed up.

I hate to say this, but your work day might just be shot if you proceed any further…

2013 Favorites — View Entire List

  1. Visual News — The cure for eyeball boredom.
  2. Matter — Crafts award-winning journalism about science, tech, ideas.
  3. Flavorwire — Cultural events, art, books, music, world news.
  4. Trendland — Design, fashion, art, photography.
  5. WhoWhatWhy — “We don’t cover the news—we uncover the truth.”

2012 Favorites — View Entire List

  1. Uncrate — The digital magazine for guys who love stuff.
  2. My Modern Met — Beautiful photography, incredible art, clever design.
  3. TwistedSifter — Photos that educate, entertain, and inspire each and every day.
  4. The Selby — Photos, paintings and videos of interesting people in creative spaces.
  5. The Burning House — If your house were burning, what would you take with you?

Must Reads

  1. Medium — Read the best stories based on your interests (founded by Twitter co-founder).
  2. svbtle — A new kind of magazine. Thoughts. Stories. Ideas.
  3. The Daily Dot — Your Internet. Your Internet news.
  4. The Connectivist — How entertainment, technology, and consumer experience intersect.
  5. — Weaving science, culture and philosophy into a single narrative each week.
  6. Narratively — Local stories, rambunctiously told.
  7. bltd (Better Living Through Design) — Design guide to home and style.
  8. The Kernel — Tech, media and politics for inquiring minds.
  9. War Is Boring — Exploring how and why we fight.
  10. MediaREDEF — A curated interest mix of media+tech+pop content.

For When You’re Bored

  1. Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee — Jerry Seinfeld pals around with some of his friends.
  2. Grouchy Rabbit — Information for successful living.
  3. Fox in the Pine — Catherine shares photos of her life and inspiration from others.
  4. 2leep — Interesting links.
  5. Wonder How To — Wonderland for your inner nerd.
  6. Attack of the Cute — A collection of cute stuff.
  7. Honest Slogans — What people really think about brands.
  8. Slow Robot — Share images and videos you enjoy with like-minded people.
  9. Vat19 — Unique… stuff (to buy).
  10. This Is Why I’m Broke — The Internet’s mall.


  1. DailyTekk — The best technology site you’ve never heard of (my site ☺).
  2. Daring Fireball — John Gruber talks Apple (and people pay attention).
  3. Pocket-lint — Gadget news and reviews.
  4. TechHive — Products you’ll love and how to get the most out of them.
  5. Techdirt — Insight and analysis on technology, government policy, legal issues and more.
  6. GeekWire — Dispatches from the digital frontier.
  7. The Wirecutter — The best technology to buy as determined by research and testing.
  8. Gadget Review — Lifestyle gadget site.
  9. BGR (Boy Genius Report) — Mobile and tech news, reviews, opinions, insights.
  10. AnandTech — A deeper dive into tech down to the component level.

Design, Art, Photography

  1. Serifs & Sans — Minimalism, modernism and typography.
  2. but does it float — Awesome collections of interesting art, design and photography.
  3. Stylepark — Design, architecture and designers.
  4. Shutterbean — Food, photography and pretty things.
  5. Art21 — Engaging contemporary art. Inspiring creative thinking (PBS).
  6. Design Work Life — Cataloging design inspiration daily. From the team at Seamless Creative.
  7. 70 Degrees West — Nature and travel photography.
  8. PictureCorrect — Photography tips and techniques.
  9. Design Dautore — An Italian design and trends online magazine.
  10. Light Stalking — A site about beautiful photography.


  1. Greatist — Health and fitness news, tips, recipes and exercises.
  2. NYLON Guys — Not for girls.
  3. Maskcara — A makeup artist and lover of all beautiful things.
  4. The Nest — The Web’s round-the-clock spot for hip and harried married gals.
  5. The Minimalists — 2 guys write about living a meaningful life with less stuff.
  6. Where Cool Things Happen — Travel and lifestyle inspiration.
  7. Londonist — Everything interesting that’s happening in London.
  8. Bake at 350 — Bridget is just a girl who loves cookies…
  9. Tend — Fresh advice on kids, family fun, kitchen and home.
  10. xoJane — Where women go.

That’s Just Cool…

  1. — The marketplace for successfully crowdfunded products.
  2. You Had One Job! — Gathering all the careless mistakes in one place (photos).
  3. Scouting NY — See New York through the eyes of a movie location scout.
  4. Betabrand — You want, they make. Prototypes are turned into fashionable products.
  5. Funofart — Lots of fun photography broken down into many categories.
  6. Coffitivity — Sounds that increase your creativity.
  7. Luxury Launches — Expensive, opulent, extravagant.
  8. The Good Men Project — For guys who aren’t mindless, sex-obsessed buffoons.
  9. Adventure Journal — Online magazine dedicated to outdoor adventure in all it’s forms.
  10. Collectors Weekly — Best of antiques, vintage, collecting.

Learn Something

  1. DIY — Get skills. Be awesome.
  2. Urban Observatory — Observe the “living fabric” of different large cities visually.
  3. Today I Found Out — Learn interesting facts everyday.
  4. — Learn, teach and share online lessons.
  5. My First Job — Top-notch executives talk about what they learned from their first job.
  6. Sick Science! — Easy, hands-on science experiments you can do at home.
  7. ChartGirl — For things best explained with charts.
  8. The Billfold — Everything you wanted to learn about money but were too polite to ask.
  9. Learn Vest Must Reads — Non-boring money tips and advice.
  10. Forvo — All the words in the world. Pronounced.

Current Events

  1. NowThis News — The news in your pocket.
  2. Nieman Journalism Lab — Publishing the future of journalism (Harvard).
  3. Business Insider — Tech, finance, media and other verticals under one roof.
  4. ProPublica — Journalism in the public interest.
  5. Worldcrunch — Selecting, translating and editing content from top foreign outlets.
  6. The Epoch Times — Uncensored news that values freedom of the press and humanity.
  7. On The Media (OTM) — Tackles sticky issues with a frankness and transparency (NPR).
  8. CoinDesk — The voice of digital currency (Bitcoin news, prices, charts).
  9. Talking Points Memo (TPM) — A digitally native political publication.
  10. The World Economic Forum — Improving the state of the world by engaging leaders.

Culture & Trends

  1. Reddit — A website about everything. Powered by community, democracy and you.
  2. HyperAllergic — Playful, serious, and radical perspectives on art and culture.
  3. The Airship — Surveying literature, arts and culture.
  4. The Inquisitr — The latest stories to hit the web in entertainment, tech, news and more.
  5. HyperVocal — Purveyors of the vital and viral. Your Internet sherpas.
  6. The A.V. Club — Pop-culture news, interviews and features.
  7. The Daily What — Trending Internet culture (Cheezburger).
  8. Videogum — TV, movies and viral videos.
  9. Artlog — Everything you need to know in culture this week.
  10. Modern Mechanix — Yesterday’s tomorrow, today. Classic stuff.

Absolutely Don’t Miss

  1. 5-Second Films — A new film every weekday.
  2. Mediabistro — News and more for media professionals.
  3. Conference Bites — Big ideas for short attention spans.
  4. Abandoned America — Forgotten places and spaces around America.
  5. Roadtrippers — Discover your America.
  6. Digiday — Digital media, advertising and marketing.
  7. Splitsider — A website about comedy and the people who create it.
  8. The Oatmeal — Comics, quizzes and more.
  9. Largehearted Boy Book Notes — Authors discuss the music they had on while writing books.
  10. Not Always Right — Are customers always right? These stories say otherwise…