7 Produce 101 Boys We Can’t Keep Our Eyes Off

Ok this was a bit of a doozy, with lots of talented guys with strong visuals we did find it a difficult to pick out top 7 but we finally did! Check out these Produce 101 guys that we’re keeping a close watch on!

  1. Kim Samuel

Samuel is no stranger being at the center stage as he has previously debuted under 1PUNCH. This multi-talented young individual is a killer at the dance floor honed by more than 5 years as a trainee. Check out his sick moves below!

2. Lee Daehwi

Being the chosen center for the show means Lee Daehwi is destined for some attention. This former JYP trainee is set to conquer the industry with a youthful persona and unending smile.

3. Choi Minki

Debuting in 2012 under the group NU’EST, Choi Minki or otherwise known as REN caught everyone’s attention due to his feminine features and long hair. An industry veteran at just 23 years old, his out to get his 2nd shot at being a Korean idol. Check him out busting his musical chomps:

4. Ong Sungwoo

His undeniably strong visuals is a sure eye catcher. However we can’t help but wonder how he keeps his signature hair in check with all the dancing he’s been doing.

5. Hwang Minhyun

Another “veteran” in the industry is Choi Minki’s fellow NU’EST member, Hwang Minhyun. With his voice that can soothe every woman’s heart he’s out to steal everyone’s thunder for his second chance at stardom!

6. Kwon Hyunbin

Coming from YG Entertainment’s sister agency YGk+, which is primarily an agency for models, Kwon Hyunbin’s looks is undeniably a head turner! Oh did we mention that he was once a model for ZALORA too?

7. Kang Daniel

Signature “eye smile”? CHECK! Eye catching pink hair? CHECK! Killer b-boy moves? CHECK! Kang Daniel is here to steal your hearts!