Disrupt Yourself

Technology is destructive only in the hands of people who do not realize that they are one and the same process as the universe.”
Alan Watts

Tech people like to talk about disruption. How disruptive is a business? How is someone ‘shaking up’ an industry? This is an attempt at being progressive through business, which never works quite as anyone plans. Shaking things up is seen as an opportunity for profit rather than some sort of genuinely constructive thing. If anything, this is a destructive pattern that creates value only where something new is created. In this sense, disruption might make money, but in a strange way it fractures systems. It pushes them towards dissolution in the way that hitting a brick wall with a hammer eventually makes the wall fall down.

In this sense, disruption in the external world functions much like attachment does. When we try to disrupt the world as it functions, we overestimate our place within it. This is pure ego, which is why it is so prominent in the overzealous world of technology . But what happens if, as meditation teaches us to direct our attention inward, we direct our desire to disrupt things inward? What happens if we stir the pot of the self rather than trying to cause a sir in the world?

Incredibly transformative things happen, usually. Why? Most of us are extremely stubborn. Question someone’s motives or try to ask them deep questions about why they do what they do and they will often become hostile. Why are you questioning me? How dare you? Are you being condescending? The little ego monster in each of us wants to badly to never be wrong about anything, to never question any choices. This ego is similarly responsible for the impulse to try to shake up the external world.

When we do start questioning ourselves, though, walls of insecurities and ego blocks come tumbling down. These are the very walls that keep you shielded from reality, from understanding who you actually are. If you are thoroughly entrenched in false reality, disrupting your own system can be dangerous. You might have to make some overhauls.

People spend so much time projecting false assumptions and misunderstandings of the self onto the world. This is an immense amount of wasted energy. When we redirect this energy onto the self, we become actual agents of change rather than just perceived agents of change. You have the most power over yourself, not the world. The way you treat yourself and reflect can completely alter the way you encounter the world.

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