Embodying Peace

We don’t stay still by moving, so why do we try to make peace by changing things? What is peace if not calmness and stillness? The way towards peace is simply to act peacefully. How strange it is that people think they must force one another to be peaceful! This is the definition of war, not peace. Anything you have to force goes against nature and will result in an equal and opposite forceful reaction. This is so obvious and yet so overlooked. Everyone wants to convince themselves that they have the answer, when the answer is simply to have self-control and set a positive example in daily life.

I really can’t emphasize this enough. If you stir the pot, your intentions do not matter. Every time you fight for an ideal, you create war. Every time you exhibit peace in daily life and act virtuously, you create more peace. There will never be “world peace”. This idealistic goal distances itself from reality even further when we think about how absurd it is to want to ‘fight for peace’.

The way to be quiet is to simply be quiet. The way to be peaceful is to be peaceful. People don’t like this because it requires self control. It requires honesty. Why don’t most people meditate? It’s hard. It’s not fun. It’s often uncomfortable or boring. But those who do it cultivate self-discipline. With self-discipline, comes self-respect. You cannot love that which you don’t respect. When you can truly control yourself and respect yourself, your self love will permeate every action and create peace and goodness in your life. If you are undisciplined, weak and frivolous, you will remain a slave to yourself and try to find various scapegoats for your misery.

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