Let The World Be Your Teacher

It’s an easy trap to get excited about a belief system or a school of thought and subsequently confine yourself to that system. If you end up trapped in a narrow belief you may neglect to realize that there is wisdom everywhere.

There’s much to be learned from everyone — people you love, people you can’t stand, from history’s greatest heroes and greatest villains. If you choose to take one person’s story at face value and never listen to anyone else’s story, it’s like trying to swim in a drop of water.

Instead of focusing on one reality tunnel, let the world be your teacher. Let experience guide you and the words of others impact you but not necessarily influence you. Entertain all notions but don’t be too fast to accept anything as truth. There are as many truths as there are perspectives, and the number of perspectives grows every day with this steadily increasing world population of ours.

The prophet Muhammad said to be in the world as if you are a traveler or a wayfarer. Remain humble and open to all teachings, as if you’re a visitor from a foreign land. Be receptive to all forms of wisdom and interpretation and do not force your worldview upon the world.