Stop Thinking So Much

The cult of thought runs strong. You’re told that the world is becoming a better place simply because information is becoming more readily accessible. The educational system teaches children to equate facts with knowledge, data with wisdom. The more answers you know, the better score you get.

Children are raised to answer questions, not ask them. It’s not like this is some sort of new advancement; the Western world has always thought too much. Most books are advocating techniques by which you can streamline your thought and think more effectively. I’m going to tell you to stop thinking.

Your problems begin to neatly tie themselves up once you learn to suppress the thinking brain. This can be done through the process of silent reflection commonly referred to as meditation.

Imagine your thoughts are armed soldiers. The untrained mind lets them storm in and take control. The meditative mind calmly tells them to drop their weapons. They walk in, they look around, and then they surrender.

Your thoughts only have as much power as you give them. Forcing yourself to think more and more at a faster and faster pace will only cause problems. Instead, breathe through your thoughts and allow them to address themselves. Your thoughts will simplify, and with simplicity comes calmness and wisdom.