Worrying Doesn’t Fix Anything

If you find yourself worried about something, ask yourself if it is possible to solve the problem you are worried about right now. If it isn’t, it shouldn’t be on your mind. You must either wait until the problem presents itself in reality or ignore it. Otherwise, you will begin to dwell in the mental space of anxiety. Anxiety is just one part of the ever-invasive negative mental field, and it is just waiting to swallow you up if you let it.

The anxious mind is unfocused, breathes erratically and can’t keep a straight thought. The way out of this cyclical trap of worrying and anxious negative thinking is to do whatever you have to do. If your room is dirty, clean it. If you need to talk to your mom, call your mom. If your relationship is suffering, sit down and talk about it.

You can only do what you can do right now. Everything else usually just amounts to abstract over-analyzed nonsense. People spend too much time thinking and not enough time living. It’s very difficult to imagine yourself freed from this trap of anxious thought if you’re stuck in it. Anxiety thrives on the sense of hopelessness that is caused by its own entrapment. The way out is to turn the mind’s lens onto itself. The anxious mind is always focused on stuff “out there” rather than itself. Once it recognizes itself, it recognizes its own ridiculousness and the worrying begins to subside.