Hi all,

I created a new podcast with my friend and colleague Morgan Watt. If you like Daily Zen, I think you’ll enjoy it.

You can listen here.

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It’s easier than ever before to plug yourself into the news matrix and get 24/7 push notifications for dreadful headlines about whatever stuff your ideological biases predispose you to obsess over.

This new highly-advanced information delivery system is obviously dangerous and unhealthy. I try to read the news a few times a week, usually relying on three link dumps: one left, one right, one center. If bias is unavoidable, we might as well try to understand the various lines and where they intersect.

On every side of this multi-dimensional coin there’s mostly sensational bad news. But it’s funny — maybe 10% of the stories I read are positive and uplifting, with no real bias whatsoever. Whenever I see these I sigh and thing, “Why isn’t there more good news?” The weirdest thing is that these ‘good’ stories come across as the most sensational of all, precisely because they’re presented as being so uncommon.

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