Photo: Nick Clement

Allergen Friendly Bay Area Eats

As someone with many food allergies, I have found it surprisingly difficult to find healthy and delicious places to eat in San Francisco. This is a curated list of places I have actually been to and can highly recommend.

In my experience these restaurants can accommodate allergies to: 
Wheat, Dairy, Eggs & Almonds.

Updated: 06/28/2017

San Francisco

Pica Pica
Everything is gluten free, even the crispy chicken. For your first time I would recommend the Plato because the coconut rice and fried plantains are a must try.

I usually order the Kale Salad (with chicken and without almonds), but the brisket taco is so delicious. The Margarita picante is a must right as well.

Blue Barn Gourmet
Build your own salads and sandwiches.

Gracias Madre
Vegetarian Mexican food, and they even have vegan desserts. Make sure to ask your server about your allergies though because they have quite a variety of items on the menu that cater to all diets.

Roam Artisan Burgers
It’s surprisingly difficult to find a great lettuce wrap burger in San Francisco. This place knows what they are doing and have a bunch of tasty options to choose from. Their “side salad” is also gigantic if you want extra greens.

Gluten Free and vegan waffles. Enough said. (and many other raw and vegetarian options)

This place is tricky if you can’t have dairy, but everything is amazing otherwise. I recommend the salad with chicken.

Kitchen Story
While the brunch line is insane, I would rather go for dinner. The Spicy Green Curry has become one of my favorite cold night dinners.

Hello breakfast food! Avocado toast can finally be yours.

Mmmm baked goods.


Mariposa Bakery
A great spot for lunch. They have so many gluten, dairy and nut free treats, but also offer items like turkey sandwiches and tuna melts. I recommend the reuben and a cinnamon bun.

San Rafael

Sol Food
Usually I order the Ensalada Con Pollo, it’s amazing. But there are veggie options too and if you have room for dessert their coconut pudding it dairy free and delicious.

Happen to know of some good allergy friendly restaurants? Leave a note or message me @dainal. I’d love to try them out!