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Most of the time we notice the online portals consist of several tabs containing news about politics, entertainment, business, and sports and so on. With the help of these features it has now become easier for the viewers to get specific news according to their choice and preference as they do not need to scroll down the whole page to get the particular news of their fondness. Dainik News online assists the viewers to get adequate knowledge about sports, as it is not possible for someone to get the hourly news of the particular sports event sitting in the office. But with this website you can get detailed information about the progress of a specific sports event. Not only the sports event but also the business news has got popular among people who are money-minded. They love to check the status of the share market and several other beneficial aspects and to get the hour by hour update of the market they can seek for the opportunity provided by the online news channels.

Daily Entertainment News is something which is the spice of life nowadays. People love to get the detailed image of the lives of the celebrities about how they talk, how they appear in public occasions and what they eat or wear. To follow their trend the youth is desperate. That is why teenagers like to get the updates of the entertainment world through the online news channels. It is possible to keep track of a celeb figure gaining or losing weight, and how they are being able to do so. You can get information about a film star making out with a random guy or have detailed news about their divorce and separation. If you are in a hectic schedule in your office then this kind of news can make your day and you can add up spice to your dull life. Moreover you would not be needed to sign up for a particular newspaper and you can just click and read the news.