10 Incredible Adult Games For Fun Parties & Couple Date Nights

No… ⚠️

…It won’t be about adult sex games that you can play online. 🎮

This guide will be about the grown-up games you can play with cards, dices…

These games that will provoke interesting actions and conversations GUARANTEED… 🎲

Great for kinky parties or as conversation (sexual) starters for date nights.🍹

Plus I included few fun kinky online tests to take to learn more about each other…

Let’s jump in:

The first one is actually a game shared by reader:

#1 — Slap or Kiss Game

“It’s like spin the bottle, except you either kiss or slap the person who it landed on.

The person is forced out of the room and the ones playing decide together what she/he’s gonna get.

Then they are let back into the room and they have no idea what the person who spun the bottle is going to do to them, while everyone else does and is anticipating it.

God I love that game.

You can play it just by itself, or add it on truth or dare as a punishment if someone is not truthful enough or fails to do the dare (in which case people playing force that person out, and decide on a person who will kiss or slap him, then decide which action is done)”

Source: myhome_mypanties

#2 — That’s What She Said — The Party Adult Game ($24.99)

Now this is a fun card game for parties with a naughty twist!

You can go as kinky as you want but it’s a great way to discover all your friends dirty secrets!

Tons of funs for game nights, ladies parties or simply as a couple to trigger nice conversations!

Find it on Amazon here.

This game will appeal to people with different types of humour and those red cards are the best.

There are in total 458 cards, with 58 red setup cards that will lead to spicy challenges.

#3 — Take Online Quizzes: BDSM Test & Sexual Archetype Test

Now tests and quizzes are great for taking online and then have a fun time discussing the results.

I’ve done it with my partner and we learned tons about each other.

You could do it in bigger party too :)

BDSM Kink Test: Discover Your Dominant Sexual Archetype

This test helps you to learn your dominant sexual archetype.

You’ll learn how you naturally get turned off, aroused and what are the kinks you are most likely to enjoy.

It’s very important to know also how your partner is getting aroused and what kind of kinks he is most likely to enjoy.

If you and your partner take this test together, it’s a great chance to start a conversation about this and learn tons about each other.

This is the results page of Kinky Adventurer sexual archetype for example:

For example, I am Kinky Adventurer and my girlfriend turned out to be Tantra Lover. It means I like more of the sexy roleplay and am aroused by new, exciting scenes.

For her, as Tantra Lover the connection is very important. She requires a full-presence, a sensual foreplay and more careful handling.

I didn’t know these things before… so when I implemented them in our foreplay… she surprisingly got kinkier during the sex. Because I was speaking her language, she was more interested in learning mine too.


No list would be complete without mentioning the BDSM granddaddy to the list. This is the most advanced test you’ll be able to take.

You’ll be ask a list of questions about different kinks that you might like or not like.

End result looks like this:

As you see you’ll quickly will be introduced to different terms from BDSM community and presented with ideas to try.

For example Brat Tamer is someone who likes the playfulness and dirty talk of handling the brat, who needs to be taught a lesson.

Rigger is someone who likes to tie his partner :) And Daddy/Mommy is a type of roleplay where one person is a caring Daddy, and other person takes the role of little girl (boy), who’s silly, fooling around…

…and sometimes needs to be punished :)

It’s tons of fun.

#4 — Adult Party Game: Truth or Dare… Roll The Dice

“My partner & I are hosting two other mid-late twenties couples for an evening of strip-poker this Friday and we’re looking to add some fun, sexy dares into the mix.

I’ve already looked online for lists of fun dares and found only dares that were pretty gross, or childish.

Everything from “Pick your nose and eat it.” or “Do a sexy strip tease”

Doing a sexy strip tease is great — but if we’re already playing strip poker it seems a bit redundant.

We’ll print out the dares onto tiny bits of paper that we’ll pull from a bowl to avoid the awkward situation of trying to come up with dares in the moment.

All three of us couples are MF, the ladies are all bi and the men are straight (for the most part).

We’re all sex positive and consenting.

Here’s a couple of dares we thought up:

  1. Masturbate with gusto until someone else has been given a dare.
  2. Roll three six sided dice. The first two die determine your collaborators and the third die indicates how many sexy photos you need to take with them in the other room and submit them anonymously to r/gonewild.
  3. Wear a blindfold and isolation headphones for sixty seconds while the other players touch/caress you.

Items we have available to us that you might want to include in your dares…

Vibrators, binding tape, lube & condoms, nipple clamps, cameras, recording devices (microphones and webcams) furniture, various liqueurs and sweets.

Maybe it gives some idea of kinkier Truth or Dare adult game play.”

Source: NakedGames

#5 — Kinky Truth or Dare Adult Game

This one is simple.

There are 50 sticks with a truth on one side and a naughty dare on other.

It’s a super sexy way to learn about your partners or friend darkest fantasies.

Both educational and fun!

It has some great dares and can serve as a nice foreplay too. Do them after the date nights to segway to the bed… ;)

Find it on Amazon here.

#6 — Adult Game For Couples — Talk / Flirt / Dare

This is another relevant game more about romantic and getting to know your partner lines.

Here are few examples of questions:

  • Dare: Do a strip tease by slowly taking off two pieces of clothing.
  • Talk: What do you think is the #1 thing your partner never could forgive you?
  • Flirt: Imagine how you would like your partner to seduce you? Dirty talk.

You can play it just to add some fun in evenings, on a road trip as a conversation sparker.

It’s not really kinky, but it gets your mind thinking and talking about things you usually won’t discuss with your partner like:

“What was the first thought you thought when you saw your partner for the very first time?”

Find it on Amazon here.

#7 — Our Moments Couples Thought-Provoking Cards Game

There are tons of versions of this cards game — there are three couples editions, all-family bundle, road-trip bundle.

This game is a great conversation starter mostly for couples.

You’ll laugh, enjoy each others company and learn more about the other person every time you play.

As you can see, it’s not really kinky, but more romantic, bonding type of game.

But me and my girlfriend love it.

Find it on Amazon here.

#8 — Fun Party Game Ideas

Now these will be great for everyone, this video is there just to spark your imagination…

Not really kinky — but just extremely fun!

#9 — Sex Game With Wife

“You take a deck of 52 cards and lay them around a very full glass of wine that you both like.

The first person draws a card.

The point is to make it through the entire deck before you are screwing like rabbits.

If you make it through the entire deck, congrats.

Hopefully you are primed for a good session.

Here are the rules that have to be completed based on the card drawn:

2 — The drawer has to describe something about their SO that compliments them or makes them feel special.

3 — The drawer has to describe something that they like about themselves.

4 -Your SO has to lose an article of clothing.

5 — The drawer has to describe a fun or sexy memory that involved their SO. (The more explicit, the better.)

6 — The drawer has to lose an article of clothing.

7 — You and your SO have to make out for at least 30 seconds.

8 — The drawer gets to dare the SO to do something. It can be anything — ideas range from do a head stand to give a lap dance to pose naked for the camera.

9 — The drawer has to come up with a sexy poem that rhymes. For example, roses are red, violets are blue, I can’t wait to be inside of you.

10 — The drawer gets to ask any question and the SO must answer truthfully. Just like Truth or dare, all questions must be answered honestly.

Jack — The SO has to give the drawer a massage for at least 2 minutes but no more than 10 minutes.

Queen — The drawer has to take a big drink of the wine.

King — The drawer gets to make any rule that can last for as long or as short as they desire.

For example, I’ve made it a rule that my SO had to kiss the tip of my penis before drawing a card.

You can also be silly and say things like no smiling or take a small drink of wine before their next turn. It is up to you.

If a rule isn’t followed, the rule breaker has to take a drink.

Ace — The SO has to rub/touch the drawer in a spot of the drawer’s choosing for 2 minutes.

It can be anywhere.

A few game enhancements:

Make the colour of the card reflect the person who must do the act.

Black for boys, red for girls.

That way, everyone experiences everything twice per deck.

If you’re ever looking to change a card, I had fun with making one a “draw double” card — draw two more cards, and do them both at once. E.g 7 + A: make out whilst rubbing a specified area for 2 min.

Also works well with the colours thing.

If the two cards are impossible to do at once, put the first drawn one back and draw again.

Finally, something more of a fantasy mode (one I’ve actually never gotten to try).

If you’re into exhibitionism/voyeurism/swinging, you can always play with other couples or friends.

If you don’t want to cross the monogamy boundary, then keep it between couples, and everyone gets to show off and watch (but nobody gets jealous).

If you’re willing to share around, then play by the colours again, and everybody can pick their ‘victim’, but can’t choose the same person twice, except their partner.

Also, discuss boundaries ahead of time, in a non-sexual setting.

Nobody likes hurt feelings.”

Source: throwaway210o294u5u

#10 — Cards of Foreplay Adult Sex Game

“This game is designed to work with both straight and queer couples.

Turn the lights down low, even light some candles.

Put on the music of your choice and relax.

Make sure you have lots of time and a private place to be, this game is meant to be played slowly.

Get ready for a few hours of teasing, playfulness and pleasure.

You will need a deck of cards, a timer, some oil or lube and maybe a towel to lay down on.

Have fun and try to last until the end.


You place the cards in a pile in between you.

You simply take it in turns to take a card. Ladies first or the first to win at rock paper scissors.

Each card corresponds to a different action.

You can take as long as you want picking up your card, but a card must be drawn when the timer ends.

No touching when the game does not allow it, you are not allowed to touch each-other unless the card says so.

You are not allowed to have sex until the end of the game.

You must both start with six garments each. Socks counts as one. Caps and hats does not count.

Cards that asks you to remove an item of clothing shall be placed in the middle of the deck afterwards unless the cards says not to.

If you have no more clothes to take off and the card requires you to, place the card in the middle of the deck and draw again, if none of you have any clothes left discard the card.

If the act is restricted by clothes, place the card in the middle of the deck and draw again, you are not allowed to remove clothes unless the card says so.

No skipping or cheating on a card.

Bathroom breaks are allowed only before the card is drawn.


(Optional) Joker: Save this card as a get out of jail free card.

Whenever a challenge you don’t want to do comes up — you use this card.

Ace of Herts — Masturbate for your partner until the next card is drawn. You are not allowed to have an orgasm.

King of Hearts — Remove an item of clothing from your partner in a sensual way.

Queen of Hearts — Make out with your partner for five minutes without touching.

Jack of Hearts — You must lick your partner on their skin, your partner decides where.

Ten of Hearts — Touch your partner all over their body for five minutes. You are not allowed to kiss each other.

Nine of Hearts — Put an ice-cube in your mouth, kiss each other and pass it in between you. (If you don’t have an ice-cube draw a new card)

Eight of Hearts — Ask your partner truth or dare. If dare is chosen the act can only last for up to ten minutes.

Seven of Hearts — Kiss your partner passionately on the neck until the next card is drawn. No touching and no mouth to mouth.

Six of Hearts — Grind yourself against your partner and make out for ten minutes. You may touch each other.

Five of hearts — Give your partner an oiled up massage for ten minutes. You are not allowed to touch each other.

Four of Hearts — Give your partner some hand for ten minutes. Use lube or oil.

Three of Hearts — Give your partner oral sex for five minutes.

Two of hearts — Remove an item of clothing from your partner using only your teeth.

Ace of Spades — Let your partner remove all of your clothes while kissing and touching. (Discard card afterwards)

King of Spades — Remove an item of clothing. Your partner decides wich one.

Queen of Spades — Spank your partner three times.

Jack of Spades — Blindfold your partner and do what you want with them for ten minutes.

Ten of Spades — Have a staring contest, first one to laugh removes an item of clothing.

Nine of Spades — Hug your partner from behind, touch your partner all over their body until a new card is drawn. Use your tongue and mouth to make it more sensual.

Eight of Spades — Pick one act out of every acts and preform it.

Seven of Spades — Tickle your partner lightly and sensually for three minutes. Partner is not allowed to resist.

Six of Spades — Lube or oil up your partners entire body.

Five of Spades — If you both are completely naked by now you have to go into the shower and play with each other at the end of the game. If not draw again and discard this card.

Four of Spades — Get really close to your partner and whisper in your partners ear what you want to do with them in a very sensual way.

Three of Spades — Take an ice-cube and touch your partner with it wherever you want. (If you don’t have an ice-cube draw a new card)

Two of Spades — Remove an item of clothing.

Ace of Diamonds — Let your partner perform a sexual favor for ten minutes.

King of Diamonds — Save this card. When this card is drawn it means you take control of the situation when the game ends. You can choose to end the game when you want or keep playing until the the last card.

Queen of Diamonds — Play with your partners tongue using your mouth for three minutes.

Jack of Diamonds — Suck on your partners fingers until the next card is drawn.

Ten of Diamonds — Give your partner a butt massage for five minutes.

Nine of Diamonds — Give your partner a good old hug.

Eight of Diamonds — Whisper in your partners ear why you think they are beautiful.

Seven of Diamonds — Play rock paper scissors, the loser removes an item of clothing.

Six of Diamonds — Let your partner tease you for ten minutes. You are not allowed to do anything.

Five of Diamonds — Tie your partners hands and do what you want with them for ten minutes.

Four of Diamonds — Let your partner take a sexy photo of you. Your partner decides how you should pose.

Three of Diamonds — Kiss your partner somewhere you never kissed them before.

Two of Diamonds — Remove an item of clothing from your partner using only one finger.

Ace of Clubs — Please each other in the 69 position for ten minutes. The person that picked up tha card is on top.

King of Clubs — Give your partner a foot rub for ten minutes.

Queen of Clubs — Lube/oil up your entire body while your partner is watching.

Jack of Clubs — Try to make your partner orgasm in under three minutes.

Ten of Clubs — Stroke and massage your partners thighs until a new card is drawn. You are not allowed to touch their genitals.

Nine of Clubs — Remove all clothes except your underwear. (Discard card afterwards)

Eight of Clubs — Kiss your partner anywhere except the mouth until the next card is drawn.

Seven of Clubs — Remove an item of clothing while you are making out.

Six of Clubs — Change clothes with each other.

Five of Clubs — Dare your partner to do something. If your partner refuses you can pick one act out of every acts and have them/you preform it.

Four of Clubs — Massage your partner for ten minutes using your body but not your hands.

Three of Clubs — Take turns telling your partner what you think is their sexiest attribute.

Two of Clubs — Tell your partner what you like the most with your body and have them tell you what they like the most with theirs.

Update: I think the not having sex is redundant.
But also think that 50 cards is too much, maybe shuffle and cut in half and use one half.
Also, make some of the time limits less.
I myself don’t think I could go through a 10 min handy and stuff like that. Just my opinion, I might play some variation of this.

Source: MistaBoomtastic

Bringing It All Together

If you know any sexy adult game or have invented your own, make sure you share it here!! :)

Try these out and let me know how it went! 🎲