Adult Toys: The Ultimate Guide To The Best Adult Toys & Stores

You want to try your first adult toy or get the next one? 👊

But with so many options available out there, you're a bit confused? 😐

  • ❓ toys should I get first?
  • ❓What are the options?
  • ❓How do I know what's good and what to watch out for?
  • ❓Which reliable adult stores I can shop from?
Not to worry, this guide is designed to answer these questions.

When you're done reading you'll get a unofficial Phd in adult toys and will know at least your choices and make informed decision!

Sounds good? 👍

This is how the guide is organised:

  • Female Adult Toys
  • Male Adult Toys
  • Adult Toys For Couples
  • BDSM Toys
  • The Best Adult Toy Stores & Sex Shops

#1 — Female Adult Toys

Before we start, just remember this:

Always choose silicone, glass, metal or porcelain toys. Avoid anything else, typically the cheaper toys have jelly or weird ingredients in them which are not a safe materials!

Ladies are lucky, there are tons and tons of toys designed for their pleasure.

Women are more sensual and there are a lot more pleasure buttons to press.

If there's a erogenous zone, there is pretty much a toy for that:

  • looking for clitoral stimulation?: magic wands are incredible
  • looking for fake penis?: there are tons of dildos out there in all shapes and forms!
  • looking to play with G-spot?: there are special G-spot toys designed to push that button..!
  • sensitive nipples?: use the magic wand or go BDSM with nipple clamps.
  • want to try anal play?: watch for butt plugs or anal beads

Is there any surprise that it's confusing to pick the first adult toy?

Watch this fun video, where people try the adult toys for the first time and share their experience:

Based on studies 80% women need clitoral stimulation to orgasm.

Women cannot really orgasm through classical intercourse…they need more external stimulation…

So it only makes sense to start with vibrators, that focus on clitoris stimulation right…?

Clit Vibrators

There are actually 8 kind of vibrators out there…!

We’ve gone far since 19th century when the first vibrators were invented (according to Wikipedia).

Each of them focus on different intimate spot stimulation.

Clit vibrators focus either just on clitoris or in general are used for external vulva area massage.

But the most affordable and quickest answer for vibrators is to choose Hitachi Magic Wand Massager.

It's the massager that started it all and you can actually use it for helping to relieve back pain too.

Hitachi Magic Wand Massager ($44)

The coolest thing about Hitachi is that you can later get all sorts of attachments for it and use it as vibrating dildo, anal plug — everything really.

There are tons of attachments for men too making it a great couples toy in the future.

For $90 you can get newer wireless model, but if you don't care about wires and want a cheaper great starting option, just get the old, proven $44 model.

Really, everyone should own one.

Rabbit Vibrators

Rabbit vibrators are two toys in one.

It's a dildo + clit vibrator.

It's a great, serious and handy toy you can use with one hand to do two things that leaves your second hand free to do whatever else you like!

If you like internal and external stimulation at the same time to orgasm, you need rabbit vibrator.

There are even thrusting, rotating and anal type of toys out there:

The ultimate pleasure toy huh?

Because of rabbit vibrator versatility they are really popular between women and I would recommend if you want double stimulation — you get this kind of toy.

Here's the good quality and also the best price starting option. Read the full vibrator guide to learn about other choices.

PaloQueath G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator ($26.99)

This toy comes in a discreet box and is #1 best-seller in the category.

People love it — it hits all the right spots, it’s waterproof and will give 3 hours of play before recharging.

It has 9 vibration modes and a quiet motor. A great buy.

Find it on Amazon here.


If vibrators are the modern adult toy that started it all…

Then the history of women using dildos dates back to 13–19.000 thousand years ago according to Wikipedia. 🐯

In the dildo department there are a lot of choices and some women look for:

  • realistic dildo that imitates real penis as close as possible
  • unrealistic dildo that doesn't look and feel like real penis at all
  • huge dildos or fantasy type dildos like horse, dog, dragon dildos.
  • specially angled G-spot dildos

But the best beginner toy will be the classic realistic dildo with a suction cup that gives a freedom to stick it to the wall, chair or floor and enjoy a hands-free thrusting experience.

You see, rabbit vibrators require holding to adjust.

Dildos you put down and basically fuck them ;)

Oh…and finally there are of course fucking machines that actually do the fucking for you.

PaloQueth Realistic Dildo For Beginners ($12.69)

If you're getting the very first dildo I would recommend this quality and affordable option.

It has 5.2" insertable inches (average man's penis is 5.1"-5.6")

It has strong suction cup, the head at the top is harder, shaft is soft and the base is solid.

This dildo has over 1.3K positive Amazon reviews.

Find it on Amazon here.

Secondly if you want something harder and angled to press the magic buttons…

The G-spot, A-spot… You want this thing:

Prisms Glass G-spot Beaded Dildo ($22.08)

This is the toy you will use to make squirting reality, and reach a lot more intense orgasms than with classical vibrations.

It’s hand-crafted and made from borosilicate glass.

You’ll be able to use this dildo for both anal and vaginal stimulation.

Find it on Amazon here.

There are tons more details when choosing the dildo, but I'm trying to keep it short and simple here.

Read the full dildo guide here or if you're interested in dragon dildos or huge dildos, check this guide.

Butt Plugs & Anal Beads

These are two of the most popular adult toys for anal play.

Mind you, it doesn't matter if you're male or female — our buttholes are the same.

In fact men have more reasons to like anal because of their prostate… male G-spot called P-spot.

Butt plugs are simple easy beginner's choice.

You'll get the pleasure by simply having something in your butt — everything feels different.. sensations are different…!

There's erectile tissue next to the rectum wall and for some women butt plug stimulates their G-spot indirectly.

So with butt plugs, you just lube it up, stick it in and leave it. That's it.

With anal beads the pleasure comes from back/forth motion. Some like how the beads stimulate the rectum walls and the anal sphincters.

My best advice with all of these toys is just to try the cheaper toy (yet, still quality enough) and experiment.

You will never know what you like unless you try.

The best anal play beginner's option is this:

Anal Trainer Kit Butt Plugs ($11.79)

These butt plugs come in four sizes ( made from silicone) while also including enema and butt plug friendly lubricant.

This butt plug set is durable, has a nice feel to it and is very high quality for the price.

Find on Amazon.

Later you can always add vibrating butt-plugs and anal beads.

Here's the best beginner's anal beads option:

Eden Small Anal Beads ($6.95)

These anal beads are perfect for beginners who are trying them for the first time.

The toy is 12.75" in total length with increasingly bigger beads.

Just make sure you get anal lube with it.

Find it on Amazon here.

If you're interested to learn more about anal play check this butt sex guide.

If you're interested in learning more about butt plugs go here, and for anal beads go check this guide.

#2 — Male Adult Toys

Okay, what about males?

What kind of adult toys are available to them?

Well, some men like vibrations so they can just steal the magic wand from their ladies… :)

But there are two main male toy categories:

  • artificial vaginas — if women have dildos, then guys have the holes where they can insert their penises.
  • prostate massagers — if the man is brave enough to try anal play, he'll discover the most intense full-body and possibly non-ejaculatory multiple orgasms that can be reached with prostate milking. It's incredible.

Let's start with:

Pocket Pussies For Men

If you've been around than you have definitely heard about Fleshlight brand who's dominating the male masturbator market with high quality artificial vaginas.

And they are really the best — if you want to really give a pocket pussy a try, you gotta get Fleshlight.

I made a mistake in past buying a cheap pocket pussy from Ebay and was disappointed.

While I've written a whole guides about both pocket pussies ( including other brands than Fleshlight) and Fleshlight itself, this will be a quick version:

Fleshlight Quickshot ($34.95)

If the price is an issue and you want to start cheap, check out the Fleshlight Quickshot.

It's the simplest of Fleshlight models and the most affordable. The good thing is that it's easy to clean it, it will fit all size penises and it's compact!

So it's easy to hide it.

Find it on Amazon here.

Then if you want to upgrade the experience and get a quality male fucking machine, check out Fleshlight Launch (read my guide on it).

You can connect this thing with specially encoded adult videos and play the interactive mode. What happens in video this masturbator stimulates.

It's closest to the real experience as possible.

That's my quick answer, but read the Fleshlight guide on different models to learn how to pick the best option for you.

Prostate Massagers For Men

The next category is back-door play.

Prostate milking in itself is a big topic you should educate yourself about.

Just so you know why men do it and why they even want to overcome their misconceptions around anal play..

Read this prostate orgasm experience from a straight man:

“When it hit, it fucking hit.

A wave smashing into my groin, wave after wave smashing over the rest of my body. My skin felt super receptive. I felt every hair follicle on my scalp, and I felt a pressure building again.

I had ended up groaning again, quite loudly, and shot across the room. Multiple volleys of semen flew across the room, managing to hit the opposite wall.

When it was over I was still quivering. Gasping for air and trying not to touch my body. I grazed my nipples and nearly had a seizure. I cleaned myself off after 10 minutes trying to regain my composure. When I stood up I couldn’t walk. My knees were quivering with exhaustion.

It was intense beyond intense. Do try it.”

Source: Reddit

To compare it's like for women experiencing squirting G-spot orgasm for the first time.

Many men and women wonder if squirting orgasms are even real, or its just an invention in adult industry.

But they are real, the same way prostate orgasms are real.

Now…you can massage the prostate using your fingers, but it's quite a tough work.

Having a prostate massager makes the whole experience easier and orgasms faster.

You can just focus on the pleasure instead of logistics.

There are two kinds of prostate toys:

  • prostate massager — this one vibrates and you simply insert it and squeeze your butt muscles to feel the pleasure.
  • prostate stimulator — this is usually a metal toy without vibrations and you operate it with your hand to press the P-spot.

Different men enjoy different kind of stimulation, but most men report reaching fast success with prostate massagers.

The easy, fast and cheap prostate sex toy is this:

PaloQueth Vibrating Prostate Sex Toy ($24.69)

It does the job. It has strong vibrations, it’s not too big and has a remote control.

You’ll get 10 different massage modes to pick from and yeah overall it gets tons of great reviews.

Find it on Amazon here.

For the sex toy that you operate yourself this Njoy metal wand comes the most recommended, but it costs $59.91.

I recommend you start with the cheaper toy…

See if you like prostate play, and then check this prostate massager guide and get a higher quality massager (good ones cost between $100–200).

#3 — Adult Toys For Couples

While all of the mentioned toys can be used together in couples, there are some toys that will be more fun used together… :)

I'm talking about remote control vibrators (vibrating panties), sex swings, cock rings, strap-ons (pegging play) and yeah even penis sleeves.

Remote Control Vibrators (Vibrating Panties)

These are my favorite.

You can use these for a fun public play. Just insert the vibrator in the vagina before going out (clit vibrators generally don't hold well)

Your guy has a remote and he plays with intensity and you both have tons of fun! :)

Pro Tip: It's also tons of fun to insert a butt plug when you're at home (man or woman) and then just walk around with if for few hours. You'll be so horny you won't believe!

Now, good remote control vibrators don't come cheap. Yes, you can find something for $29.99 like this PaloQueath model.

Find it on Amazon.

But for the best experience I really recommend an egg vibrator with remote control (which is your phone)

Lovense Lush 2 Bullet Vibrator ($119)

Most clit vibrators have challenge with them being loud.. You don't want that when you're out in the public.

Because this model is insertable, it’s very quiet.

It’s specially curved to hit the G-spot and the battery last for up to 4 hours with 7 vibration modes.

It has a powerful bluetooth connection and you can control the device via your phone.

Phone is super discreet and you can see the power of vibrations on display all the time.

It works either in 30–45 feet range if you use bluetooth connection…

But it works ANY DISTANCE if you control it through Internet.

Yeah… this means you could ask her to put it in and tease her even if she’s not there.

She can still turn it off if you don’t hit the right time, but you can monitor everything on phone. Pretty neat huh?

Find it on Amazon here.

For the complete tips for remote control vibrator options, check this guide.

Sex Swings

What's special about these is that you can hook them to the ceiling and experience zero gravity hanging pleasure!

It's pretty surreal.

The downside?

Sex swings either require a hook drilled in the ceiling or the more expensive options that hang by itself are more expensive.

The door swings in general are crappy — the doors can break down and it's not a free swinging experience.

Just have sex on the kitchen table than get a door swing.

I recommend this Yoga swing as best choice for most people, but check the full sex swing guide for a thorough explanation.

You'll still need to figure out how to attach it.

There are swings with their own stands, but those cost more.

Yoga Swing For Sex…and err…Yoga! ($58.95)

This swing set comes the highest recommended from Amazon with many positive customer reviews.

The cool thing about this yoga sex swing is that you can safely keep it open and say you are simply using it for yoga purposes.

You don’t have to hide it away.. :)

Find it on Amazon here.

Cock Rings

Cock rings are fun.

You put them over your penis and balls and they restrict the blood flow from going out of penis.

It's perfectly safe, if you do it for no more than 20 minutes.

What you get is girthier, bigger penis than usual. The ultimate hack to penis enlargement!

Some guys who have erectile dysfunction use penis pump to get their penis hard, then put on the cock ring to restrict blood flow going out.

This way they are capable of having a normal sex without using drugs like viagra.

Read the full guide for cock rings if you wanna play more with it, but here's the quick and cheap cock ring you can get started with:

The Screaming O Cock Rings ($6.19)

These are super cheap ones, but come with a ton of great reviews.

Screaming O c rings are stretchy and great to test out the waters. You put them over the balls and penis and enjoy girthy penis.

The material is stretchy so you can always easily remove it.

Find it on Amazon.


Both lesbians and couples can have fun with this one.

Pegging is getting more popular as some women have dark fantasies about fucking their men.

There are even strapless strapons for lady to have pleasure at the same time:

Find it on Amazon here.

But most commonly strap-ons come in two pieces:

  • harness
  • dildo

This is great because with anal play you wouldn't immediately start with the big dildo, you build it up.

So you buy smaller to bigger dildos and increase the experience.

Or alternatively you can use fingers…then butt plugs till you upgrade to full-blown strap-on dildo!

Read the full guide to pegging and strap-on buyers guide, but here's my #1 quick suggestion for beginners:

It's two pieces — harness and dildos.

This is the cheapest quality option available.

Avalon Jock Style Strap On Harness ($20.11)

This is a Jock style harness that has a nice opening on the back.

It is very easy to slip it on and you can use it with a ton of different dildos.

Dildo is not included.

Find it on Amazon.

And these are the 3 piece silicone dildo set ($24.72) that people most recommend buying together with Avalon Harness.

They come in black color too.

Find it on Amazon here.

Penis Sleeves

I’ll quickly mention these too, but read the full guide for more.

They are basically penis extensions and usually guys use them if they are small sized.

This is a great way to cheat, give their wives an exciting bigger pleasure while having the feeling that they are the ones doing the fucking.

Imagine penis sleeves like really thick condoms… :)

Fantasy X-tensions 2-inch Penis Extension ($35.29)

This one uses suction to hold on to your penis and you can even customise it to fit better.

It does look weird and veiny, but works well.

Find it on Amazon.

#4 — BDSM Toys

Okay, here we enter the kinkier part of the sex toys.

Truly here the only limits are your imagination.

The most popular bondage toys and plays are:

  • domination and submission — for these you would get things like spreader bar, ball gags, nipple clamps, collars.
  • bondage play — you only need a rope and bed to tie your rope bunny to. Check out the Shibari rope bondage guide for more.
  • impact play — this is where floggers, whips, paddles come in.

My suggestion is that you start simple.

You start by playful spanking, roleplay and tieing your partner up with simple tie or whatever you've got at home.

Next you can buy some handcuffs, a nice whip or bad looking ball gag or spreader bar.

To be honest the best way to get started with restraint and bondage is simply to try some bed bondage and get basic bed restraint kit like this ($15.99):

Find it on Amazon.

Rekink Spanking Whip($13.95)

This is a surprisingly well made model for the price that gives a nice sting.

While a wooden paddle could be the next step after spanking, this looks more intimidating huh?

Find it on Amazon here.

And finally go even kinkier by giving this Ball Gag a try..

Silicone Ball Gag ($6.99)

The straps to this toy are quite long and you can adjust the gag to fit nicely.

The silicone ball gives a great feel in the mouth and there are no chances of hurting yourself.

This is the perfect beginners BDSM toy to introduce more kinkiness to the bedroom.

Find it on Amazon here.

#5 — The Best Adult Toy Stores & Sex Shops

Talking about adult toy stores, which ones do you trust…?

I do agree that local sex shops nearby are great to test the toys out, get suggestions, BUT…

They are incredibly expensive..! Because these sex shops need to pay for the rent, for the space and employees they simply cannot afford to go cheap.

This is the reason I stopped buying sex toys in physical sex shops.

While some people complain that online you cannot really know for sure if they toy is original or not…

Truth is you don't know it's original even in the real store!

I like buying sex toys on Amazon, despite some people telling cautionary tales.

Thing is that you can always return any toy that smells weird, looks like it's not original or whatever.

Amazon is famous for it's customer support.

So their Sex Toys category is #1 place for me to go to.

Just read the reviews and make informed choices.

The link here.

Then there are trusted brands that you should look out for like:

  • Doc Johnson — the biggest retailer of sex toys
  • Hitachi — best known for it's magic wands
  • Lelo — luxury sex toys
  • Tantus, Tenga, OhMiBod, WeVibe,Pure Romance — men and female sex toys
  • Liberator — a quality sex furniture like wedges, pillows, chairs.
  • Bad Dragon — fantasy type quality dildos

For BDSM type of toys, there is one website you should check out:


You'll find all kind of BDSM type and other extreme sex toys.

Then there are places like Etsy you can look for hand-crafted high quality sex toys.

Then there are huge online stores like:

  • Adam & Eve
  • Jack and Jill Adult
  • EdenFantasys

Other than that SheVibe has a lot of unique, high quality offering:

But yes, I love to stay within Amazon whenever possible, however sometimes they don't store all the toys out there.

Or sometimes adult toys on Amazon are a bit more expensive.

It really helps to know the top sex shops, top brands and then you can simply browse around:

  • check Amazon
  • check the brand's official website
  • check other biggest sex shop stores

Make a decision then.

Depending how much time you have and how much you care about the speed and price, you can adjust how you do the buying.

Bringing It All Together

That's it!

Did I hold my promise?

Do you have a better idea how to shop for adult toys right now?

Do you know which is the first toy you'll get for yourself or your partner?

I thought so!

The truth is sex toys can add tons of novelty and excitement to relationships.

Sex toys can help you reach the most intense orgasms… and best of all — it will come easy.

Outsource the hard work to these toys and just focus on the pleasure, your sensations or your partner…!

Have fun! 🍷