Anal Beads 101: How To Use Them For Soul-Shaking Anal Pleasure

There are tons of different anal sex toys out there…

Because there is as much anal pleasure…

…as there is vaginal, clitoral pleasure…

Thanks to super sexy adult videos with endless beads coming out of the butt… or even pearls… 💠

Anal beads are getting more popular and they definitely have a place in anal play. 🍒

Where do anal beads fit in the whole picture?:

After you're done with this guide you'll know exactly what anal beads are for and how to use them…!

As well as how to pick the best anal beads for YOU — be it vibrating, huge, small, glass, silicone…whatever.

You'll know!

What Are Anal Beads & What Do They Do?

As the name suggests anal beads are used for anal play.

Usually anal beads are made up of several connected beads that grow in size from small to large…to huge… to giant…

The pleasure from beads come from the process of inserting them and then slowly taking them out.

If with the butt plugs you are supposed to just insert them and keep them in and there is that feeling of being filled up.

With anal beads it's about tickling the two anal sphincters that hold the butt closed down.

There are tons of sensitive nerve endings and erectile tissue that enjoys this stimulation.

A note though: Everyone is different.

The reason there are so many different type of sex toys is because everyone orgasms from different things, different positions, different kind of stimulations.

The only way you can find out what you like the most…


It's to try it at least once 👍

How To Use (Insert) Anal Beads?

Okay…maybe not that big to get started with..;D

It's pretty straight-forward:

  • Lubricate both your butt-hole and anal beads.
  • Finger and massage the butthole first.
  • Then slowly push them in, beads are rigid to it will be easy.
  • Just take it slow and wet.

Here are other people anal bead tips:

“Lube and insert. “

“I personally just have them in and wear them for the duration, though I suppose you could do more work with pulling them in and out if you were so inclined…”

Source: she-bert

“Put them in and pull them slowly out as you are cumming.”

“You have you put them in and take them out very slowly and very deliberately.

Or you can go slow and insert one at a time and remove one at a time.

The chains are sometimes made up of different size balls.

If your partner is moaning more, try playing around with +/- 1 ball size to keep them comfortable but “bothered”.”

Source: boyatrest

Oh… and don't forget to go through preparation ritual first:

The preparation for any kind of anal play

  • Get a nice anal lube
  • Take a shower and clean your butt
  • Do what you need to — to relax

#1 — You’ll need a lube.

A butt doesn’t lubricate like vagina would…and saliva just won’t do.

If you wanna dig in deeper in anal lubes and what are the difference, read this guide.

But if you just wanna make a quick choice then I would really recommend Uberlube.

It’s kinda like a water-based lube, but it lasts long and it doesn’t get sticky.

It’s marketed as a high-end luxury lubricant that feels silky.

Tons of people swear on it.

And on Amazon there are 524 positive reviews, hard to argue with that.

Find it on Amazon.

#2 — You want to take a shower before you enter any anal play.

It’s common sense, but simple shower will do — just stick in the finger in butt to make sure it’s clean and you’re good.

Some people recommend enema douching, but that’s too much effort for starting out (but up to you)

#3 — Do whatever you must to relax

Meditate, take a bath, drink a glass of wine…

There are two anal sphincters you need to get past and to get through you gotta be relaxed.

Take it slow, massage around the butthole…

If you’re both clean (tested against sexually transmitted diseases), then you can even eat the ass out… It’s called rimming.

…aaand watch this video so you're completely comfortable with beads:

Tips on How To Pick The Right Anal Beads For You

Okay, now you’re ready for em… 🍒

“DON’T get cheap anal beads. “

“They will break inside you hahahaha.

It happened to me. “

“I would suggest starting with a smaller bead set, no need to start big and kill the experience.

“When you start searching for beads for men the stuff that comes up are massive and ridiculous looking but they do make smaller sets and also progressive beads.”

Source: axle-ace

“I’m not sure if its different for guys as I’m a woman but I LOVE it. Not anal beads, specifically, but ribbed objects.”

“On the size, get at least an inch diameter.

C’mon, your shits are larger than that.

I use a pinecone shaped toy that goes from 1" to 3.5" in diameter and most of the fun is found in seeing if I can get all the way there!”

Source: throwawayASU1styr

“Honestly, I’d recommend trying butt plugs (for guys). “

“They are probably the superior toy for guys.

Enhances both intercourse and masturbating.

Something with a .75 in diameter or so.

Or better, find a training kit with .75, 1.0, and 1.25.

Also buy silicone and expect to pay at least 30 bucks.

Porous materials at best carry odors and at worse harbor bacteria.”

Source: wasabi1787

“My wife and I are big time anal play fans…. Started way back in college when she was 19 and I was 23”

“I think anal beads are more of a novelty.

We really never got into them….

Dildos, butt plugs and cock were much more fun :)”

Source: TheOldGuy54

And now let's move to the beads themselves…

What are the best anal beads?

The ones that don't break…! :)

Seriously, whatever you decide, make sure they are high quality and don't stay in your butt as it can be a challenge to get them out!

#1 — Eden Small Anal Beads ($6.95)

These anal beads are perfect for beginners who are trying them for the first time.

They are made from body safe non porous material, and is 12.75" in length.

Just make sure you get anal lube with it.

Find it on Amazon here.

#2 — Utimi Large Silicone Anal Beads ($9.99)

Now this is something in between the butt plug and finger in size.

Super quality made from 100% medical grade silicone with

As you see there's no chance of anything breaking there!

Find it on Amazon here.

#3 — Giant Black Anal Beads ($27.28)

If you're an experienced anal player and are looking something around the lines of huge…these anal beads fit the description.

Definitely not for beginners!

Use them as the next step from smaller beads.

This Black Baller delivers intense popping sensations as you move them through anal sphincters.

The total size: 17.5" length and 2.65" width of every bead.

Find them on Amazon here.

#4 — Kuuval Vibrating Anal Beads ($25.59)

This is a nice and cheap set (for vibrating sex toy) if you wanna try a truly vibrating experience!

These vibrating beads are made from FDA certified body-safe silicone material.

Great set for beginners as the beads are small in size to start with.

You get a full set of enema bulb, two anal bead sets and a bullet vibrator, that you can use for other things too ;)

There are 10 vibration modes you can choose from.

Find it on Amazon here.

#5 — T-Explorer Glass Anal Beads ($7.30)

Some people just really love how glass sex toys feel.

Now these aren't technically anal beads, but they do mimic the rugged shake and angle and you'll be able to do a lot of pleasurable things with this one.

Find it on Amazon here.

Bringing It All Together

You're well on your way to more anal pleasure!

There's a lot to explore though! For men there are the secrets of intense prostate orgasms… for women, there is anal orgasm

Both of these feel completely different from ordinary orgasms… :)

Cheers! 🍷

Finally…to close it off, read this beautiful story of first time anal sex:

“Anal reminded me of why I love my boyfriend”

“My new boyfriend and I decided to try anal for the first time.

He slid his finger in there slowly and when he started taking it out, the sensation triggered this horrible flashback of the first time I tried anal with my ex.

This ex and I discussed anal and agreed to try it so we started to have sex but mid way through missionary he just slid out his dick and shoved it all the way into my anus.

I’ll tell you right now that this was the absolute worst pain I’ve ever been through and it felt like I was being torn in half.

I pushed him off, curled up and started crying in pain. Instead of comforting me, this ex just started laughing and told me to stop crying.

About 10 seconds later his friend called him so he picked up and started talking to him.

His friend asked him what he was doing and he replied laughing saying that he was inside me.

I stayed with that disgusting pig for way too long but he was the first boyfriend I ever had and left me with some incredibly warped perceptions of what a healthy relationship is and some trauma that just leaves me crying during random times.

When I got that flashback I pushed my (now)boyfriend off and started crying again.

Part of me expected him to get angry with me or laugh at me but to my absolute surprise, he just started cuddling me and rocking me until I calmed down again.

It’s only until I experience what should be normal that i finally realise how truly fucked up and abnormal some things I’ve been through are.

If there is some sort of higher entity out there that made me cross paths with this amazing man, I owe it/them all the bloody gratitude in the world.”

Source: Absolute_Anonymous

That's it folks! 🙌