Analingus 101: Read This If It’s Your First Time Anal Licking

Ass licking…? 🍑

Isn't it gross?🤮

Doesn't it taste shitty? 💩

What about danger?

Analingus can be extremely pleasurable, fun and there are no danger IF you do it right.

But you do need to know some things before and you should definitely not do it with partners you don't know.

But than again you shouldn't have sex or any saliva exchange with new partner.

In this guide you'll learn the basics that you need to know about analingus — the ass licking :)

Here's how the guide is organised:

  • Is there any danger to doing anilingus?
  • How to prepare and do anal licking?
  • The best analingus positions
  • Other people ass licking experiences & tips

Sounds good? 👍

Let's jump in:

Is there a risk to ass licking? Any danger to doing anilingus?

As long as you do it with a safe partner where you both have been tested against STD's — it quite safe indeed.

Just take a shower and enjoy…

Never had any problems…

Here's what other people say:

  • Little to no risk, truly. I have licked my wife’s ass many times, and of late, she does it for me at least once a week. I can’t recall either of us ever getting sick at all.” Source: alittlebirdy1
  • I lick my wife ass every time i give her oral and i have never got sick or bad taste. She is always clean and ready for it so i am happy about that. my wife to enjoys it very much.”
  • No risk, but seriously, have her shower first. Join her if you wish and get that thing nice and clean.” Source: psalyer
  • “My boyfriend eats my ass pretty regularly. He’s either got an iron stomach or it’s not that risky.” Source: MixedBritGirl
  • “I'm a nurse. You can get diseases from from this but i wouldn’t worry if you have good hygiene. I am not married but my boyfriend and i do it. I recommend always doing it after both of you get out of the shower. and i mean right after getting out of the shower. like 4 hours after the shower i probs wouldn’t do it b/c if your partner passes any gas it would make that area not clean anymore (its nothing you would see but it still is not as clean and I personally would recommend for wanting to rim).” Source: cheezypellican

Finally, here's a scientific research on even eating the feces (poop).

Not like you want to eat ones but here we're exploring how dangerous it would be if you accidentally eat some poop.

The final verdict is that as long as there are no intestinal infections, meaning that partner is healthy, there are no issues!

The biggest risk is if you transfer the butt bacteria to the vagina. That can cause infection… like bacterial vaginosis, yeast infection or UTI's.

So ideally if you've been licking her ass, then you shouldn't lick the pussy after that.

You can still finger her or go for classical intercourse action…

You can also use dental dams. Put them over the butt and lick it…then you can immediatelly go to licking pussy.

But it's quite a turnoff and kinda destroys the kinky purpose.

So either brush your teeth or use other items for pussy.

I mean, you can still lick pussy after, but that's quite dangerous.

Find them on Amazon here.

How to prepare and do anal licking?

I guess the first thing is just to be open to idea.

Whether you're a man or woman — there's nothing wrong about enjoying butt play.

It may take some time to open up, but it's easy with a partner you trust.

As for actual preparation, it's basics:

  • take a shower before
  • don't eat anything spicy or that could cause your belly to be upset. (no tacos hah)
  • shave the asshole — yeah, it's tricky to get there, but you're doing it for your partner. It's just always nicer if it's clean back there.

Other than that remember that it's all safe as long as ass bacteria doesn't go in vagina.

Next, you'll learn the best positions…

But know that analingus (or rimming) is only the beginning.

After ass licking there is:

There is such a thing as anal orgasm for women too…! :)

And yes, of course for guys there are even more reasons because they have the male G-spot in the butt… prostate orgasms are real..!

So yeah… if you like anal play… there is so much further to go!

Watch this helpful ass eating video to learn more:

The Best Analingus Positions

Whatever position you choose, it's good to think if possible about gravity.

The only real danger to infections is if butt bacteria gets into vagina.

So technically it's smart to keep anus downhill from the vagina.

For example, in doggy style the liquids from ass will go down to vagina and gravity works against you.

For that reason, my favorite analingus position is her laying on her back (with pillow or wedge under).

Or pull her on the side of the bed.

If she lifts her legs, it will make her butt nicely exposed.

You can start licking pussy and then go to analingus (you cannot go back and forth though…).

It's not recommended to go from butt to pussy.

But you can start with it, and then simply use fingers while licking her ass.

Here are some more analingus position ideas from other people :

  • “I usually position myself behind my wife so I can work my thumb directly on her clit while I feast on her ass. She has reached orgasm with this dual stimulation many many times. She’s loves it, and I love doing it.”
  • “I think it depends in part on her body shape.
    I have a little bit of belly, so I don’t like getting squished up, plus that makes it harder to breathe. 
    A pillow under her hips might work, especially if you like her ass. 
    Personally, I like being bent over a massage table. 
    The table supports my body weight pretty much, and my ass is “presented” in a way that is just such a kinky turn on. 
    My partner came, just looking at me bent over like that, a toy in my ass.” 
  • “I’m a guy but I like 69ing when going to brown-town, what’s better than licking taint while getting sucked off?” 
  • Facesitting
  • “Husband of analingus enjoying wife.
    It depends on how deep I want to go. Just sniffing and licking, she is on her belly with thighs spread, and I bury my face in between the cheeks. 
    If she is up for deep tongue penetration, she gets doggy style in the edge of the bed, and I kneel on the floor next to her. 
    Great penetration and easy on my back.”

Other People Analingus Experiences & Tips

Yep, here's to more stories and common questions answered by real people… :)

Extra perspective than only mine, hope you'll enjoy it:

“I’ve recently done an anilingus to my GF for the first time.”

“And now I’m totally addicted :D

Seriously, guys.

It’s a new world that opened to me.

Even if you cannot (maybe?) make your partner cum this way, there is plenty of interesting things :

  • There are infinite ways to lick that booty. Where the cunnilingus is pretty strict on the method, here, you can freely express yourself, do circles, waves, double rotating dragon, and it’s really enjoyable
  • You can feel the pleasure of your partner trough the anal contractions (and muscles pressures). I personally find this more enjoyable than hips movements because it’s directly the zone you touch that react.
  • It offers a great mechanical management (yeah, technicals terms baby). You can squeeze, press, spread without fearing of touching inappropriate parts (however, try to avoid vagina/clitoris, infection risk) and of course, you can dive into that butt to redeem your loving moaning-money.

Of course, cunnilingus is still important / efficient, but please comrades, do not fear to eat that booty.

I should tell that I often stimulate vagina/clitoris in the same time. Ass-job could be sometime non-efficient when used alone :)

There is so much fun down there ❤”

Source: x000038f

“Me and my long-time girlfriend tried analingus for the first time with unexpected results…”

“Me and my girlfriend, both 21, decided on a passionate love making session last night.

The usual things for foreplay to warm up but then before I knew it I had her with her face down in the pillow and butt in the air, two fingers inside of her and stimulating her clitoris.

I saw her anus staring back at me and just did a long lick up to it from where my fingers started and it drove her mad.

She started shaking like a car on bad gas and told me to keep doing it.

Moments later, I find myself completely tongue deep in her and she’s loving it!

Afterwards, she tells me she came at least 3 times in that position doing what I was doing and thoroughly enjoyed it!

She plans on adding it to our normal repertoire and may even reciprocate(though I’m personally a little self-conscious about it) .

Now I don’t see why is there so much stigma behind doing this?

I mean granted if somebody keeps themselves that clean enough that you would want to do it in the first place.

Especially since we both enjoyed it!”

Source: realbadsexlexia

“My girl gets the most intense orgasms when I stick to anillingus without touching her pussy at all.”

“Here’s the recipe:

  • My tongue focuses only on her anus
  • My hands are all over her body
  • Do that for 15'+
  • Lube up and slide in her ass slowly, balls deep
  • Stay still
  • Explosion!”

Source: PetMySnake

“What's the appeal in ass licking?? I see zero appeal in it.”

“To each their own I guess.

The poo hole? Lol.

Women shower and can wash their ass with a soapy washcloth.

A lot of women (and even men- I’m one of them) use baby/wet wipes after a bowel movement.

So I don’t think most women are walking around with shitty asses all day, in general.

I’m not really into fucking a woman in the ass.
But I LOVE analingus!

I have an ass fetish and LOVE women’s assholes, the way they look, and for me, the darker her asshole is, the better.

I love smelling and licking ass, clean of course, but sweaty and not shower fresh is fine too.

But not dirty, as in bad hygiene.

Hair on a woman’s asshole doesn’t bother me.

I do like it shaven but if she doesn’t want to, no big deal.

There’s only one place on a woman where where I absolutely don’t like hair, and I’m grossed out by it- the legs.

As a leg man, I love smooth shaven/waxed legs.

That’s the only dealbreaker I have with body hair.

Hair doesn’t automatically mean ‘dirty’ or anything.

With good grooming, hair isn’t an issue.”

Source: Anonymous

“Does analingus taste…shitty?”

“Always even when you are not licking an asshole… Hygiene.

Both for you and your partner. I’ve found it to be one of those things you just… do.

In the spur of the moment with a SO… it’s sexy and dirty while also intimate, which I am into.

A freshly washed asshole is advised but feel her out.

Chances are that she wont let you do it if she is a bit backed up and not feeling sexy there… so go for it.

I usually massage my SO’s asshole while doing her doggy to see how she feels and gently slide my thumb in.

If she reaches her hand back when I am massaging the rim… that usually means “Stop, stop… I had tacos.” (or if this is uncharted territory it means “No. I’m not ready for that.”)

If there is nothing on my thumb we are good to go.

This all being done in a sexy manner… not like I’m testing for PH levels with my thumb for um science.”

Source: Anonymous

Bringing It All together

That's it..!

The quick introduction to analingus!

Check back to links or bookmark this page so when you're read for the next level anal play, you know where to look…!

I love butt play and my girlfriend loves too…

But we both had insecurities and it took time to overcome past limiting conditioning.

We all have it. Know it and work with it…

When you do, you'll unlock so much deeper pleasures and your personal and sexual relationships will only improve!

Cheers! 🍷