Ben Wa Balls 101: How To Use Them For Kegels & Sexual Pleasure

Ah…ben wa balls… 👍

They got the big exposure thanks to the 50 Shades of Grey book and movie… 💌

And frankly, because of the movie they set the wrong expectations for most people… 😐

In this guide you will learn what is exactly ben wa balls are, what they do and how to use them.

You'll also learn which are the best ben wa balls and how to pick the right size and weight balls for you.

Here's how this article is organised:

  • What Are Ben Wa Balls?
  • How To Use Ben Wa (or Kegel) Balls
  • What Are The Best Ben Wa Balls Available Out There?
  • How Was The Other People Experience With Ben Wa Balls?

Let's jump in:

What Are Ben Wa Balls?

Ben Wa balls are also referred to as love balls, vagina balls, kegel balls, benoit balls…

No matter how you call them, the use is the size.

The first records of women using them come from Chinese geishas who strengthened their pelvic muscles to become sexual masters.

You'll also hear of these practices referred in Taoist book teachings.

There's not a lot of public information available even to Wikipedia, hence the confusion is big.

Even in fun movies people refer to it as “ben wa technology” which just signifies how misunderstood this topic is.

Ben Wa Balls are small marble, metal, obsidian or special silicon material type of balls that women insert into their vagina.

The goal is to enhance sexual stimulation and strengthen the vaginal muscles in order to reach more intense orgasms.

Usually the ben wa balls with strings attached are used for training purposes.

For sexual stimulation you would insert separate balls (without the string) in the vagina and use them during the intercourse.

Metal or obsidian balls really make for an intense and unique experience.

While some women swear on them, others say they noticed zero effects.

Here are all the uses of ben wa balls:

  • doctors usually recommend them after a child birth or if women have accidental urination problems
  • women used them by themselves to do kegel exercises, tone their vaginas reaching more intense orgasms
  • they can be used as sex toy during sex for unique feelings

How To Use Ben Wa (or Kegel) Balls?

You start by using them as a pleasurable and helpful exercise toy.

Here are the steps:

  • you get the ben-wa balls with a string (best for beginners to easily get them out)
  • wash them and lube them up
  • insert them inside your vagina one at the time.
  • lie down in the bed, open your legs and rock your body from left to right
  • you'll feel a nice tingling sensation as the balls rock back and forth of your vaginal walls

Afterwards you can start walking around with them in the house or even take outdoors.

You can practice strengthening the pelvic floor by doing contractions for 20 mins a day…

Ben Wa Balls are like a gym for your vagina.

They way you do it — you contract the vaginal muscles, hold them for few seconds and release.

Repeat for 20–30x. Then increase the length of contractions and releases.

Watch this video for visual explanation:

There are different size and weight kegel balls you can buy.

The heavier and bigger they are the more you gonna feel them and you'll need to put extra effort to hold them inside.

If you're not feeling anything after inserting the balls and squeezing…

Then you've probably gotten too light or too small ben wa balls.

Even if you don't use ben wa balls as a sex toy, you stick to the kegel exercise for few weeks and you will notice significant difference!

My girlfriend did them…and I noticed it!

I did kegels and I got a lot stronger penis — my erections got stronger and stayed longer. It's amazing.

⚠️ Realise this is a lifelong practice.
Like in a gym — if you stop exercising, you loose your form. It helps to tie the exercise with some trigger event.
For example, maybe you always wear them when putting on makeup? or brushing your teeth?

Women claim to get aroused much easier after wearing ben wa balls and their orgasms are more intense…

There are also vibrating ben wa balls, that do the rocking motion for you…

Those are tons of fun.

What Are The Best Ben Wa Balls Available Out There?

What kind of balls I should get?

They come in different materials and sizes.

If you're starting out I really recommend bigger size, but lighter ben wa balls.

It will be easier to clench on them, but they will be not too heavy.

As for the materials… the safest is medical grade surgical stainless steel.

But 100% silicone, high quality glass coming from a trusted brand is very okay.

After that, it just comes down to preference.

Beginners should get ben wa balls with string, but if you're more advanced you can get bigger obsidian balls.

Because of their size and weight you don't need a string, gravity will do it's work.

Let's take a look at the best options, starting from beginners to advanced:

PaloQueth Ben Wa Balls For Kegel Exercises ($15.99)

This is the best and most affordable option out there.

You can easily upgrade the weights as your pelvic floor gets stronger.

The balls are made from ABS material, harness is made from silicone.

Both of which are nonporous and hypoallergenic — safe to insert in the vagina.

Lelo Luna Beads ($41.47-$57.49)

Lelo is a trusted luxury sex toy brand, known for the highest quality sex toys.

These vaginal beads come highly recommended.

There are three models you can choose from: mini, matte black and regular size.

What's cool about these is that there are balls inside the balls that move as you move which feels nice.

But most importantly you can change them to increase the hardness level and notice difference in 1–2 weeks.

Find them on Amazon.

Kegel Exerciser with The App ($69.90)

If you can afford it this is hands down the most effective way to get stronger vaginal walls fast.

Why? Because app keeps you accountable.

The biggest issue with the balls and exercise is that you need to remember to use them…

The app helps to turn the exercise into the game…! And according to more than 475 positive reviews — it does work.

Find it on Amazon here.

Vibrating Ben Wa Balls With Remote Control ($29.99)

When Christian from 50 shades of Grey asked Anastasia to insert the ben wa balls in her vagina… he should have meant something like this…

It doesn't look that sexy… but these pack a punch!

You can use them as kegel exerciser…but with vibrating sensations and remote control you can really do have some fun public play too!

Vibrating panties 2.0!

Find it on Amazon here.

Titanica Extreme Steel Orgasm Balls ($13.33)

If you are looking for ben wa balls simply from sex toy pleasure standpoint then you are looking at the right balls now.

These are so heavy and big that you'll feel them.

Yes, you can still use them for kegel exercise, but the pleasure comes when these balls rub against the G-spot inside you…

You'll get tired from holding these bad boys and you'll get aroused at the same time.

Just make sure you clean these every time and dry them up to make sure they last longer. Hygiene first.

Find it on Amazon here.

Black Obsidian Gemstone Ben Wa Balls ($19.99)

For advanced users this is the #1 choice.

There is no string, but since they are undrilled balls, it's very easy to maintain and clean them.

They come in two weights:

  • 25mm size and 28 grams
  • 25mm size and 36 grams

Use them both for kegel exercise and during sex… You'll read stories of couple using exactly them during sex.

Find it on Amazon here.

How Was The Other People Experience With Ben Wa Balls?

To make sure you have the right expectations read these stories. You'll learn exactly how other ladies use the balls for maximum effect.

“My wife uses them on the regularly to practice Kegels.”

“They come in varying sizes, with varying degrees of weight.

You can either get them as loose balls, or attached together with a string for easy pull out.

She loves to wear them at work.

They have greatly intensified her orgasms.

Combine them with an anal plug, and I couldn’t beat her back with stick even if I wanted to.”

Source: MightyMilo

“I had a girlfriend a few years back who read about ben wa balls in the first 50 Shades book and she asked me to get her a pair. “

“She lived about an hour away from me, and would put them in before beginning her drive to my house.

She said she loved the vibrations they made while she drove and she would invariably be soaking wet by the time she arrived.

We generally would have sex right away unless she was in the mood for some tease and denial.

Since then, however, I’ve asked at least two other partners about using them, and they both were like, “Been there, done that, meh.”

In short: Worth trying, but your mileage may vary.”

Source: BlisterBox

“I use them and they are really fun.”

“I like wearing them when i’m doing stuff around the house or doing light yoga.

I recommend Lelo’s luna beads ($57.49).

They come in two different sets of weights (2 of each), with a nice little flexible contraption for insertion.

Makes it easy for cleaning too.”

Source: comealongbeautiful

“My advice here is pretty anecdotal. I’m a guy myself, but ben wa balls is a subject that…interests me. A lot.”


These things come in varying shapes and sizes (the kit my wife has, for instance, has several.

It’s an increasing difficulty thing, so to speak because in the beginning it’s easier to learn to get a good grip on something larger that is not very heavy, and eventually you can progress to something smaller with a shape that is harder to get a good grip on.

The general idea is very, very simple.
It’s a heavy-ash object that goes in.
And when you stand up, gravity does it’s thing and it tries to fall out.
To avoid that, you have to clench some muscles to keep it in.

With that, you sort of force yourself to gain muscle strength. But, like any muscle strengthening activity, you can overdo it.

You can tire the muscles to a point where you can’t get a good exercise out of it.

You kind of need to get a feel for how long it’s sensible to keep it up, so that you can comfortably do it at regular intervals and still feel that you are improving over time.

Some say that ten minutes was way too much for their first session, and some say that it wasn’t until after an hour that it got any kind of difficult.

Which proves that you girls are all different and start at a different base level.

Once you get the hang of just comfortably keeping it in there, it’s time for something more advanced.

Standing up. Walking around. Perhaps even running, if it’s sits comfortably when you do.

But, and here is the thing.

Many of them got some pebbles internally that bounce around.

Give a gentle nudge here and there as you move around.

Some women wear their balls more or less all day because that shit feels good.

But the general idea is that the bounce will give a gentle reminder that the ball is still in there.

Tease you into focusing on what you are doing with it, so to speak.

If you want to talk about sexual benefits, it’ll teach you to control some muscles that he will very, very much appreciate that you use on him.

If you learn to control them muscles individually, you’ll even be able to choose how to squeeze him.

Pull him further in. Push him out. That kind of thing. Can feel very, very good if you figure it out.

If you are lucky, you’ll figure out how to use those muscles to nudge yourself internally.

Effectively giving yourself handsfree orgasms.

After your very first training session, that you’ll probably overdo a bit, you’ll be so tired in your muscles that you’ll be less…interactive than usual.

That can be a pretty interesting experience for him to feel what that is like.

I kind of remember what that was like over a decade later, and I sort of know that I will never again experience that since she now has better muscle strength.

After all the others, your muscles will be more warmed up.

More active. More tense.

I’m sure he’ll feel a difference just after you have used them compared to a day when you haven’t.”

Source: enjoyoutdoors

“I’ve been using them regularly as part of my kegel routine, so far I’ve been really satisfied. “

“I have gained a stronger pelvic floor and orgasms seem a bit more intense, because I've learned how to better control my vaginal contractions.

The most amazing use though is as a sex toy!

I use them with my boyfriend, we both love the different feeling it gives us!

I started with a pair of kegel weights to strengthen my muscles down there.

3 weeks ago, I bought the black obsidian ones from this site to use them as a sex toy.

Find them on Amazon.

They’re great if you can manage pulling them out without using a string.

They gave me a hard time getting them out at first, but after a few days of practising I got better ;)”

Source: ruthless_ruth

Bringing It All Together

That's it…!

You've done it..!

Is it know clear how to use ben wa balls both for pleasure and exercise?

I hope so!

Use vibrating ben wa balls with remote control if you want 50 shades of Grey kind of experience…!

Or use them to get stronger vagina and surprise him by intensely clenching his penis while he's fucking you!

It's damn hot…!

They are tons of fun…! :) If your expectations are right…!

Enjoy! 🍷