The Best Anal Lube For Safe & Enjoyable Anal Play (Top 5)


So you are entering the anal sex play and wondering what is the best anal lube?

Either you are a man delving into prostate milking

Or a couple trying out butt plugs or anal beads…

Or maybe just wanting to have anal sex like you see in the movies, but you want a lube to ensure it's not painful…

This guide will help you to answer all the questions.

The truth is for each of these cases you might consider a different lube.

But I'll explain it all.

First of all:

What is the difference between lube and anal lube?

News alert.

There is none.

Just the thing is that if with normal sex you could survive without a lube and use just your own saliva…

With anal sex, lube is not optional.

Butt isn't vagina and it doesn't lubricate naturally.

Plus if it's dry, it's gonna be super painful. Saliva just isn't enough.

You need tons of lube no matter what kind of anal play you are doing.

A lube also decreases the danger of tearing the sensitive tissue in rectum.

What Is The Best Lube For Anal Sex?

This is where it gets tricky.

Because the answer is: IT DEPENDS.

There are three type of lubes to consider for anal:

  • silicone based lube
  • oil based lube
  • water based lube

Let's discuss what are the pros and cons of each one.

But first:

Anal play is the most dangerous of all plays. In the backdoor there are the most germs.

Those germs shouldn't get in vagina.

A rule to remember is that nothing that goes in butt, shouldn't get anywhere close to vagina.

Yeah… porn got us fooled.

The reason I'm saying this is that if you want to be super safe, you should be using a condom during anal sex.

And that condom could affect your lube choice slightly.

There are STD's and STI's other than GIV you can catch and anal is one of the easiest ways to spread them.

With that said, if you are both exclusive and you are 100% sure you'r both clean, you can have anal sex without the condom.

Silicone Based Lubes (My Recommendation)

These are the best for anal play, because it stays slippery for a very long time.

And that's super important in anything butt related ;)

When To Choose Silicone Lube:

  • #1 choice for anything butt related because of it's long-lasting lubrication — apply once, and forget.
  • Safe to use together with any kind of condoms

When To Avoid Silicone Lube:

  • If you're using silicone sex toys, because silicone lube will break down the toy. Anything glass or metal is safe to use with silicone lube. The only exceptions is when the brand clearly states the silicone grade (look for platinum or medical-grade silicone), but if in doubt, just avoid.
  • If you're sensitive to yeast infections, then avoid silicone lube and watch out for glycerin.

The other downside is that silicone lube could mess up your sheets.. and it will take a little while to clean it all up.

But who care about that? ;)

Water Based Lubes

Water based lube is natural and as body friendly as it can get.

In general water-based lubes are the safest option to use anywhere.

There's no danger of any infections, anything breaking down, any incompatibility.

Just when it comes to anal sex… water-based lubes dry up too fast!

When To Choose Water-Based Lube:

  • During intercourse. This is our favorite lube to use whenever it just gets too dry (during penis in vagina sex).
  • When using a silicone based sex toy

When To Avoid Water-Based Lube:

  • NEVER! It's compatible with everything.
  • But it dries up very fast during anal play, making it less than ideal option there. But it's super safe.

Oil Based Lubes

Oil based lubes are the new craze for people.

⚠️ Is coconut oil a safe to use as a lube? Anal or not? ⚠️

Kheh, the coconut oil is being advertised as being great for everything…

Your skin, hair, face, cooking…

But is it safe to use during sex?

Truth is we really don't know. There aren't enough studies to prove if it's good or bad for your body.

I know many people in forums swear on it. And after all, it's easy and cheap to buy it… It's natural and all that good stuff.

It’s up to you decide if it’s worth the risk.

If you use one though, use a virgin, unrefined coconut oil.

Oh, and one thing where it's 100% proved that any oil based lubes (including coconut oil) are not safe with are : latex condoms.

When To Choose Oil-Based Lube?

  • Use them for massages as a great way for a foreplay.
  • If your toys or condoms (lambskin condoms, for example) are compatible with oil lubes are great.

When To Avoid Oil-Based Lubes?

  • Oil lubes break down latex condoms, don't use it with them. They also break non-latex popular Skyn condoms…
  • If you don't like slippery, messy factors of oil

What Are The Best Anal Lubes?

Before answering this question I actually surveyed my readers, scoured the web to find what people have found to be working for them again and again.

#1 — Gun Oil Silicone — 4 oz($21. 22)

This is the hands down most popular option for anything anal related. Use it, enjoy it, just beware of sheets (put towel under).

Find on Amazon.

#2 — Uberlube 50ml ($18)

Now we didn't talk about this lube, because it doesn't really fit in any of the categories…

It's kinda like a water-based lube, but it lasts long and it doesn't get sticky.

It's marketed as a high-end luxury lubricant that feels silky.

Tons of people swear on it.

And on Amazon there are 524 positive reviews, hard to argue with that.

These are the ingredients: Dimethicone, dimethiconal, cyclomethicone, tocopheryl acetate (vitamin e).

Find it on Amazon.

#3 — Swiss Navy 8oz Silicone Lube ($28.18)

Another super high quality silicone lube.

Will never let you down, is travel friendly and has a super nice leak-proof pump making it super nice to use. No waste, no mess. (at least less)

Find it on Amazon.

#4 — Spunk Lube Hybrid, 32 Oz ($45)

Spunk is another hybrid lube (similar to Uberlube) that's gaining high recommendations from users.

It's a mix between water and silicone.

Spunk claims that their lube is 100% safe with all sex toy materials like silicone, latex, glass, metal, rubber and neoprene.

It's also glycerin free (in case you have allergies) and safe for a sensitive skin.

Find it here on Amazon.

#5 — A Virgin, Unrefined Coconut Oil

Well, I explained the studies (the lack of them) regarding safety of coconut oil.

However, tons of people are using it and loving it.

Truth is there is not enough proof to know for sure about safety of coconut oil.

Just don't use it together with latex condoms, but it shouldn't be an issue since non-latex Skyn condoms are pretty much mainstream now too.

Any coconut oil will do, but unrefined, virgin coconut oil will be better.

The good thing with coconut oil is that you can get it in any supermarket.

Find it on Amazon.

Bonus: Anal Sex Tips

If you're the first time considering anal sex or an anal play, check out this video:

I am putting my own anal sex guide together, but till then… check the video! ;)

Bringing It All Together

That's it folks!

Hope it helped to gain some clarity in anal lube market.

It's getting a bit complicated with all the sex toys, allergies, hybrid type of lubes and different kind of condoms.

But you learn it once and you can have fun for the rest of the years ;)

Cheers 👊