The Best Non Latex Condoms in 2019?(Hint: LambSkin Condoms?)

Don't worry, this won't be just a list of condoms you can buy.

It will educate you into the latex free condom market, explain the best options you have if you have any allergies or extra sensitivity (or just distaste of smell) for common latex condoms..

And there will be a ton of real people stories sharing their thoughts and experience to add perspective.

Sounds good? 👊

Let's jump in!

Here's what we're going to cover:

  • What People Recommend As The Best Latex Free Condoms?
  • 3 Best Non-Latex Condom Brands You Should Consider
  • Everything You Need To Know About LambSkin Condoms

Real People Answer:

#1 — “What are Some Good Latex Free Condoms? (That Are Not Too Thick)”


“I don’t even have a latex allergy and I only use Skyn now.

They’re freaking amazing. The only condoms I’ve ever tried where I forget the condom is there.

I’ve been scared and had to check that it was still on cause it felt so real.

They’re legit. I just use the regular ones too, which are thin enough.

I haven’t even tried the “super thin” ones.

I can’t imagine lol.”

Source: carpenterp2017

“For STD protection or contraception?”

“Lambskin are great, they transfer heat and sensation better than any other condom, but they don’t protect you from STDs.

They’re also expensive.”

“Lifestyles Skyn. “

“They’re the best I’ve ever used. They use a material called polyisoprene.”

“The brand Skyn is latex free but can be a little pricey. My ex is allergic to latex and I used Skyn and she was fine.

“Skyn original and skyn elite is all we use and we are not allergic to latex but they are great.”

#2 — “How do polyurethane (non-latex) condoms compare to latex condoms?”

“Polyurethane doesn’t stretch well if I recall correctly. “

“Strangles the penis.

Polyiso is good I think. Whatever lifestyle skyn non-latex is is good.”

Source: zimmer199

“The soft stretching is perfect when standard latex condoms are a bit tight; they accommodate a much wider range of girths than an equivalent latex condom. “

“From my own experience trying the Skyn 56mm version was considerably more comfortable than a 60mm latex equivalent, which was quite tight at the base, leaving a deep red ring where it dug in.

Skyn large seem to be THE go-to condom if you’re a bit wider than average — I know guys in America tend to go for the magnum variants but you kinda need a steely dick to put up with the only modest width of those.

Some guys (definitely me) have a lot more sensitivity to constriction from condoms; when I tried a standard 56mm latex condom it was incredibly painful and I was sore for a day afterwards, yet other guys with actual big dicks (like 6" girths!) seem to be able to wear standard size ones with not much comment.

I’ve concluded that my dick is a pussy…

But Skyn large are perfect and actually feel nice to wear, which is a revelation after trying to wear standard durex in the past and suffering numbness and deflating erections.


If you find standard condoms a bit tight/you’re a little wider than average then the ‘large’ skyn are definitely worth trying,

They’re super stretchy and really comfy!”

Source: Anonymous

“My experience (it’s been a while — hope these types are still on the market):”

“Latex (Durex Feeling Ultra) — my baseline for comparison below:

#1 — Polyurethane Condoms(Pasante Sensiva)

Polyurethane has less stretch, so you need some luck to find ones that fit correctly (Okamoto has smaller ones, the Pasante Sensiva are about the widest I could find where I live and do fit me perfectly).

They are very, very thin and conduct heat better than any other condom tough.

Also, you can use almost any kind of lube with polyurethane, including coconut oil!

Note that previous generation female condoms were also polyurethane but they switched to nitrile for FC2 which is very stimilar.

The FC2 and the Pasante Sensiva are among the best i ever found for me.

#2 — Polyisoprene Condoms (Durex RealFeel, Skyn)

It's basically a synthetic latex.

It does not have the potential allergens and it does not have the smell of latex so that’s a plus.

There’s a difference in heat transfer and amount of sensations you can feel but it’s not drastically different vs a good latex condom like the DFU above.

You cannot use oil-based lubes with these contrary to what some people claim.

#3 — LambSkin Condom (Trojan Naturalamb)

No, doesn’t offer STD protection like the others but for contraception this one is certainly a step above the latex ones.

I even had these imported because they didn’t sell em here.

Sensation is very natural.

They are not as stretchy as latex condoms so again, YMMV depending on how you fit.

Source: throwaway7nDa

“Have used the LambSkin Condoms and they are AWESOME. “

“Tons of sensation compared to most condoms.

No problem with fit, they can be a little awkward because they fit loose but whatever.

Smell however is weird.

The only condom that ever fit me comfortably was Magnum.

Doesn’t fit tight or loose. I wish other condoms fit that well.”

Source: MegaNasty

3 Best Non-Latex Condom Brands You Should Consider

So as you see from people experiences above there are really only a few options out there.

But it's enough.

#1 — Lifestyles SKYN (Non-Latex, Polysioprene) Condoms

As you saw from other people experience, this is the hands down the most popular latex free option.

I loved Skyn in past too though since now I have a regular partner I opt out for lambskin condoms.

There are two great versions of SKYN — ORIGINAL and ELITE.

Lifestyles Skyn Original ($11. 17)

Normal thickness latex free condom that most people like:

Find it on Amazon here.

or Lifestyles Skyn Elite ($7.39)

Pick this if you really want one of the thinnest latex free condom in the market for extra sensations.

Find it on Amazon here.

#2 — Honorary Mention: Trojan Non Latex Bareskin Condoms ($22.97)

Some people swear on these as the thinnest condoms with the most pleasure.

Up to you to try. and check for yourself.

Find it on Amazon.

#3 — Trojan Lambskin Condoms ($28.75 for 10 pieces)

These condoms are really the best and the most natural option if you have a regular partner.

Lambskin condoms don't protect against STD's or HIV so if you only want to prevent pregnancy, they are great.

Otherwise — go for Skyn.

Everything You Need To Know About LambSkin Condoms

Okay, so you've heard of them, you're curious, but wanna know more?

Lambskin condoms are primarily sold for people with a latex allergy.

Lambskin condoms are made from the intestines of a lamb.

Oh, and by the way lambskin condoms were the original condoms men used in medieval times.

The first records of men using condoms come from Rome. So I guess you can say that Romans invented condoms.

The world's oldest condom, dating back to 1640.

The reason why lambskin condoms are so attractive to some people is because they have allergies against latex, polyurethane or even polyisoprene.

I guess the biggest downside is that they dont protect against sexually transmitted infections so they are only great with a regular partner.

But the biggest attraction to lambskin condoms besides allergies?

They just feel the closest thing to wearing nothing at all. So pretty much these condoms could be labeled as the thinnest ones, with the best feel for him and her.

That's exactly what me and my partner are finding out.

If in past we used SKYN, then lambskin was an ultimate upgrade.

Now I don't even feel a temptation of slipping my penis in without anything.

Finally… they are biodegradable, so that makes them kinda environmentally friendly. But killing lambs to make those condoms, isn't friendly at all kheh.

What are the downsides?

I guess it depends on you — maybe you won't like the smell, don't like that they don't stretch as much or maybe you don't like how it looks…

Hell, there are glow in dark condoms if you care about that stuff! :)

What other people say about lambskin condoms?

Here's a good video review:

“They transmit sensation very well but they don’t stretch at all so they have to be made bigger and that makes them kind of crinkly.

Also they smell very weird.”

“Sex with lambskin intestines were very common in the Middle East and were made popular in the West when they took the intestines out of the sheep to make condoms out of them.”

“When I was using condoms with my ex wife before my vasectomy I used them exclusively as there was a lot more sensation. “

“People are correct that they are made larger.

I am 6" and average girth and they are large and had to be careful to hold them when pulling out.

They also have an unusual smell. They also were very pricey.

If you are positive of no STDs I would highly recommend them.”

Source: gspotman64

“Was a time we used them exclusively with first wife. “

“They definitely feel better in use than any regular condom I ever tried, and we tried a lot trying to find one we both liked.

However, they are expensive, and have gotten more so over the years since.”

Source: jaxjeager

“They smell a little funky, but they’re the best option for condoms (if you’re std free). “

“They don’t dry my vagina out and they transmit heat better.”

“Latex vs. Lambskin Condoms (How does it Feel and compare?)”

“Lambskin feels a lot better. But the smell is.. interesting!

There’s also polyurethane condoms out there.

A lot of people are allergic to latex and lambskin weirds some people out so they’re a great alternative.”

“I feel sorry for the guys who can’t use lambskin condoms”

“A couple of weeks ago my girlfriend's roommate asked her if she had any condoms since he had a girl coming over.

So she gave him a couple of my lambskin condoms since we rarely use them anymore (We use them if we don’t feel like cleaning up a mess).

She told him as long as the girl is clean(these condoms don’t stop STIs), these are the best since the heat transfer and feel is as close as you can get bareback.

I have to agree with her too.

The next day he told both of us that it felt awesome at first, but the tightness of the condom ended up killing his erection and the girl left.

I felt so bad for the guy. So, just some sympathy for you guys who will never get experience the greatness of lambskin condoms.

What about the smell?

They smell like a lot like sausage casings. I have made a ton of sausage before so the smell didn’t really stand out.

But my girl didn’t care for the smell.

There was no way she was going to put her mouth anywhere near my dick after wearing one of those unless I showered.

I on the other hand went down on her to finish her off after I finished and the taste was a bit sweet, but nothing off putting.

She even told me I didn’t have to, but being a chef I have tasted and smelled some pretty bad items.

These condoms don’t come close to some of the cheeses I’ve tried as far as a bad smell or taste.”

“So um…when are companies going to make latex-free condoms in big custom sizes?”

Unfortunately if you have a bigger than average penis, you're pretty much out of options, because the market isn't big enough.

So only latex…or female condoms kheh.:

“One of the biggest problems I’ve always had with contraceptives is condom sizing. “

I know it’s a big topic of discussion here and there are various solutions, but, it’s still a problem for dudes like me with latex allergies.

The very first condom I ever tried was a Trojan Supra, and being the naive virgin I was at that time losing my virginity, thought the condom was supposed to be that tight around my erect size.

It hurt so much, I couldn’t even keep my erection.

It literally exploded upon orgasm and well…it was my first lesson in the various condom sizes.

The discovery of Skyn Large was great several years ago, and they’re fine some of the time, but I’ve always had a problem with getting condoms on, being restrictive and not allowing me to maintain true hardness (as opposed to bareback or masturbation), losing sensation during sex due to circulation being cut off, the dreaded post sex ring on your junk afterward, and condoms borderline tearing/about to break.

Every single website that offers sizing alternatives like MySize and TheyFit mention “they’re looking into creating a latex alternative” in their FAQs, but those sections have been up there for years, so it’s likely not a priority or not a big enough market to warrant expansion.

So what is going to become of the condom industry and latex-free condoms?

Almost all medically related items are now latex-free due to the allergy being very common, and Durex seems able to produce their Skyn condoms at a competitive (sometimes lower) price than their latex competitors.

So what gives? When are companies going to adapt to this? Hasn’t latex’s popularity been on the downturn lately since a lot of people without latex allergies started discovering brands like Skyn?

And what the hell happened to One’s purchase of MySize and it coming stateside?

They hyped the hell out of that being the new dawn of sizing in America and they’ve missed all of their promised release windows?

I have used female condoms FC2’s and they’re not bad, but they are an awful hassle to get in on short notice and not entirely practical.

If my lady is planning something, she does it well in advance, but it’s not quite the same as regular condom sex, does get pulled out a bit (with or without the ring) and requires a ton of lube.

There’s too many things that it requires and too many moving parts to make it an ideal choice for sex.

It’s fun once in a while, but it’s when we want to switch things up.”

Source: YoungFLDude

Bringing It All Together


I hope this answers you the question of what are the best latex free condom options available out there.

Great options are few, but it's more than enough.

If you just skimmed then yeah — one answer is just use Skyn Lifestyles.

Happy love-making 👊