The Best Prostate Massager? Aneros? Lelo? Njoy? Nexus? Lovense?

That's the question. 💀

What's the best one for you? 🐼

You know that you like prostate massage, but you also know that fingers get tired and it's not too comfortable.

You wanna buy a good prostate toy, but don't want to make mistake and waste money. 👎

I got you.

I've tried tons of them, I've talked to people and condensed all the best advice in this guide.

Whether you're a beginner, intermediate or advanced in prostate milking, you'll find the best prostate massager for you here, I promise.

Here's how the article is organised:

  • The Best Cheap & Beginner Friendly Prostate Massagers
  • The Best Intermediate, Mid-Price Range Prostate Massagers
  • The Pro & Highest Quality Prostate Massager
  • Other Men Share Their Prostate Massage Experiences & Best Tips

Oh…and remember that you need the anal lube for the milking (it's not optional here).

The Best Anal Lube:

  • If you use your fingers or metal, glass prostate toy, you can use Pjur Silicone Anal Glide. Silicone is the thickest and last the longest. But if you have silicone prostate massager you cannot use it.
  • The safest options for everything sex related is Water-Based lube, I like Passion Lubes in the big container. If in doubt, just get water-based lube and you're safe.

Oh, and before I forget:

🤩 Bonus For You:

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Alright, let's jump into best prostate massagers:

The Best Cheap & Beginner Friendly Prostate Massagers

#1 — Pipedream Icicles No 46 Prostate Massager ($15.20)

This glass massager is affordable and high quality, beginner friendly option.

Glass material makes it really easy to insert even for first-timer and you can use it with the most slippery, longest lasting silicone lube.

A strong combo. After usage you can easily clean and disinfect by simply boiling it or throwing in the dishwasher.

So easy usage and maintenance. Pretty unbeatable.

The only bad reports from other men have been that handle sometimes breaks down if you drop it accidentally on the floor.

It's glass after all.

Find it on Amazon here.

#2 — Aneros Prostate Massagers

Aneros are the first ones to ever create prostate massagers, so they definitely know what they are doing.

They are also known right now as the most beginner friendly option since they offer a wide range of smaller massagers.

The cool thing about these is that they are meant to be used hands free.

Meaning you insert the massager and then just contract your butt muscles, kegels to get the pleasure.

There are three main product Aneros lines that you should know about:

  • Syn models are the smallest massagers, made from silicone and the handle helps with angling.
  • Trident models are made from high-quality harder type of plastic and they can be used together with silicone lube.
  • Progasm models are the biggest size massagers for pro users. These are made from hard plastic and some kind of glass material alternative. But the good news is that they can be used together with silicone slippery lube.

The highest recommended Aneros massager for beginners is Aneros Syn Trident ($69.95) that recently came out as next gen version to Aneros Helix Syn.

Find it here on Amazon.

#3 — PaloQueth Vibrating Prostate Sex Toy ($24.69)

Now, if you want to have a vibrating prostate massager, but don't wanna pay a lot, this is the cheapest option you'll find.

It does the job. It has strong vibrations, it's not too big and has a remote control.

You'll get 10 different massage modes to pick from and yeah overall it gets tons of great reviews.

Find it on Amazon here.

The Best Intermediate, Mid-Price Range Prostate Massagers

Alright, let's move to the mid-range prostate massagers.

#4— Njoy Fun Wand Prostate Toy ($59.91)

Now this toy is one that is a multi-purpose.

You can use both for men and women. Pretty handy, huh?

While one end is designed to stimulate the prostate , the other side consists of anal beads moving in the sizes from 0.75" to 1".

You wouldn't use them at the same time, probably, but it's nice to explore anal together huh?

It's made from stainless steel so you can use it with silicone lube and it's easy to sanitise it.

Find it on Amazon here.

Couples also frequently buy these three toys together:

  • Njoy Pure Plug — which is a high end version of Icicles (since it's metal and cannot break)
  • and Njoy Pure G spot Metal Wand (which comes the most recommended if you wanna give woman squirting G-spot orgasms).

#5 — Lovense Edge Vibrating Prostate Massager ($119)

Lovense Edge is similar to Lelo Hugo, Bruno or Loki, but there are some unique features.

What Lovense Edge is most known is for their remote control which allow the toy to be controlled via your phone.

Just keep in mind, that this model is quite big and Lelo Hugo is better for beginners.

But the #1 reason what makes Lovense unique is that it has adjustable prostate arm. Like if you read other prostate massager reviews, you'll hear complaints like: Oh it's too small, or too big… or just doesn't hit my P-spot as good as manual toy would.

Here you can customise it to your P-spot and the price is cheaper than Lelo high-end models, which we'll cover soon.

Find on Amazon.

The Pro & Highest Quality Prostate Massagers

Yep…enter the high end… the best stuff…

The prostate massagers you buy once and have pleasure for a loong time. I actually have got an amazing reader story about his Lelo Hugo experience.

It's pretty inspiringly intense, if I must say so myself.

#6 — Lelo Hugo Vibrating Prostate Massager ($201.32)

First of all Lelo products look beautiful and they work well.

The user interface is simple: there is one button to press to make it work. Pressing it again moves it through it's six vibrating modes.

It's made from silicone and Lelo promotes it as the most powerful remote control vibrating prostate massager in the world.

The greatest thing about Lelo is the SenseMotion wireless control.

And their official intro video.

Sensemotion allows you to gradually raise the vibrations by tilting the toy.

Then another mode makes vibrations harder the more you shake the controller which is great since controller imitates the massager vibration strength.

It's super intuitive.

And yes, you could give the controller to your partner and be at his mercy.. :)

Find it here on Amazon.

#7 — Nexus Revo 2 Rotating Silicone Prostate Massager ($200)

Now this is another great model that has tons of features and is great to use in public, in couple play, because of it's nice remote control.

It comes with 6 powerful vibration modes and is USB rechargeable.

Their wireless control is super strong and will work from even 30 feet.

As title says it's made of silicone and it just hits that P-spot well.

Find it on Amazon here.

#8 — Lelo Loki Wave Vibrating Prostate Massager ($151)

Lastly, here's something even more fun…

Lelo Loki has implemented their WaveMotion technology in prostate massager.

It's based on model for women that's famous for hitting the G-spot just right.

And while some men enjoy vibrating sensations or do it manually…

This is the closest thing to having a relentless finger stimulate that P-spot in come hither motion.

Check their intro video ;)

Just know that it's pretty big in size, that's why I kept it for last.

And yes, if you've wondered you could use this successfully to stimulate woman's G-spot as well. Just take care of hygiene and have fun.

There are 10 different vibrating modes, Loki is made from silicone, its waterproof and USB rechargeable.

Have fun.

Find it here on Amazon.

Other Men Share Their Prostate Massage Experiences & Best Tips

And at least, here are 2 really intense prostate orgasm stories from real men…

To get you inspired to get going and understand what kind of pleasure awaits you…! ;)

#1 — I Just Had My First Prostate Orgasm (Twice!)

“As the title says, I just reached heaven not 20 minutes ago.

My god.

I am in complete just… bliss.

I’m still feeling the effects.

Not even going to use a throwaway for this, because for those who have/are struggling, you need to know this is coming from a legit person.

My body is still tingling. This is incredible.

I’ve been trying to achieve a prostate orgasm for roughly 7 months now.

It’s been off and on play, not really knowing what I’m doing to educating myself more and finding out what worked for me.

I started with a finger, graduated to a drum stick, and then said ‘fuck it’ and bought a Lelo Hugo.

Find it here on Amazon.

For the past two weeks or so, I’ve been using it almost every day, without much success, until now.

It started much earlier today, using my Hugo.

I’d gotten to the point where I had felt my prostate kind of pulsating with the vibrations, elevating my heart rate, even getting a bit of a ‘fuzzy’ feeling in my head, so I knew I was moving in the right direction based off of what I had read.

As fate would have it, my session was interrupted by something of big importance, so I had to stop about 40 minutes in to take of it.

That situation turned out to be one of the happiest moments I can remember having in a long time, just absolutely over the moon about everything in life.

I took a roughly two hour break to handle everything, and man was I just high on life at that point!

I knew in the back of my head that this wonderful news would turn in to something with the Hugo, so I did what any self-respecting man would: got naked and shoved something up my ass.

I started off with a very low speed, waiting to feel my prostate pulsate at a light pressure, gradually building up its speed and tension, continuously bringing the speed of the Hugo up every few minutes (I had charged it back up during the break).

Within roughly 15–20, my breathing started to become faster, deeper, and more intense.

My prostate was pulsing very strongly and very quickly, and my hips started to shake a bit on their own.

I started dialing in on this, and started feeling a building pressure within my prostate.

That’s when the dizziness and light-headed sensation hit me and hit me hard, or so I thought.

I started losing control of my entire body, the fuzziness filling my entire body, from my head to my chest to my fingertips to my thighs to my toes.

My hands tensed up like claws, my toes curled, my thigh muscles squeezing tightly, my lower abdomen taught with tension, and my prostate filled with pressure as I raised the intensity of the Hugo even further.

I was screaming out loud, biting a pillow as to not disturb my neighbors, my entire body filled with this sensation of tightness yet release, my eyes closed seeing stars.

This was the first full body prostate orgasm I experienced.

This lasted about five or so minutes, without exaggeration or embellishment.

It eventually subsided, with my hands still experiencing the fuzzies, but not nearly as tight or tense.

I brought the vibration back down a couple of levels, and immediately my prostate was throbbing harder than it ever had.

This ‘valley’ lasted about another five minutes. I was still reeling from what I had just experienced.

My breathing started picking up again, and my light-headed sensation began to return, and this time I knew what I was in for, or so I thought.

Again, the tightness, the pressure, the seeing stars, the fuzziness, only this time my face feels like a million individual strands of fiber and intensity.

I clench ever so slightly, raise the intensity to max, and I lose it completely.

I can feel the vibrations and pulses in my throat.

My entire body tenses and convulses, no control of my body to be had.

I feel wave after wave of pleasure build up and escape my pubic region, cascading over and over throughout my body.

The pillow isn’t stopping my screams, but I don’t care.

In fact, I don’t know anything at this point, everything is black and stars as my body is exploding in a way I never realized possible.

This too eventually subsides, and I’m back down to a valley. As I start to feel a third orgasm building up, my Hugo dies, and I’m left panting and sweating, laying there unable to move.


Everything you’ve read about the seeing stars and it literally being a full body experience?

The weak knees, almost unable to walk and hold yourself up?

I will testify in a court room in front of jury of my peers about the validity of this.
Holy. Fucking. Shit.

For my lube, I was using Wet Natural with Aloe Vera.

nd a metric fuckton of it. If you’re lubing up, and think you’ve done more than enough, do even more.

The Hugo was practically sliding out of me at the start of the session, and I truly think this made a huge impact on the results I had.

First timers: you are not ready for this.

This isn’t derogatory or anything like that, but you are not ready for this.

You have never experienced something like this before, and it will rock your fucking world, I absolutely and unequivocally promise you.

This isn’t localized pleasure, even after edging up after all day of jerking it and holding off for a very intense orgasm. This is your entire body, and you have absolutely no control over the ride you’re on once you let it happen like that.

This will bring you to a new level of existence, it’s the goddamn Super Saiyan of orgasms.

It is the alpha and the omega, and you will question every life choice before that moment of having one.

Some final takeaways:

“I would have never have had this happen without a true and proper toy.”

I’ve seen a few posts with people saying ‘well XYZ isn’t in the budget’.

A thing you shove up your ass is rarely ever in the budget.

Don’t get one if it’s going to hurt you financially, wait until you have some disposable income to burn, but a toy is absolutely a must for solo play.

Don’t become frustrated over non-results.

You’re redoing your entire mindset when it comes to sexual pleasure, it will take a significant amount of time to adjust it if the thought hasn’t crossed your mind before.

Eventually you will achieve results, and it will culminate in to what you’ve been seeking.

Lube is so goddamn important.

Your butthole is thirsty and will drink it up like a marathon runner who just finished a run in the Mohave desert.

You need enough to shove a walrus in a golf hole, and then more. Do not skimp at all on this. Water-based is your friend.

Things that worked for me may not work for you, and that’s okay. Don’t be afraid to experiment and try new things.

At this point my only regret is that the Hugo doesn’t have a car battery attached to it, or else I’d still be reeling right now.

Some people don’t do vibrations, some don’t feel comfortable feeling that full, it’s all dependent on you, so you need to find what brings out results for you personally.

Consistent breathing is a huge factor as well. Start with slow, deep relaxing breaths, and keep it as consistent as you can.

Eventually you’re going to start huffing and puffing like the big bad wolf. Just remember to keep it consistent.

If you find yourself vocalizing, then do it. Embrace that shit.

Don’t let it distract you and throw you off your game, I found that it means you’re definitely doing something right.

Thanks for this sub for helping me get that big O and realize what I’d been missing out on. I’m sorely tempted to go for round three after my Hugo is done charging.

#12— “My Insane Routine & The Hour Long Orgasms That Come With It”

“Well I’ve got a bit to unpack here.

I have a HUGE routine I go through before I start so I’ll go ahead and just list off everything I use first, and then how I use it after:

  • Durex massage and play water based gel lube
  • A couple of firm couch cushions
  • A bed and pillow for my head
  • A towel
  • A THC vape cartridge & pen. (Essentially they’re e-cigs but for pot which makes them super convenient and they don’t really have an odor so you can just grab that thing mid session if you really like how your prostate interacts with pot)
  • A shower hose for “clearing out” (Honestly I think this is the last thing I “added” to my routine before having my first prostate orgasm, I think it makes a HUGE difference and if you don’t have a shower hose you can use a regular enema kit from CVS or Walgreen’s for like $4, just means you’ve gotta spend a little more time in the shower)
  • Samsung Galaxy S6 (Any smart phone would do though, better resolution is better though!)
  • A VR headset. (I found a $10 one at Walmart and bought it originally on impulse and, well, it’s the best impulsive decision I’ve ever made, since then I’ve bought a Gear VR headset because they were on clearance for $25. I’d say there’s a noticeable difference but not one that’s worth paying full price on the Gear for)
  • A VR controller. (They’re really just little bluetooth remotes, $5 tops at a Walmart)
  • Ear cupping headphones (I use a Razer Man’o’war but any cupping headphones would work for me)
  • And to top it all off, my Aneros Vice (although I’m saving a little bit of side money for a Lelo Hugo which’ll hopefully be even crazier somehow)
  • (Also possibly a small flashlight)

First thing I usually do is go and shower and clear everything out of the backdoor. Here’s a good guide on it.

It’s not fun, it’s not pretty but when you know what’s coming next you get the fuck over it pretty quickly lol. After that I make sure my phone is charged and using a damp rag or some slightly wet toilet paper I get rid of all of the grease and smudges on the phone.

I then plug my headphones into my phone, go to the pornhub app (I don’t know if this is an option for iPhone users, sorry) and pull up a video to test run it for just a second (I also connect the bluetooth controller at this point as well).

After that I put the phone into the VR headset, close it and leave it be for a minute.

The next thing I do is get everything out and line it up on my bed. First thing is to put down a towel, botching it up a little under where I’m going to put my ass.

Then I use two firm couch cushions on either side to rest my legs against so I can keep my knees half closed and pointed up while still being able to relax them.

The next thing I do is make sure there is almost 0 light in my room aside from a small remote charger that happens to have a flashlight on it.

I turn on the little flashlight and hop into my bed, trying to get one asscheek on each pillow so that the bottom of my ass is spread a little to prevent the K-tab of the Vice from getting stuck between my cheeks.

(I don’t have huge glutes but it doesn’t take much to get in the way).

I then try to find a decent position for my head (actual head).

I find that I personally like to be slightly up and in sort of a half seated position (similar to how you’d sit if you slouch all the way down into a movie theatre chair) but I think this is mostly preference and it can vary from day to day.

Then I put my headphones around my neck and rest the VR headset on my forehead.

I then lube up my vice and put her in.

With regards to inserting I’d say experiment a little and do whatever is comfortable for you.

For me personally I’ve just gotten used to being able to relax enough that it’s not too much of an issue, but when I first started I definitely preferred to raise one leg, insert, and then put that leg back.

Now the fun stuff starts.

The Aneros Vice is a vibrating massager that I’d recommend to anyone who’s got a bit of experience but is looking for that one thing to push them over the edge, that said, use what you like but I’d definitely recommend something that vibrates, for me it’s exactly what I needed.

Find Aneros Vice on Amazon.

The reason I mention it is if it’s off and I try to I can kind of pretend it’s not there by keeping it off of my prostate with some work in the back.

Now I make sure it’s as dark as possible in the room, I grab my little THC pen and just get stoned as hell.

The more stoned imho, the better.

After waiting for a few minutes for the THC to kick in, and for my ass to relax with the vice in, I grab my controller, drop down the headset and put on the headphones.

Now the amazing thing (omg I love you so much pornhub) about the pornhub app is that it gives you the option to play a normal pornhub video but in VR.

It’s hard to describe, but basically you can hit a button that then in VR puts up the video playing in a particular location.

You can adjust the location by adjusting your orientation. It makes more sense if you have the app, sorry I’m explaining that like shit.

But the biggest thing about it is that when it’s playing it’s the ONLY thing you see with the headset on.

I personally could never get off by watching porn with a massager in because you still see everything around you, whether it be with your phone on the bed, or you see monitors, whatever the deal is, this is the only way I know of to be able to only introduce stimulus that is there to turn you on.

From there I turn on my Vice and proceed to have the time of my life for the next 2–4 hours.

Now I know that seems like an INSANE amount of work to do, and there’s no way I’m going to try to deny that.

However, I’ll just use last night as an example of why it’s all WAYYY beyond worth it.

I started prepping everything at 2:00 and had everything ready to go by 2:10.

After 5 minutes psyching myself up (it’s really intense so sometimes you wig yourself out).

I started getting in bed and putting things in place. I was watching porn and letting my Vice do her thing no later than 2:20.

I had my first orgasm at 2:30 but it was pretty light, as the first one usually involves getting an erection and it just feels generally different than the rest.

(Not that it’s bad, it’s still fucking amazing, just not as crazy as the others) I then continued playing around (lots of flexing/maneuvering/doing whatever feels good) until a bit before 2:50 when I had a super o.

It lasted for an HOUR STRAIGHT.

And let me be very clear on this, 10 seconds of a super o is still thousands of times more intense than 10 seconds of a penile orgasm, only instead of it only lasting 10 seconds, IT LASTED AN ENTIRE HOUR.

I finally caught my breath a little before 4 and proceeded to try and reset a little.

I took my Vice out, got some water and was back at it at 4:10.

Then had a few squirting orgasms (that’s a whole different bag of worms though right there though) and had a second HOUR LONG orgasm around 4:40 until just before 6. (needless to say I work evenings)”

Source: Anonymous

Bringing It All Together

Before you leave:

🤩 Bonus For You:

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With this handy guide you’ll know exactly how far in the O journey you are & how to get to the next stage.

Consider it your fast track cheatsheet.

Get the infographic

That's it folks!

I hope you enjoyed this read… and just in case you wanna learn more about actual prostate milking steps, make sure you check my detailed guide on that.

But yeah, just pick one and let the fun begin ;) 👊