16 Of The Best Bomber Jackets for Men in 2019 (Unbiased Review)

Bomber jackets. 💪

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Are they cool or what? 🦁

You've seen all those nice bomber jackets on movies or TV series and are wondering how do you find a cool bomber jacket for yourself?

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That's how:

Originally bomber jackets were worn by fighter pilots who wore leather bomber jackets during the World War II to stay warm in high altitudes.

As bomber jackets evolved they started to come also in wool, cotton, or nylon to protect pilots from wind and rain, not only colds.

You can read the full flight jacket history on Wikipedia here if you're curious.

Now you'll see bomber jackets worn by famous guys like Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, Kanye West and more.

They are also very popular amongst women.

You cannot really go wrong with a bomber jacket as they are casual, minimal and never go out of style

The only challenge is to pick the right one that fits your needs, wallet, and style.

But not to worry.

I've done the research so you don't need to.

I've researched the most popular and recommended bomber jackets for men and put them all in one place.

This bomber jacket guide is separated in 5 parts, based on the price:

  • Below $50
  • $50 to $100
  • $100 to $200
  • $200 to $300
  • Above $300

You Get What You Pay For

Just know, you get what you pay for. Yeah, you can get a steal deal sometimes, but more commonly than not — $100-$200 high quality material bomber jacket will last you much longer than $50.

And if you pay anything between $200 and above you can be sure that you'll not see the other guy wearing the same jacket on every corner (as would happen with below $50 jackets).

What to look out for when choosing your perfect pilot jacket?

If I could give few tips those would be…

#1 — Only buy the bomber jacket that you LOVE!

If you only like it, don't waste your money. Chances are that jacket will just end up sitting in your closet, rarely worn.

I learned it after many shopping sprees where I bought stuff just because it was discounted or I simply wanted to get more done in less time.

I always regretted the purchases I only liked.

#2 — Look for quality zippers, quality materials

That's why leather is always a safe choice — leather jacket costs more, but it's a quality material that will last for years.

Watch out for imitated leather, cheap materials, cheap plastic zippers.

That's why I always look out for reviews from people who've done purchases before. That's the great thing about Amazon — their review system is impeccable!

#3 — Make sure you get the size right!

Every company usually has a little different sizing.

Yeah, you can always send it back if you purchase online, but frankly it's better to do a good prep work before and you will save time in the long run!

Make sure you check the reviews and have flexible measuring tape to get your latest, precise measurements off.

So often the jacket is actually great looking and great quality, but because you didn't get the size right, it ends up looking crappy.

Oh and check this video on styling advice for men, before you even jump into the shopping mood:

With introductions and precautions out of the way…

Let's jump in? ;)

Best Bomber Jackets Below $50

Now you must know that you won't get the best quality materials here.

But you can definitely get the perception of quality, which in the beginning is good enough.

Watch out for metal zippers and the right sizing.

I know tons of guys like H&M bombers as they are cheap and in reasonably good quality, but I'm not a big fan.

For no-name jackets, there are even cheaper, better options on Amazon… ;)

SandBank Black / Red / Green / Blue Bomber Jacket ($19.91–28.91)

It's hard to find anything that looks this good and is that cheap.

Personally I love all the different colors, especially the Wine Red jacket version.

It's a slim fit, light jacket that will look great for a casual wear during warm spring or autumn evenings.

Zippers are metal, fabric is 100% cotton and lining is 100% polyester.

Get a bigger size with this as you usually would wear as this jacket runs small.

It will also be perfect if you like rolling up the sleeves.

It does look good, and materials are great for the price.

Find it on Amazon here.

Pengfei Spring Bomber Jacket ($13.99 — $41.99)

This is another lightweight bomber jacket great for the price.

It comes in black, army green, blue and red colors.

Just keep in mind that the jacked is thin, so you do need a sweatshirt underneath if it's cold, and that pockets are small.

Oh, and for the size — get a little bigger size as usual because this jacket runs small.

Even if material is 100% polyester, it feels like high quality material.

Find it on Amazon here.

Dockers Men's Nylon (Black & Blue) Bomber Jacket ($22.40–44.99)

This is a bit different look jacket with two double breast pockets and it will feel quite warm.

Oh and there's also an inside pocket.

The fit will be as described, so get your right size.

The material is 100% nylon, which will protect good against rain.

Find it on Amazon here.

Lifone Sporty Red Bomber Jacket ($29.99)

If you care more about looks than practicality than this jacket will be a great choice.

It looks really cool and fits right with their sizing as expected.

The materials are 95% polyester, 5% spandex.

Just know that this jacket will be good windbreaker, but other than that it doesn't breathe very well.

Yet a great quality for the price.

Find it on Amazon here.

Nantersan Blue Bomber Jacket ($29.50–39.99)

If you're looking for sporty slim jacket, this one looks clean and minimal and will keep you worm in cooler, windy weather.

It has a nice inside pocket, sleeves fit just right, no brand logos, and it feels solid quality.

The downsides are plastic zippers and that elbows, forearms feel a bit baggier than it looks in picture.

Find it on Amazon.

The Best Bomber Jackets For $50 to $100

While the sweet spot for quality jackets in my opinion is around $100–$150 range, you'll get semi-longevity bomber jackets here.

I would recommend looking for lighter jackets here as they would be higher quality.

Anything that's baggier, made for rougher weather will be averagely made as it's simply impossible to make it well for this price.

Levi's MA-1 Black/Blue/Brown Bomber Jacket ($61.53-$74.80)

This jacket will be perfect wind breaker and does well on intermediate hot/cold type of weather.

It's a basic, minimal jacket that looks classical, has two side pockets, interior pocket and a quality metal zipper.

The fit is pretty slim, and the size is as expected. A quality medium price jacket.

Find it on amazon here.

Black GoodThreads Men's Bomber Jacket ($50–$63)

It comes in four colors black, grey, blue and olive.

This is a high quality for the price jacket which comes with metal zippers (huge pro) and it looks slim on the body.

Material is 100% polyster, but it feels like nylon.

It's gonna be warm enough to wear for 50–60 degrees, but also it's not too thick so will feel good indoors as well.

The only thing you gotta be careful is the sizing, check the reviews and get a bit bigger than usual size.

Find it on Amazon here.

Rothco MA-1 Bomber Jacket ($39.99–87.99)

This Rothco model looks like it's a cheaper imitation from Alpha Industries model you'll see below in $100–200 range items.

It comes in 8 different colors, and you can wear it on both sides (if you like flashy orange & be noticed).

Both women and men love this bomber jacket and it is one of the best selling Amazon items.

It's a perfect middle ground between buying high quality jacket vs cheap knock-off versions.

Jacket is very warm, a bit buggy and will protect against challenging weather (hint: winter).

Find it on Amazon here.

Calvin Klein Wool Bomber Jacket ($97)

If you want to go for a quality stylish, yet minimal bomber jacket, check out this Calvin Klein.

The wool will make sure it's a warm on your body, the quilted lining looks great and jacket fits amazingly.

A beautiful piece.

The Best Bomber Jackets For $100 to $200

I believe this is the sweet spot between high quality and fashion.

At least from the models I've seen that seems to be the case.

Anything above $200 focuses more on timeless values and quality, but it's hard to find super fashionable pieces.

Alpha Industries MA-1 Bomber Jacket ($94.72 — $150)

This jacket will do well for autumn and spring kind of weather.

It's not super thick, it's not super thin, but will protect great against rain.

In fact MA-1 was the first fighter pilot jacket that was used by civilians. And this model is kept very close to that classic army model.

Find it on Amazon.

Flavor Leather Brown Bomber Jacket ($149.99-$239.99) 🌟 (Author's Pick)

This leather bomber comes with a removable good and looks very cool.

It comes in two colors: brown (best) and black.

Know that it runs small so buy 1–2 sizes bigger than usual, but other than that it's a complete steal!

For the nice fashion design, high quality leather and the price, you won't get anything better than that.

The only con was that the top pockets are fake and the side pockets don't have zippers on them (in case you ride a bike and it's important).

But there are two internal pockets and a chest pocket.

Find it on Amazon.

Alpha Industries Black/Olive Pilot Bomber Jacket ($150)

Alpha Industries make high quality, stylish jackets you cannot go wrong with.

The zippers are high quality, the outer fabric is 100% nylon (great to protect against rain and wind) and inner lining and fill is 100% polyester.

Jacket does feel a little puffy because it's super warm,

It's a real deal — a good quality jacket that will last you for years.

As for measurements, it does fit as expected, just know that you'll probably wear only T-shirt under it because it is very warm.

Find it on Amazon.

Alpha Industries Pilot Bomber Jacket ($140–$189)

If you truly want to wear a quality pilot jacket like jet pilots wore, you could go for this bad boy..

Super high quality item, this jacket will last for years.

It's 100% nylon, has American flag and a zipper on the left arm.

It looks skinny and feels like a replica from Kennedy Space Center — it's thick and durable.

You'll definitely stand out with this unique look!

Find it on Amazon here.

Decrum Brown Lambskin Leather Bomber Jacket ($149.00)

This stylish jacket definitely fills the checkboxes for style and quality.

It comes with detachable hood, high quality zippers and slim fit.

Order it in true size as the jacket fits as expected.

You can choose from brown or black colors, recommended!

Find it on Amazon here.

The Best Bomber Jackets For $200 to $300

There is only one high quality model I can recommend here if you're going for a classic look.

If you wanna go for fashion and practicality I recommend $100–200 options.

If you want super quality leather jacket, this Landing brand's jacket is perfect choice:

Landing Leather Bomber Jacket ($149.99–$319.99)

If you're looking for a leather bomber jacket with the classic look and which will last forever — this is the model.

The shell is 100% leather, body inside lining is polyester and cotton.

It comes in two colors: black and brown.

There are two side outer pockets and interior pocket.

It's true to the size, so stick with your usual measurements.

I don't think you can really find a better made, classical bomber jacket for the price.

Find it on Amazon here.

The Best Bomber Jackets For Above $300

Everything above $300 will either have super high quality material or you're going to pay for the brand name.

I included just one super high quality goatskin model, but if you're looking for super unique jackets, I really recommend checking out Etsy.

You'll get unique, hand-made jackets, which will be still affordable!

Other than that, if you're looking for designer models, I don't think you need my advice.

Just go to your favorite brand store online or offline ;)

Landing Premium G-1 Goatskin Leather Bomber Jacket ($399.99-$489.99)

This is the highest quality material leather jacket you can ever get. It's made to last for a very long time.

It's made from A-grade goatskin leather, where collar is sheepskin shearling.

It feels light and will protect you against moderately rough weather.

This style is timeless, you cannot go wrong with that.

The only comment could be the outer pockets which aren't as usual comfy ones. There will be no surprises with this jacket.

Find it on Amazon here.

Bringing It All Together

It was tough to find designer jackets for good prices, but my favorites were in $100-$200 price range.

You simply cannot go wrong with timeless classical brown, green or black colors… It's kinda vintage — but it never goes out of style!

Which is your favorite jacket?

If you feel like I missed out something, let me know in comments!