Erotica: #1 Place For Women’s Erotica & 4 Spicy Adult Sex Stories

You always wanted to find a source of never-ending erotica stories huh..?

Yes, there are erotica books on Amazon

…but what if you wanted to read short adult sex stories written by real people from real lives? 🌸

What you might not thought about is: Reddit. 🙎

Reddit is a great community for everything, and yes, it's famous for their NSFW subreddits, but there are tons of great communities where people actually share their real sexual and relationship stories…

They actually read like erotica.

But also at the same time you get to learn from real people experiences.

So you both can turn yourself on, and also learn something at the same time.

And you can join the conversation and add your own thoughts…

For example there is place like: /r/DirtyPenPals where people both write erotica stories, but they are also looking to create those stories together…in a form of discussion thread.

It's pretty amazing.

Another place is: /r/Erotica 😉

And Medium has a cool new publication, that's getting up to speed as well!

So for the source of never-ending subreddits where you can read those sexy stories, just read my article on Reddit NSFW list (i focused only on educational, discussion type of subreddits).

But I'm not leaving you hanging…

Here are my top #4 favorite erotica adult stories (fiction or non-fiction you decide) that I picked just for you:

#1 —Best Erotica Story: “Would you like a side of fuck with that? Oh my god. FRIES. I totally meant FRIES.”

The hostess poked her head around the server alley. “I just sat a two top on table twelve.”

“Okay. Be right there.” I took another sip from my diet coke, logged off Facebook, stuck my phone in the back pocket of my booty shorts. I tied my apron around my waist and filled two glasses with water, reached for the lemons. Goddammit. No lemons. Who the hell didn’t do their sidework?!

Oh yeah. Me.

She reappeared. “Amanda, the woman at table twelve is asking — “

“Tell her to calm her tits, I’m coming.” I scooped up the waters, walked past the bar and into the dining room at a fast clip. Table twelve was a couple, both in their forties.

I forced a smile. “Hi. My name’s Amanda, and I’ll be your server this evening. We have a few specials tonight, the appetizer spec — “

“I’ll have a pinot.” She was a blonde with dry brittle hair, freckly chest, two round plastic boobs stuck to her body like upside down salad bowls, eyes glued to her phone, tapping at the screen with one finger. She didn’t look up.

I paused, just for a moment. “Pinot Noir or Pinot Grigio?”

“The white one.”

Good lord. “And for you, Sir?”

“Goose Island IPA.” Our eyes met and he smiled. I couldn’t help smiling back. Beard clipped close, warm eyes, nice voice, that smile. God have mercy. I blushed, feeling the heat in my cheeks.

“Sure. Our appetizer special tonight is — -”

“We’re splitting the grouper. “ She interrupted, still glued to her phone. She tapped her water glass with one long fake nail. “I need some lemons.”

Of course you do. “Yes ma’am, I’ll be right back with your drinks.”

I rang in their order on the computer, stole a couple lemon wedges from the bartender’s garnish tray and stood at the service well waiting for their drinks. I twirled the ends of my blonde ponytail in my fingers while I waited, and stole another look at the table. God he was cute.

Like really…really…cute.

The bartender slapped a glass of wine and a bottle of beer in front of me. I stabbed the ticket and headed back over to the table, set her wine in front of her and leaned over his shoulder to put down his beer.

Oh sweet baby Jesus. What cologne is that. What fucking intoxicating black magic voodoo man-elixir is this guy wearing. He smells fucking delicious.

My eyes met his again and it’s all I can do not to bite my lip. My cheeks burned hotter. I watched him pour his beer into a frosted pint glass, wondering what those hands would feel like on me. He gave a wry smile, a subtle nod of his head toward his wife. “I’ll have another beer, please.”

Jesus, if I was married to somebody like that, I’d probably be pounding beers too. I smiled back, leaned over his shoulder to pick up the empty bottle and my boobs brushed briefly against the back of his head, feeling his heat through my shirt.

Oh god. He feels so…good.

Instantly I’m wet, nipples hardening to diamond pinpoints beneath my bra, lingering for a moment before I realize what I’m doing and moving away.

Maybe he didn’t notice.

Maybe he forgot what real boobs feel like. Maybe he..he…

I want to do it again.

I reached over to pick up a napkin that didn’t need replacing, pressing in closer this time. I just want to crawl on top of him, I just want to fuck him into the floor, I…I….

WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME. I am being such a pervert, I am a sick individual, I am molesting his man in front of his wife, I — -

Oh god. I’m so horny.

An hour later and I’m clearing plates, flushed face, a ruined mess. “Would either of you care for dessert?”

“No, we’re trying to make it to a movie.” He handed me his credit card. Those eyes, that smile again. I want him. “Thank you, Amanda.”

I ran his credit card, watched as the printer sputtered out the receipt. I scribbled my number across the bottom. I knew I was taking a chance. His wife could see it, I could get fired, so many things could happen.

I didn’t care.

I walked to their table, face flushed, sopping wet panties, heart hammering a thousand miles a minute. I slid the guest book onto the table.

“Thanks for coming in. Have a good night.”

Source: Anonymous

#2 —Young Sex Stories: “Incest: My dad wants me to hear him fucking women. And I’m pretty sure I’m next.”

“I’ll say this: I’ve always known my dad had a big dick. It’s not the kind of thing you can hide — he flops around in shorts, bulges in his jeans, and tents his sweats around the house.

Plus he’s 6’5” with size 15 feet. It’s kind of obvious.

And I knew from mom that he was a bit of a lady’s man back in school, and that he cheated on her, but that she couldn’t say no. “You probably have a dozen half-brothers in this town,” she told me once. “The bastard. Don’t ever date anyone local.”

But I’m not going to lie. Dad is handsome. Even sexy. He’s an ex-Marine with the kind of body that sells old spice. Hairy, but in a good way, and you can still see his muscles through all the hair. And his eyes could get a table to spread its legs.

But I’ve never told anyone this: when I was little, I would listen to my parents having sex.

I mean, it was hard to miss with my mom screaming for like 3 hours? But what started as just quietly sitting on the couch, pressing my thighs together and getting wet… ended with me crawling down the hall on my hands and knees and peering under the door.

I’d be able to see mom’s ankles at the edge of the bed, her pale feet. And dad’s huge shoes stomping into frame. “You really want this?” he’d ask.

“God yes,” mom would say. “Now.”

“My dick is still wet from her cunt. You can still see her lipstick.” There was a smirk in his voice. “You sureyou want it?”

“Damn you,” mom would say. “I told you I would… do anything.”

He unbuckled his work jeans. They dropped to the floor with a bang.

“I get everything I want anyway. But now I fuck you and your sister both.”

A long pause. Then: “Just fuck me, Michael.”

My dad’s name is Michael.

“Call me ‘Daddy,’” he said. He was masturbating. His arms moved in huge up down strokes.

“Fuck me, Daddy,” she said, breathing fast.

Then he said something that shocked me. And I’d been listening to this kind of stuff for years.

“Say it like she would,” he said. And his shirt landed next to him on the floor. Unlike mom’s panties, it was still dry.

She hesitated, then said, in a much higher voice: “Fuck me, Daddy.”

And dad stopped jerking off and climbed on top of my mom, yanking her to the end of the bed and mounting her with a wet slicing sound.

“Fuck yes,” he said. “Say that shit again.”

“You sick bastard,” mom said. “Is that what you want? Your baby daughter’s pink cherry slit? Huh? You want to fuck your own little girl?”

“Yes,” he growled. “You fucking know I do.”

“Fuck me Daddy,” mom said. “Fuck my tight little pussy! Fuck my tiny pussy, Daddy. Ruin me in my fucking crib you evil prick!”

Of course I wasn’t that young. But it made dad groan like a bomb going off, and he fucked her so hard it knocked the wind out of her. Repeatedly.

He would fuck her and cum and keep going. “I can’t believe how you do that,” she’d say. “I can’t fucking believe how you can do that…” and then she’d go back to using my voice. “Fuck me, Daddy! Fuck me! Fuck your little girl!”

This would happen a lot. It wasn’t always about me. Sometimes he wanted her to know how many women he fucked. How he didn’t use condoms, and never would. How my little baby cousin probably wasn’t a ‘cousin’ and how her baby brother had eyes just like his.

I didn’t always get it. But I always enjoyed how excited he got when they pretended she was me.

I’m 18, for the record. And still a Junior. Let’s just say I flunked a year. And mom flunked too, he threw her out in January.

Yeah, he still has her back now and again.

He spanks her like he does me — on the couch, out in the open, pants around her ankles — carries her up to bed and rides her all through Friday night television.

I keep the sound off. Cross my legs. Close my eyes. Listen carefully. And bounce my leg. First slowly, then quickly. It takes about an hour for something to happen this way but when it does… I have to use a pillow not to scream.

I guess screaming runs in the family.

But anyway, one time when he was with a girlfriend, she wanted an extra pillow, and he leapt to the door before I could move and caught me when he jumped out into the hallway.

We looked at one another.

His full erection, standing out from between his legs, was as thick as his wrist. It had veins as thick as my fingers. And his balls were so big and heavy they might as well have been bricks against his thigh.

He stared at me on the floor.

“Did you get it?” she asked, from the bed.

“Just a second,” he called, not taking his eyes off me.

I was flushed, and my blonde hair was matted on one side where I’d pressed myself to the ground. My fingers were wet, and the hallway smelled like pussy, I knew it did.

I was so embarrassed.

“I’m going to spank you tonight, Amy,” he said, carefully. His face was blank.

“Yes sir,” I said, quietly. I didn’t always say ‘Sir,’ of course. Just when he spanked me.

His look became intense. Even angry.

“Call me Daddy,” he said.
“Yes, Daddy,” I said, immediately.

We continued to stare at one another. He knew. He knew it all, just by looking.

“Spank me, Daddy,” I said, my heart pounding so hard I was deaf, the way mom would say ‘Fuck me, Daddy’ when they were together.

His mouth opened. Not out of shock, but because he started breathing that hard. His cheeks turned as red as mine.

Then, he raced across the hall and grabbed two of my pillows.

One, he tossed into his bedroom without a word.

The other, he carefully sat on the ground outside the door.

“Sit,” he said, in the voice he uses with puppies and cadets.

I crawled over to the pillow and sat.

He left the door ajar when he went inside.

He fucked the girl in his bed so hard that she passed out. She came so hard that she passed out. She actually asked him to marry her a dozen times before he came back out to the hallway, his big dick wet and swinging, snapped his fingers and pointed at my door.

I hadn’t moved an inch. The pillow I’d been sitting on was soaked.

I hopped to my room and went inside.

He stood in the hallway and stared, silently, at my pillow.

He picked it up.

Slowly — so slow it was like a dream — he lifted the pillow to his face.

He closed his eyes.

And he breathed in the smell of me, of my wet pussy, his daughter’s sex, with a shaking, growling breath.

His penis inflated so quickly it slapped against his furry, well-defined stomach.

He took the pillow into the bedroom , and I never saw it again.

I never saw the girl again either. He hates clingy women.

Over the next month or two, he left the door ajar when he was with a woman. Then open. Then he fucked them out on the couch.

I hid in the closet or up the stairs and listened. Looked.

I bounced my leg or masturbated with a hairbrush and came screaming into my palm.

He fucked mom in my bed, squeaking the little frame so hard it broke.

Then I started to find my clothes stretched out after she left. My cheerleading uniform especially, but also my most childish pajamas.

Once, my baby blanket, on my bedspread, was stiff with his cum. It hardened like plaster.

And the spankings became a daily event.

Here’s how he spanks me.

He makes me apologize, bends me over his knees, has me pull up my skirt — women under 40 do not wear pants, he’s always insisted — pulls my panties down to my ankles, and pauses.

The cold on my backside is always strange. Humiliating.

Then he spanks me with swift, explosive strikes, his huge hand covering my entire butt. He Moves down my thighs after I get red and makes them red.

He is not gentle.

Then he makes me walk up to my room still exposed.

And often, he walks into the bathroom and, I know now, he masturbates into the toilet.

Once he left it in there, in the bowl, and the water was more like milk.

I’ve taken to masturbating with a hairbrush afterwards, looking up at the ceiling and thinking about… well, I can admit it. Him. About him inside me. About him spanking me. About him spanking mom. Fucking mom. Fucking my aunt. My teacher. My classmates.

And I bite my pillow and scream until I finish cumming.

Which takes a long time, after I’ve been spanked.

But that night, the night of the pillow, the night he caught me, he spanked me slowly.

And I’m ashamed to say it, but he got wet. Both his hand and his knees.

And I don’t know, I’m not sure, but I think I caught him licking his fingers when I glanced back on my way upstairs.

And my panties were in the bathroom trash the next day, as stiff as the wood he uses to make birdfeeders.

You’re probably wondering why I’m writing this now instead of later.

Well, something big happened.

When I came home, my room was empty. My bed was gone, the wood chest dad made me was missing.

For a minute I thought I’d gone into the wrong house.

“In here, Amy,” he called.

I dashed across the hallway into his room.

He was putting my bed — newly repaired — across the room from his. And my chest was against the wall.

“I’m turning your room into study,” he said. “You can sleep in here from now on.”

We looked at one another for a long time.

“Do you have a date tonight?” I asked him.

He walked up to me. Very close to me. Close enough that I could feel the heat from his chest. He looked down into my eyes with his blue bedroom stare.

“Yes…” he said, slowly.

“Do you want me to-”

“I want you in bed by eight,” he said, in the voice he used when a cadet had been sloppy. “You understand me?”

I nodded. “Yes, Daddy.” I hadn’t had an eight O’clock bedtime since I was twelve.

He moved even closer. He didn’t wear cologne, he didn’t need it. But I could smell the pine soap and lye he used on his hands. His breath smelled like the outside after a rain.

“I want to make this very clear, Amy,” he said. “Are you listening?”

I swallowed. My cheeks were apple red. I nodded. “Yes, Daddy.”

“I’m going to fuck your mother in my bed tonight.” He said the word ‘fuck’ with such force I jumped. “I’m going to fuck her right in front of you.” Again, I jumped.

His cheeks were as red as mine.

“And then, Amy,” he said, and I could feel his erection throbbing lightly against me, as he backed me against the wall, “then I’m going to fuck. You.”

I was breathing so hard it made a noise like asthma.

“You’re going to fuck me, Daddy?” I said, finally, and my pulse was like an earthquake at sea.

His pupils were enormous. His smile was like a wolf before meat.

“Say that again, baby girl.”

I didn’t bother with the pretense. “Fuck me, Daddy,” I said, in my softest little girl voice.

He reached out with his hand as wide as my chest and took my chin in his hand. He forced me to stand up perfectly straight, and stare into his smirk and his eyes.

“Say it again,” he whispered. His lip quivered.

“Fuck me, Daddy,” I said, in a voice like an obedient little girl.

Which I am.

I twirled my hair around each of my index fingers, making quick little pigtails of my gold-colored hair. I bounced on my heels, and my small, pert breasts hopped against his chest.

I’m not large enough to need a bra, when I’m not doing sports. But like my mother, my nipples are very thick. I knew he felt them.

“I love you, Daddy,” I said.

He groaned deep in his throat. His thumb slipped into my into my mouth and pressed down on my tongue. Rubbed my perfect little teeth. Gagged me, gently, with the tip.


The second time, I barely gagged at all.

“I love you too, baby,” he said. And his cock was like a spear against my leg.

Then he drew his thumb out of my mouth, and slid it into his own, as he turned and walked away.”

Source: emoorwhatever

#3 — Erotic Sex Story: “While She Was in the Shower”

When I met Jade in college, I never could’ve fathomed I’d be anything but the loving, loyal boyfriend.

She’s smart, sweet, sassy, very adventurous, and just a little bit slutty. With her, I was left wanting for nothing. I scarcely noticed other women.

Until Jade took me back to her place for the first time.

Since this was my first relationship, and because I was a bit old school about love and sex, it took her almost two months of dating to finally get me back to her place. And when we got there, I saw a face I knew in an instant.

It was Vanessa, the girl I crushed on hard in high school. She was Jade’s roommate. And boy was she looking cute as ever in her modest own jeans-and-a-hoodie type of way.

Cute as she was, however, I was now a taken man. I had lofty boyfriendly standards to uphold, regardless of what that little twinge of worry inside of me might say. And besides, it had taken me two months to get this far with Jade; no way was I ever actually going to do something with Vanessa, especially since I had never had the balls to ask her out in high school.

Not that I had had much opportunity then; for almost as long as I had crushed on her, Vanessa had had a boyfriend, Louis. Knowing if she were still with Louis would really help ease that twinge of unease within me. So a few days later, I asked Jade if her roommate had a boyfriend, conveniently neglecting to mention I had ever known Vanessa.

“Yeah, she’s doing long distance with her boyfriend from high school. Louis something.”

Thank god. That little bit of me could now rest assured.

And, for a while, it remained in that comfortable little stasis. I was enjoying my time with Jade, split roughly evenly between going out on exciting adventures and having wild sex. Sometimes accomplishing both at the same time.

The extent of my interaction with Vanessa during the next few months was largely in passing, as she did her thing and Jade and I did ours. I was always friendly and smiled and said hi, but I was careful not to get into too much extended interaction with her; her adorable little smile whenever we bumped into one another served as reminder enough of some of those old feelings I couldn’t let resurface.

Then, a few days passed without me seeing Vanessa around their apartment, and her door was closed all the time. I asked Jade.

“Oh, Louis broke up with Vanessa a couple days ago. That dick apparently just wanted to see other girls.”

I’ll admit I felt bad for her, and I wondered how a guy could do that to her. To Vanessa.

But, at the same time, that same little part of my brain thought, She’s single now.

Over the next few weeks, I didn’t see much of Vanessa. Best I could tell the only things drawing her out from behind that closed door were food and class, neither of which as frequent as they probably should be.

With Vanessa out of sight and out of mind so often, those nagging little worries slowly faded away. I was secure in my desire for only Jade, and I certainly didn’t want to do to her what Louis did to Vanessa. I was left wanting for nothing.

Until last week.

I was at their apartment one evening while Jade was taking her usual 6 o’clock shower. While she was in the bathroom, I set up a movie for us to watch on the TV in the living room, but that didn’t take very long at all, so I was left doing little more than twiddling my thumbs.

The apartment door creaked open.

Not thinking much, I peeked over and saw Vanessa. But not how I’d ever seen Vanessa before. A pair of tight black leggings with mesh panels hugged her legs and rounded out her bubble butt, and a slightly too-small pink athletic tank clung to her petite frame, highlighting her supple chest and smooth stomach. With the sweat glistening on her forehead and her slick, black hair tied back in a ponytail, she must’ve come straight from a workout. She was stunning.

And I was speechless; all my blood must’ve drained straight from my brain to my groin.

After a few long moments, Vanessa caught my gaze and smiled her classic sweet smile.

I snapped out of my daze and managed, “You seem to be in good spirits today,” trying to avoid mentioning her appearance, which I was struggling not to trace my eyes up and down.

“I felt like I needed to take charge and do the things I want to do. Including going to the gym.”

“Including changing up your wardrobe?” I couldn’t believe what I had just let slip out of my mouth. If I couldn’t stop myself from saying a simple sentence, what else couldn’t I stop myself from doing?

Vanessa considered this a moment and then said, “Including impressing the guys,” before leaving to her room with a smirk.

My eyes widened. Surely that was an innocent comment, right? I certainly hoped so. In mere moments, my worries had not only resurfaced but tripled in magnitude. I was now left wanting for her.

Over this past week, I only saw more of Vanessa’s new style: shorter skirts and tighter tops and brighter lipsticks. I couldn’t resist stealing glances, and I was always rewarded with a smile when caught.

However, I knew I couldn’t keep on going like this. Sooner or later, I was going to fall to temptation. I had a good, sexy woman who cared about me all to myself. So I decided to do something special for Jade and my six-month anniversary. Today.

After my classes, I put on my dark fitted slacks with a sturdy leather belt and a grey button-down — making sure to roll up the sleeves — and spritz on a new woodsy cologne. Knowing Jade, she’ll be all over me.

While I’m on my way to their apartment, I text Jade that I have a surprise planned for her and tell her to come home quickly. At this point, Vanessa is the last thing on my mind; I’ve got my girl to impress.

I get to their place and let myself in with the spare key Jade gave me. I got here a little early, so I have a little waiting to do, but at least Vanessa isn’t here to worry about. It isn’t long before Jade texts me to say she’ll be home soon.

I’m waiting near the door when I hear footsteps approaching from outside. She’s here! But when the door opens, it opens to Vanessa. And today’s the best of her new style I’ve seen yet.

A cute, little, black pleated skirt says girl-next-door while giving off a hint of schoolgirl. To match that schoolgirl vibe, Vanessa has on a bright red t-shirt emblazoned with our university’s logo across the front.

Why did our school color have to be red?

Her shirt’s knotted at the front, showing off just enough of her midriff. As if that all weren’t enough, Vanessa has on one of those ’90s chokers and has done herself up with winged eyeliner and soft pink lips.

The effect is too much. My pants swell. Right now, she’s the perfect mix of that cute, nerdy girl from high school and this sexy new girl. And she’s right in front of me. In any other situation, this would’ve been a dream come true.

And now she’s caught me staring.

But she’s also staring.

“All dressed up and waiting for me?” Vanessa asks.

“Oh, uh, Jade’ll be hear any minute now. I got here a little early for our date.”

“So I caught you at just the right time, huh?” She bites her lip and steps a little closer.

My body stiffens. Jade will be here soon. Nothing will happen. I just need to get through this.

Vanessa steps closer yet. I can smell her fruity perfume.

I stiffen up further. Nothing will happen, right?

Vanessa steps closer yet. We’re almost touching. She places her hand on my chest.

My heart races, and I’m sure she can feel it. I need this to stop. I need Jade to get here already. I need my out. But I don’t want this to stop; all those years of pent-up desire, and now Vanessa’s right here in front of me.

Footsteps sound from down the hall. It must be Jade. I look back to Vanessa; she heard it, too.

Vanessa looks back into my eyes and, without a moment’s hesitation, whispers, “I’ll be in the living room,” and pulls away with a devilish grin.

I’m struck. I have but a moment to catch my breath. I tell myself I’m safe, out of harm’s way, that I was right, nothing will happen.

The door opens. I look over, and there’s Jade, drinking me in.

Helloooo, handsome,” she says and kisses me. She eyes me up and down. “This definitely calls for that dress you love. Let me go shower and put on my face first, though.”

Oh, no. I check my watch: 6 o’clock. I should have expected.

Jade puts down her bag and makes it to the bathroom, and I hear the fan turn on and, a few moments after, the water running. I’m still standing, fighting my legs to keep still, but my legs start moving. With one step, I know what lines I’ll cross if I take another step. With another step, I tell myself there’s nothing wrong with chatting on a couch. Maybe I had merely read things wrong, permitted my old hormones get the best of me. After all, Jade was here, and nothing uncouth could happen.

I knew that was a lie.

Soon, I turn the corner into the living room, and Vanessa is there, expectant, looking fine as ever. I sit down with more than a foot of space, still trying to convince myself of my pure intentions.

But it doesn’t last long. I attempt some small talk, but then her hand’s on my mine. Warm and soft. If I don’t get out now, I’m not gonna be able to stop.

I grasp it.

Vanessa scoots a little closer, closing the gap once again. She leans in, and now her hand is on my knee, creeping up towards my thigh. More and more blood reaches my member, engorging it beyond belief, straining against its boxer brief enclosure.

Her hand reaches it, my cock hard as a diamond. I see the astonishment in her eyes as she feels how hard I am. She starts slowly rubbing it through my pants.

That’s it. I’m doing this. I’m doing her.

I grab her by the back of the neck and kiss her, plunging my tongue into her warm, wet mouth. She kisses back hungrily, and our tongues meet.

Vanessa’s hands start work on my pants, struggling with my belt. With my free hand, I grab one of her breasts. A perfect handful. I rub my thumb over her nipple through her clothes, noticeably hard despite her bra and shirt. She lets out a little whimper, and she continues to struggle with my belt.

Finally, she gets it unbuckled. Her small hands are soon wrapped around my raging-hard shaft, and she starts stroking me.

“God, I’ve been wanting this,” she says.

“God, I’ve been wanting you since high school,” I say. I can’t believe this, of all times, is when I tell her this. “I had such a massive crush on you.”

She smirks her irresistible little smirk. “Had?”

Before I can respond, she sinks to her knees between my legs and takes me in her mouth.

I gasp. “Now — “

Her tongue swirls around my tip. Her head bobs up and down along my length.

“Now I have such a massive hard-on for you.”

With that, she looks me in the eye — with that delicious sort of smile you can see in a person’s eyes — and takes as much of me as she can down her throat.

In only about a minute, my climax is starting to build. As much as I want to cum down her throat right now, I want a more thorough exploration of the girl I’m abandoning my morals for.

As if she can read my mind, Vanessa pulls back and says, “I need you inside me.”

She mounts me, still in all her clothes. I reach under her skirt and am met with a lacy thong soaking with arousal. I waste no time in pulling it to the side and plunging my cock deep inside her.

Vanessa lets out the beginning of a moan before remembering to stifle it. I begin thrusting into her warm and welcoming interior, exciting whimpers from her with my cock’s every push and twitch. Every thrust, I reach deeper and deeper inside her. But it’s building back up to a crescendo.

“I’m not gonna last long at all like this,” I warn her.

“Then don’t.”

It’s too much. I don’t even stop to think if she’s on birth control at all. I grab Vanessa’s throat with one hand and her hips with the other, slamming her down on my cock, and I’m over the edge.

Just as my cock begins pulsing, Vanessa moans out, “I think I’m cumming, too.” Her breath is hot and heavy on me.

I shoot ropes of cum deep inside her, and her walls pulse to match, milking me for every drop.

We embrace for a long minute, catching our breaths, coming to the realization we just fucked. Vanessa pulls me in for a deep kiss, then says with a smile, “That was hot.”

I have to agree; it was undeniably hot. I look back over this girl I’d dreamed about for so long in high school who was now currently in the sexiest outfit I could imagine and with my cock insider her and filled with my cum. Younger me could’ve never imagined how incredibly naughty this girl could be. Or how incredibly lucky I could be.

I plant a few more kisses on Vanessa’s tender lips, not a care in the world for my broken oath to Jade. She smiles a sweet smile.

She dismounts just as we hear the water in the bathroom shut off. I refasten my pants, and Vanessa fixes her panties. I get up to go meet Jade out of the shower.

Jade comes out of the bathroom and gives me a little kiss as she heads to the bedroom to change and do her makeup. A small twinge of guilt passes over me with that, but it’s far outweighed by the high of what Vanessa and I just shared right under her nose.

A few moments later, Vanessa enters the bathroom, and I see my cum running down her leg. As she passes me, she whispers, “We’ll have to do that again sometime.”

How could a guy not be left wanting for more?”

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#4 — GoneWild Erotica Story: “Unexpected Birthday Presents”

“It’s your birthday today and I promised to take you downtown where we would search the stores for the perfect gift for you.

The weather was warm as we popped into shop after shop.

You tried on jewellery, scarves — even hats, but nothing really jumped out at you as being right. We continued walking down a side street when we came across a “sex toy store.”

And not one of those gross, seedy places you see in the darker corners of town. This was a real “boutique.”

Very upscale.

We both looked at each other with curious smiles before I took you by the hand and pulled you in.

The shelves and displays were packed with every type of device that could go in, on, or around one’s body.

To be honest, some of the devices looked quite intimidating, but we roamed the store, hand-in-hand, picking up various toys and exploring them with our hands.

I watched you run your slender fingers over a large, realistic, 12 inch dildo. Your fingertips stroking the bulbous head and tracing down the thick, veiny shaft. I had a moment of insecurity and wondered for a moment if you would prefer a man with a monster cock like that to fuck you. I was so relieved when you put it back on the shelf with a laugh, saying that you thought it was “fucking scary.”

We meandered through the shop, growing more comfortable and curious as we explored all the different shapes, textures and materials.

Smooth glass. Soft silicone. Cold stainless steel.

My mind was reeling with the thoughts of how I would use all of these toys on you, in you — to make you feel good. My cock started to get hard in my pants.

We explored the vibrator section where we marvelled at all the different kinds of motorised devices designed to bring your body pure bliss.

You held different ones in your hand as you cycled through the settings, trying to decide which ones would feel so good nestled against your clit and running up and down your lips.

You look around quickly to make sure that no store clerks are around and you bring one of them down between your legs and press it to your pussy, over the soft cotton of your sundress.

You press a couple buttons and close your eyes as you feel the vibrations stimulate your clit.

I see your mouth drop open and hear you mouth the words, “Oh Fuck” as you rub the vibrator quickly up and down your fabric covered pussy. You suddenly snap out of it and hand me the toy with a smile and say, “I definitely need this one.”

We walk further and find ourselves in the anal toy aisle.

We had talked at some length about both of our desires to explore your beautiful, tight asshole.

We scan the shelves for starter toys and we see a set of three anal plugs, each a bit thicker than the next.

I pull the package off the shelf and we both run our fingers over the shape of the plugs as they protruded out of their plastic packaging, imagining how we would use them on you.

We make eye-contact, smile and I drop it in the bag.

We pick up some nice, slippery lube to round out our purchases and head for the check-out counter.

We try, oh-so-fucking-hard, to appear nonchalant. Like this was just a typical trip to the grocery store.

But as we stood at the counter, paying for the new toys, my cock was hard and pressing tightly against my jeans. Your pussy was aching and wet and leaking juice into your panties.

We walk out of the store and down the street. I pull you into the first alley we come to and press you against the hard brick wall.

I kiss you fiercely, breathing hard into your mouth as my fingers run up and down the wet crotch of your panties, feeling your swollen lips underneath.

We do this for what feels like ages when the alarm on my phone goes off, reminding me that our dinner reservation is in 15 minutes.

We quickly compose ourselves and rush off to the restaurant. We get there in time and are seated at a private table in the back corner. We hold hands under the table as we wait for the server to bring our menus.

She comes and we each order the coolest drinks on the menu in an effort to bring ourselves down from the sexual heat coursing through our bodies.

We check out the crowd and chat about our day.

As I hold your hand, the back of my fingertips rest warmly against your bare thigh, I can’t stop myself from sliding them back and forth against your warm leg.

I let go of your hand as my fingers creep down to find the hem of your short skirt and pull it up to your waist.

You scan the room anxiously.

My fingers slide down the inside of your inner thigh seeking out the heat and warmth of the folds of your pussy. I roughly yank the side of your panties aside to give me better access.

My fingertips trace the edges of your swelling lips, running up and down, just avoiding your aching clit.

As I do this under the table I challenge you to maintain eye contact with me and carry on a conversation. It is so difficult, isn’t it baby?

All that fills your mind is the feeling of my five fingers playing in your folds, spreading your wetness around and around.

Your clit is swelling, aching and begging to be touched.

But I don’t give you that kind of release.

Not yet. Instead, I slip two fingers slowly into your tight pussy. As they slide in I see your mouth drop open and your eyes close in pleasure.

That first penetration is always so exquisite, isn’t it?

I gently cup your cheek with my hand and guide your face back down to help you to reengage in our conversation.

My thumb brushes your lips and you quickly part them and bite my thumb before letting it go.

You look deep into my blue eyes and try to hear what I’m saying to you, but a flush is spreading up your chest, to your neck and face. I

t is so difficult for you to concentrate as you feel my two fingers slide so slickly in and out of you increasingly wet pussy. Finally, I slide them in deep and hold them inside you as my thumb starts to circle your swollen, aching clit. Once again, the sensations are too much for you and you lose your train of thought.

A waitress comes by and asks if we need anything else.

I casually shake my head “No,” and as she looks to you, I quicken my strumming of your clit and it is all you can do to stammer “No tha-thank you,” as you reach down and tightly grab my wrist.

The waitress strolls away. You lean closer to me and say, “Fuck. I can’t take this much longer.

I can’t cum in the middle of this restaurant. Please. Don’t make me cum here”

I flash you an affectionate smile and wrap my arm around your shoulders and pull you gently to me.

I lean in, kiss you softly and then whisper in your ear, “I’m sorry baby. You don’t have a choice.

I will determine how, when and where you cum tonight. O.K.? Do you understand that? Can you accept that?”

You look up and meet my eyes and I see a look of quiet, sexual, desperation reflected there as you nod in assent.

You bury your face in my chest as you feel my fingers start to plunge in and out of you again, like a pump, pulling your orgasm out from deep within you.

Your juices are leaking out of you and pooling on the leather chair. You feel the spring winding tightly within you. Your orgasm building.

You keep your face pressed to my chest, mouth open, while you still grip my wrist under the table. I can feel your hot breath through my shirt and on my skin.

You bite my chest through my shirt.

You do anything to try to stifle the waves of the orgasm about to crash over you as I hold you tight.

My fingers and thumb are working in tandem, simultaneously stroking and plunging, working hard to coax your orgasm out of you.

And then it hits. You cum. Hard. Your body jerks, knocking the edge of the table and tumbling over a wine glass.

A few patrons turn briefly to look at the disturbance before going back to their own conversations.

You hold on tightly to me as your body trembles still with the force of your cum. My fingers move slower in and out of you now as you come down from the high.

After awhile your breathing slows and you can turn back to face the restaurant, searching the room to see if anyone can tell that you just came in front of them.

You adjust your wet panties and slide your wrinkled dress back down your hips just as several waiters arrive at the table with your birthday dessert singing “Happy Birthday.”

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Bringing It All Together

Again while I here focused on erotica stories, I really recommend you to check other Reddit Subreddits for real people stories.

They really do read like erotica especially some orgasming stories, people sharing their best experiences with different kinks or advice on BDSM…

Tons and tons of fun!