Fleshlight: The Ultimate Review To Find The Best Fleshlight For You

If you're new to male masturbators this will be the perfect guide for you!

Truth is, there are tons of fleshlight models out there and it's quite tough to find the best one for you.

This guide is designed to solve that! 👍

When you're done reading, you'll have a crystal clear idea of exactly the best fleshlight you should get — be it fleshlight launch, quickshot, STU, ice, anal fleshlight or one of the fleshlight girl sleeves!

Sounds good? 👊

Here's how the guide is organised:

  • What Is A Fleshlight & What You Should Look Out To Find The Best One For You?
  • What Are The Best Fleshlight Models Out There?
  • How To Clean, Use & Maintain Your Fleshlight?

What Is A Fleshlight & What You Should Look Out To Find The Best One For You?

A little history lesson! :)

The Fleshlight is a brand that produces artificial vaginas or anal opening type sex toys. Other people call it pocket pussy, pocket vagina — it's a male masturbator that imitates woman's vagina.

Fleshlight brand was founded in 1995 by Steve Shubin who was granted a patent for his invention in July 1988 according to Wikipedia.

Sex toys is a booming market and it's predicted that by 2022 the sexual wellness market sizes will b worth 37$ billion, according to Arizton research company.

What does it mean for you?

It means that sex toys and male masturbators are becoming better and better!

Competition is growing and for Fleshlight to stay on top, they need to innovate or someone else will take its place.

Right now though Fleshlight is the undisputed leader if you're looking for a quality and long-lasting male masturbator.

You can customise it perfectly based on your desires and preferences.

Yes, it means once you know the building blocks that are important to you, you can design your own perfect Fleshlight model.

What are the basics you should know about Fleshlights?

It's simple!

First: What's The Best Lube For Fleshlight?

You will always need a lube with Fleshlight — otherwise it will just feel sticky and weird. I love this Passion Lube, that comes in 16 ounce big package that will last for ages!!!

But the best-selling lube with Fleshlight is this Shibari lubricant ($14.20).

Another cheap alternative is coconut oil!

It's natural, it's cheap and last for long time ;)

There are three pieces in each Fleshlight:

  • the end-cap — to control the suction, the feel of the sleeve
  • the casing to protect the sleeve against dirt and damage
  • the sleeve (which you can buy separately for cheaper if you got the base case and end-cup. You can experiment with tons of different textures)

Watch this video for even better visual introduction and analysis of Fleshlight…

It's a nice review:

There are smaller, cheaper models like Quickshot which come only in two pieces:

  • the casing
  • the masturbator itself
Find it on Amazon here.

What's great with this one is:

  • it's cheap ($34.95)
  • it's quick and easy to clean
  • it's compact

Finally there are extra features like vibration or Fleshlight Launch which is a true hands-free experience fucking machine.

You insert your fleshlight in that machine..

Add headphones or even VR goggles, watch specially encoded adult videos and have as close to reality as possible sexual experience!

What You Should Look Out For When Picking The Best Fleshlight For You?

You need to know what you want — simple as that.

There are so many choices right now, so you just need to know your goal.

For example:

  • Are you looking for a realistic Fleshlight that imitates the real vagina as close as possible?
  • Are you looking for the anal kind of sex experience?
  • Are you looking for a masturbator that stimulates oral sex deep-throating experience?
  • Are you looking for hands-free, automatic fucking machine that does the work for you?
  • Are you a fan of a specific pornstar like Riley Reid or Asa Akira and want the toy modeled by her pussy?
  • Maybe you have problems with lasting long enough and you would want to use a sex toy to become more confident with your sex skills? Women use dildos to practice, why cann't men do the same thing?
  • Is price important to you? Are you looking for the best fleshlight or cheapest fleshlight?
  • Is size important? Maybe you want to take it for traveling and it needs to be small. Or you want it to be discreet?

All of these options are possible and have been addressed by Fleshlight.

Just write down what's important to you and with that knowledge we can move on to discuss specific models next.

What Are The Best Fleshlight Models Out There?

Now we'll answer the questions one by one.

It all depends by your penis size, how sensitive it is, budget, personal preferences and sizes…

It's tough, but that's why you're reading this guide!

Are you looking for a realistic Fleshlight that imitates the real vagina as close as possible?

You're looking for the most basic high-quality female vagina like imitator, and you don't need anything fancy.

There is a Fleshlight Original, which costs $64.95 and will fit great for most average penis owners.

It's also one of the cheapest fleshlight models…! :)

Find it on Amazon here.

Average penis size according to studies is between 5.1 to 5.6 inches.

This model has no crazy textures inside — it's smooth and soft.

If you hold the sleeve in hot water for 10minutes, it will perfectly replicate the real woman's vagina.

If you're buying your first male masturbator however, I would even recommend a cheaper PaloQueth male masturbator ($23.69).

PaloQueath has been lately dominating sex toy market by creating affordable and high quality adult toys for both male and female market.

It has openings in both sides one to imitate a blow-job and other — vagina.

Find it on Amazon here.

Are you looking for the anal kind of sex experience?

Maybe you can get normal sex usually, but are craving for kinkier butt sex kind of experience?

To be honest anal sex also requires some training — I remember my penis was hurting after anal sex as it wasn't used to the extra tightness.

And there's just something raw and dirty about imagining taking someone in the ass.

If you're looking for a realistic anal sex experience, again this basic Fleshlight model ($64.95)will be the best.

Find it on Amazon here.

It has a special end-cap to control suction to make it feel more real… And of course there is even a Fleshlight warmer you can get.

But I prefer to just do it old-school with hot water. Does the job!

If you care and get turned on by seeing your penis inside the toy, there's also a Fleshlight Ice version ($69.95) which is a transparent masturbator.

Find it on Amazon here.

Are you looking for a masturbator that stimulates oral sex deep-throating experience?

You can get that too!

There are special models that simulate oral sex experience and are made to simulate real blow-job action that you only see in porn, but have probably never experienced!

That's a pretty dirty fantasy!

There are two models that are the most popular: Turbo Thrust and Ignition.

Turbo thrust comes the most recommended for the realness and sensations.

It's transparent and has a strong suction cup and has two floating rings at the top that control the opening.

Find it on Amazon here.

It takes a little playing around to learn how to get the best sensations, but well worth the effort!

The other alternative is the Ignition model. The shape of the sleeve is a bit different, it's not transparent which makes it a bit more discreet.

Find it on Amazon here.

Are you looking for hands-free, automatic fucking machine that does the work for you? Or vibrations?

This is possible — just a bit more expensive!

Fleshlight Launch ($199.95) is amazing, but it takes some time to program the experience to best simulate the experience you see on videos.

But yes, once it's done — it's an ultimate masturbation toy.

It's something that you should try at least once. And we're lucky — good women fucking machines cost around 400–1000$.

We get virtual reality sexual experience for $300 (the masturbator + fleshlight itself).

I thought that porn itself was too stimulating for me…

But when I tried this experience, I seriously got scared I will not find ordinary sexual experience stimulating enough anymore.

If your wallet can afford it — I would really suggest you try it at least once…!

The same way as I recommend prostate milking… it's just such a different experience…

There a lot more orgasms you can have than classic penis ejaculation ones.

Note: There's i a new Fleshlight Quickshot model launched too, if you have it!!! It's pretty sick!

Find it on Amazon here.

If you're simply looking for vibrations though…

There is a simple Fleshlight Vibro model ($89.95) that some men love…!

It's really up to knowing yourself — I need thrusting motion to get pleasure, but you might love vibrations.

Oh, and there is also a great cheaper model by PaloQueth ($23.69) I recommend you try for intense vibrations:

Find it on Amazon here.

Are you looking for hands-free masturbation experience in shower?

There are special suction cup mounts you can get to attach your fleshlight to the wall in shower, bedroom, mirror — wherever…

Yup, you can pretty much simulate all the positions you like…!

Find it on Amazon here.

While Fleshlight Launch still requires holding — with the mount you just put it in the perfect place and fuck it…

Like you would a real girl!

Fleshlight Girls: Are you a fan of a specific pornstar like Riley Reid or Asa Akira and want the toy modelled by her pussy?

This is the best way to support the pornstar you like and have a truly realistic experience.

You can check the video with your favorite pornstar and know that you're holding in your hand the perfect replica of her pussy.

There's just something dirty and arousing about this idea, isn't it?

These Fleshlights are actually 100% molded by their vagina shape, the entrance and all…

The most popular Fleshlight girls are:

  • Stoya (reported to be the tightest vagina)
  • Riley Reid
  • Asa Akira
  • Christy Mack
  • Nina Hartley
  • Dillion Harper

Really, chances are if you like a famous pornstar, there is a Fleshlight molded in the shape of her vagina.

There are really tons of choices…

You can choose from Fleshlight girls, Dorcel girls, camstar girls and there's a special collector's corner too.

But if you are getting the first Fleshlight Girl model, I really recommend Stoya Destroya.

They got here vagina really perfectly done and is the closest to realistic experience that you can get.

Find it on Amazon here.

Maybe you have problems with lasting long enough and you would want to use a sex toy to become more confident with your sex skills?

Women use dildos to practice, why cann’t men do the same thing?

While you can practice lasting longer by yourself, why not mix realistic experience with practicing?

Though I should warn — that these Fleshlights are intense.

I love practicing by myself, not using any external stimulation. Porn and these super realistic toys just put me too fast over the edge.

What I am saying — you should build it up to there.

The steps are:

  • Practice by yourself, get to know your body and arousal levels
  • Use Fleshlight STA to imitate the real action
  • Have sex and keep working on your excitement in real life.

Just know that during real sex — it's the hardest…! There are chemicals going on, crazy arousal, attraction — build it up to there!

Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit ($69.95) is built specifically for practicing to last longer.

Find it on Amazon here.

While there's not anything too special about the specific Fleshlight, it does come with a detailed manual.

It's perfect for beginners.

Just make sure you don't forget to remove the plastic inside the fleshlight ;)

And yes, apply corn-starch after using to ensure the texture and silicone sleeve last for a long, long time.

Is price important to you? Are you looking for the best fleshlight or cheapest fleshlight?

Chances are — price is important.

If you're looking for cheapest, closest imitation to Fleshlight, I recommend this PaloQueth male masturabator ($23.69):

Find it on Amazon here.

It comes with more than 500 positive customer reviews (the older model) and the one I recommend is their updated version.

You really won't find anything cheaper and high enough quality for the price.

But you might be also experienced the opposite end of the spectrum:

What's The Best Fleshlight Money Can Buy?

In my opinion, the best fleshlight is the one that's custom designed for your needs.

And if money is not an issue, you need to build your own Fleshlight!

I still recommend getting the classic one first… And then once you know what you enjoy — spend extra for tailored experience.

You can customise:

  • the color of the outer case
  • the orifice: vagina like, butt like, mouth like?
  • and most importantly you can choose your preferred texture, that your penis will go through…

Is size important? Maybe you want to take it for traveling and it needs to be small.

The thing with most Fleshlights is that they are huge.

They are designed to recreate the realistic sex experience and that's why the size is what it is.

But what if you want to take it in your backpack?

Well, that's when you want to check out Fleshlight Quickshot.

It's both the cheapest toy you can buy ($34.95) and the most compact.

By the first look, it's hard to tell it's actually a male masturbator.

This is the top choice if:

  • you want easy cleaning — just keep a paper towel next to you and contain the semen there (instead of ejaculating in the toy and then have to clean it)
  • bigger than average penis — for big penis owners, normal size Fleshlights will be too small to go full in. This model fixes it…!
  • you like to have it similar to jerking off experience — you can squeeze the silicone toy to control the tightness. Some love it!
  • you want cheap and discreet toy — self explanatory i think!
In fact, QuickShot is my top recommendation if you want a Fleshlight and it's the first one you're buying ⭐️

But what if you want the real-size Fleshlight, but want it to be discreet?

Then you're looking for Sex In A Can male masturbators!

These are the Fleshlight toys that are concealed to look like either a soda or a beer can!

Find it on Amazon here.

How To Clean, Use & Maintain Your Fleshlight?

Okay, we're on the final stretch!

If you put out that kind of serious cash for a Fleshlight, you better take care of it!

If you maintain it correctly it will last forever…!

If not, it will become sticky, lose it's texture and break.

First of all, check this video:

It will explain and show how to clean a fleshlight.

But here are the quick steps:

  • You use a special soap to clean and disinfect it, rinse in hot water.
  • Leave it for some time to dry it up.
  • Add starch to the inside texture to ensure sleeve doesn't get sticky over time.
  • or…just get Quickshot model and you won't need to worry about cleaning!

How To use A Fleshlight?

Don't worry about that!

Every model comes with a clear instruction manual on how to use, maintain and clean it.

But here are the steps I take:

  • Take the fleshlight sleeve and put it in the hot flowing water for 5–10mins
  • Dry it up, enter it in the cup.
  • Get the Shibari Lube and put it in the sleeve (pro tip: warm up the lube with hot water before too)
  • Apply some lube to my penis and let the play begin.
  • Adjust the suction cup and the opening tightness for maximum pleasure.
  • Enjoy the ride… For additional masturbation techniques, check this guide.

Here is video for more ideas:

That's it… For fancy experience I get Fleshlight Launch, put the headphones and watch the special hands-free videos

With VR goggles synced with automatic masturbation… it's out of the world experience…

What about you?

What's your favorite Fleshlight?

And do you have any pro tips to share?