Floggers & Riding Crops: Your Guide To Erotic BDSM Spanking

You're into spanking, arent you? 😜

In BDSM circles it's called impact play. ✋🏓

Besides hands the two of the kinkiest and sexiest spanking tools are: floggers and riding crops. 🏒

Then come canes, whips and paddles…🏑

In this guide we'll focus on floggers and riding crops though we'll look at other forms of erotic spanking too.

It will be your perfect introduction to impact play and buyer's guide to floggers, crops etc...

Here's how the article is organised:

  • Introduction To Erotic BDSM Spanking
  • How To Choose & What Are The Best Floggers & Riding Crops?
  • Other People Best Tips & Experiences To Flogging
  • Techniques For Good, Erotic Spanking

Sounds good? 👍

Let's jump in:

Introduction To Erotic BDSM Spanking

What is it? While we won't go deep into explanations, here's the quick crash course version:

Here's Wikipedia's definition:

Erotic spanking is the act of spanking another person for the sexual arousal or gratification of either or both parties.
It may involve very light and brief spanking or much more extensive spanking, including the use of implements such as whips or paddles.

But if you're new to this world…

Then no, you don't start with floggers, paddles, crops or canes.

You start from gentle spanking using a cupped hand.

Then you can move to rulers, rolled up towels, gloved hands..etc.

Just remember: The thinner the striking surface the more pain it will give.

Sexual stimulation during spanking really helps with the pain tolerance.

Use your home based tools first to see if you enjoy this kind of impact play.

Watch this video for lots of helpful tips on how to use floggers:

And finally…

It's very important to always include aftercare because impact play can be deeply emotional.

And you're golden!

How To Choose & What Are The Best Floggers & Riding Crops?

While some people really care that the flogger or crop is from leather…

Truth is, it doesn't really matter.

Actually with leather you need to work harder to maintain it so it doesn't crack. For example, suede floggers are pain in the ass to clean.

But pro spankers love bullhide equipment, but you can go for pleather, jute, or hemp equipment.

As long as the flogger or paddle is well made (you get what you pay for), it's gonna last.

Let's get into the best spanking tools one by one:

Genuine Leather Flogger ($15.95)

This is the perfect high quality flogger to start with if you're a beginner.

It's quite long, looks great, makes a nice slapping noise while not making it too painful.

Find it on Amazon here.

It is made from soft suede which will not sting too much. Great if that's what you're looking for ;)

Utimi Leather Spanking Paddle ($10.99)

This is a great spanking paddle.

Because of it's wider surface it won't be very painful, yet since it's rigid and made from leather…

It will still punch a sting.

This is a sturdy sewn paddle that will last you a while.

Same as previous flogger, it will make a nice spanking noise while not hurting too much.

So another great beginners paddle.

Akstore Leather Spanking Paddle ($6.99)

And this is another affordable, yet well done spanking paddle.

All of these fetish spanking toys are just a little different and fun to mix.

Find it on Amazon here.

Since they are affordable you can easily get all three and just switch through them based on the type of sting you want to deliver.

Utimi Leather Riding Crop ($15.99)

If you want a sturdy 50 Shades of Grey type crop, this is the one.

It's made from double layered leather that will deliver snappy and painful sting.

A really great value for the price.

Oh and there's another similar, but specially made Horse Riding Crop ($12.99) with tons of positive reviews, check it out.

Braided Leather Flogger ($34.99)

If you're an experienced spanker, you might like this flogger.

It's braided and will take a little breaking to be softened, but it will sting quite a powerful punch.

Find it on Amazon here.

Beginners stay away from this bad boy ;)

Icicles Leather Whip & Glass dildo ($33.75)

Now this is a thing of beauty and pleasure.

From one side there are genuine bull leather tresses that both beginners and advanced users will appreciated.

But the other glass handle both looks beautiful and can be used as a dildo…

Talk about elegant practicality.

The only precaution is cleaning as glass needs to be cleaned with warm water, but leather tresses shouldn't get wet.

BDSM Impact Cane ($14.71)

If you want to deliver a proper sting, canes are on the highest end of pain.

Only for experienced spankers, who want something kinkier than usual soft sting.

Find it on Amazon here.

While this cane is not the highest quality with gentle care, it will hold.

It will hurt good.

And finally… maybe, just maybe you are looking for the perfect spanking bench…to hold your victim well in place?

Spanking Bench by MasterSeries ($411)

It’s perfectly designed to allow the person comfortably lay while being spanked hard or fucked hard…

…while being completely helpless and fully restrained…!

This chair is made from PU leather, steel and nylon — it’s sturdy.

It’s easy to assemble and take down to hide after the use (though still it takes few minutes).

Most other similar models will cost from $600-$1000.

The only complaint some people had that they wish it was taller. Check the measurements before purchasing.

Find it on Amazon here.

Other People Best Tips & Experiences To Flogging

Read those stories for inspiration, chuckle or simply entertainment.

Definitely will help you to understand the spanking play appeal.

“I flogged a random stranger last weekend. It was pretty awesome!”

“I never really saw myself as being into this sort of thing, however, while hanging out with a friend of mine the opportunity just sort of fell into my lap.

The story:

We’re hanging out at this guy’s place with a couple of girls I have never met playing Guitar Hero and I step outside for a smoke.

About halfway through my cigarette my friend pokes his head out of the front door and asks, “So you aren’t gonna freak out if you walk back in and this girl is topless, right?”

I laughed a bit and assured him it would be absolutely no problem whatsoever.

Before I could snuff my smoke I began hearing a sound akin to a whip cracking and subsequent sexy moans coming from within.

I stepped back inside to find one of our female companions standing in the middle of the living room floor and letting this guy have a go at her backside with a couple of, I dunno, floggers?

You know, those cat-o-nine-tails-esque leather whip thingies.

Anyway, I cracked open another beer and watched for a bit before my buddy asked if I’d like to give it a whirl.
I did. It was fucking awesome.

I’m a pretty tense guy sometimes, and each crack of what is essentially a whip across the girl’s back was both a release and a rush for me.

Each swing was empowering in new and exotic ways, and yet I could almost feel a precious bit of sweet, toxic rage seeping out from the underpinning of my consciousness and evaporating into thin air.

Once it was over I had to step back outside and release a very manly roar of triumph.

The possibility of pursuing what is largely considered a sexually deviant practice has hovered within the realm of possibility for me for quite some time, but this was my first true experience.

I’m fucking going back for more.

Bonus Material: I also learned a bit about pressure points, cutting, electricity and the art of shame once the flogging bit was over.

It seems as if there is a veritable community built around this sort of shit, and I can’t wait to duct-tape a hot ball of wax to my nipples and dive right in!

Next I probably gonna move on to get a dominatrix chick to superglue my beanbag to a toilet and call me fatty.”

Source: unusualsuspect

“My wife got spanked and caned last night for the first time by a dominatrix. “

“She cried, not from the pain, but from the adrenaline. I’m really glad she could experience it.

Last night, my wife and I attended a swinger type party.

We’re new to the lifestyle, but have wanted to get into it for a while. I really knew she would love it, and she did.

The night started out with meet and greets, which my wife loves, she gets to meet new people and talk all about herself, which she did.

The funny thing is she was having so much fun talking to people, she totally forgot she had on a garter belt and full set up under her pants.

She said something about going to the bathroom and I followed, thinking I’d offer help with the undergarments.

She didn’t protest or anything, but gave me an odd look when I followed her into the bathroom.

Then she pulled her pants down and just laughed and said she had totally forgot what she was wearing.

After a while, many people were making their way upstairs for fun, and my wife and I stayed back a bit because we were new and a bit nervous.

The host then was going around offering oral to anyone who wanted it, I whispered to my wife she needs to get in on that.

With a little prodding, she ended up going upstairs, and had a lot of fun.

Afterwards we were hanging out, watching some people here and there and we started watching this dominatrix.

She was doing her thing with a guy, who she apparently knew and they do this often. A lot of people at the party knew each other. Finally they get done and my wife is hanging out and asking the dominatrix questions about the scene and BDSM and her corset, which my wife liked a lot.

I could tell my wife was very interested, but scared of being spanked like the first guy.

In a lull in conversation, I say, “so are you going to spank my wife next?”
My wife was a little like, omg I can’t believe you asked that, but then looked at the women with a little bit of, can you please?

In her eyes.

The dominatrix looked my wife up and down and was like, maybe, I could probably be persuaded.

My wife then admitted she is very curious about getting spanked, but also very nervous.

I offered that I thought she would thoroughly enjoy it once it actually happens.

I ended up leaving at that point to poke around.

I ended up having sex with a very nice woman in a room sitting by herself.

We had a lot of fun.

Afterwards I went back to check on my wife and she was being flogged and while I watched, they moved up to spanking, and finally caning.

The dominatrix seemed to be very good at her job, not that I would really know, but my wife was begging for more with verbal consents.

I realized that I actually had less interest in BDSM than I initially thought.

I mean I’ve always known it’s not really my thing, but yeah I wasn’t really into it at all.

I’ll tie my wife up, which is fun and she likes it, but we’ve known for a long time I don’t have the personality to dominate her.

And at this point I realized, I wouldn’t even want to try really.

But I was really happy she was getting the experience she secretly wanted a lot.

So I leave the dungeon room and hang out in the kitchen for a little while, have a beer, and some snacks.

I wander back upstairs and cuddle with my friend I had made earlier who was laying around relaxing at this point.

Then as I’m laying there, one of the guys who had been watching my wife in he dungeon comes in and says, “hey your wife needs you!”

I was a little surprised, but I go over right away.

My wife is still bent over the bench, now the dominatrix is rubbing her back and I can here soft whimpers I recognize immediately as my wife about to burst into full blown tears.

The dominatrix tells me to comfort her and I go over and just hug her and she bursts into tears as I expected at that point.

She is full on sobbing, and laughing. I’ve seen her this way a few times in life, once after sky diving, once after getting her first tattoo and maybe a few other times.

She finds that she can be totally ok and in the moment, then she has this adrenaline crash or something and will sob uncontrollably.

She says she’s not sad, it’s just intense feelings.

So as I’m holding her, the dominatrix clears the room.

I just sit and hold my wife for a while, while she cries into me.
Finally she looks up at me and says “thank you..”
I look down at her and say, “so you liked it I gather?” And she just starts laughing.

So we collect ourselves, she gets some tissues to blow her nose and we go back downstairs.

A few people clap as my wife gets to the main floor.

She laughs a bit through some remnants of tears.

They all congratulate her for pushing herself and having fun.

A few people say it was a pretty good show too.

My wife hugs the dominatrix and thanks her.

At this point it was 2am so pretty much everyone was getting ready to leave.

We also leave, thank everyone for a great time and say we’ll be back again someday.”

Source: _throwaway8157

Techniques For Good Erotic Spanking

Here are some great tips for experienced spankers that you can take away:

“Don’t spank the top part of her ass. “

“The middle of her ass is for your pleasure to smack, the bottom part is more for her pleasure as it will send the vibrations to her pussy.

Start lightly so you bring the blood up to the skin (not bleeding, but the ass starts turning pink.

Lightly spanking, rubbing, and scratching fairly lightly with your fingernails will accomplish this) once his or her ass starts turning pink you can begin spanking much harder.

Now it’s best in my opinion for my SO to be across my lap while doing this so she can’t see what’s going on, but blindfolds are great too.

Now the next thing is you can trick her into expecting it and keep her off guard.

Like make your hand move fast so it whooshes through the air to make them flinch but then very lightly smack it instead, followed immediately by a quick hard smack right after they relax.

Don’t get into thinking like a metronome with it, constantly vary speed, rhythm and intensity to keep your SO guessing.

Also, don’t stick to one area, land each blow in a different spot, alternate cheeks, cup the hand to make more noise.

When she’s nice and red and sensitive all over, run your fingernails over her ass gently and/or squeeze.”

Source: lithaborn

“It’s important to build slowly. “

“My favorite flogger is a cheap 2 piece shaving strop.

I took it apart and got 2 floggers with handles.

If you’re just beginning, you want something that is relatively short to improve your accuracy.”

Source: 3AYATS

Bringing It All Together

I hope you got a perfect introduction to erotic spanking world with all the floggers and riding crops.. :)

Remember: start slow… and if simple spanking doesn't do anything to you…

Maybe it's just not your thing.

You'll know if it is. You'll know if it isn't.

There are tons of flavors and routes you can take to introduce variety in your bedroom..

Just keep looking :)

Getting a new sex toy and playing with it, is a super easy way to have more fun! :)

Oh and another pro tip — is just try to change location and time of when you're having sex.

Role-plays are great, public play — remote controlled vibrators are cool.

Have fun! 🍷