Garter Belts: What Are The Best Garters & How To Use Them?

Garter belts make for excellent addition to already sexy lingerie, and I love garter belts. 💋🔞

I am a man, I love how they look, how feminine my lady becomes — did, I mention, they are sexy? 👠

In this guide I've collected all the best advice on garter belts and the best garter belts for you to choose from.

The thing is that it's hard to buy high-quality garter belt if you are new to this.

The first one I got for my girl looked great, but it was constantly falling down.

But you won't have this problem, because you're here!

Just so there is no confusion, wanted to clarify…

If you want to wear a garter belt, you'll need:

  • stockings
  • garter belt

In this guide we'll just focus on garter belts (oh well, also on standalone garters a bit).

What are Garter Belts?

According to wikipedia definition:

“Garters are articles of clothing: narrow bands of fabric fastened about the leg, used to keep up stockings, and sometimes socks.
In the eighteenth to twentieth centuries, they were tied just below the knee, where the leg is most slender, to keep the stocking from slipping.
The advent of elastic has made them less necessary from this functional standpoint, although they are still often worn for fashion.”

How Do You Go About Buying A High-Quality Garter Belt?

#1 — Get high quality clips with adjustability option

As a general rule — the more clips the belts has the better it will hold the stockings.

If you want a super secure option, look for three clips for each leg.

If you plan to use garter belts regularly and want them to last, look for metal and adjustable clips.

Plastic ones will break.

And if you cannot adjust them, then again you can run into the problems.

#2 — Look For Sturdy, Stretchy Fabric

It really depends what kind of materials you enjoy having on your skin, but other than that always check the reviews of how sturdy the belt is.

The Best view ever.

#3 — Make Sure You Get The Sizing Right

Ideally you could buy garter belt in your local lingerie store, but not always you'll be able to find the one you like.

If you buy anything online, make sure you talk to customer support to be 99% sure that the size is right.

If you thought that bra sizing is confusing, you don't have an idea how challenging garter belt measurements can be.

Make sure you've got a good flexible tape measurer that's accurate.

#4 — You Get What You Pay For

If you want to buy a garter belt, please buy a quality one or don't buy one at all.

Cheap ones will just disappoint and break.

Look for metal snaps, the belt that could be used as every day wear — it will last you for years!

“Definitely don’t get cheap lingerie garter belts.

I wore them to work once, snapped whilst I was walking, stocking fell down constantly. Had to tie the bugger to me, which bulged under the dress.

Definitely invest in ‘everyday wear’ ones.”

Source: kezza596

What Are The Best Garter Belts You Can Find Online?

I guess there are two categories:

  • super beautiful looking, for show — but not that practical
  • practical, long-lasting, high-quality garter belts.

As you might guess, you can find beautiful garter belts for cheaper, but if you want beautiful and high quality, it's gonna cost.

I've included both options, up to you to decide!

Oh…and then there are Garters — just for the show and garter belts.

I'll cover the best of them all..!

TVRtyle Flower Garter Belt With Metal Straps ($10.99)

This is seriously the best garter belt you will get for the price.

It has metal clips and fabric also holds well. It's very beautiful.

The only warning is to make sure you get the fit right and carefully check the sizes.

Buy it together with these stockings($7.50) as an ultimate set!

Caged Body Harness Garter Belt ($9.95–$32.95)

Now if you want to go for more badass, BDSM type of garter belt, you gotta have this one.

While you probably won't wear them out in public, they will definitely do great in a striptease, sexy dance or to really turn on your guy..!

This garter belt is super stretchy and will really feel like it defines your bodily curves!

Find it on Amazon here.

Black Mesh Garter Belt ($19.99-$39.99)

This is a garter belt that you can wear for every day use!

It comes with 6 high quality metal clips (the safest fit), soft high waist band and quality fabric.

This will last you for a long time and has my #1 recommendation.

You can buy these quality stockings from the same brand, if you want a set.

Find it on Amazon.

BDSM Style Leather Garter Belt ($10.99)

Now this is another badass garter belt that you can use for kinky play…and you could even wear them in public if you put this belt over the leggings!

Super sexy..!

Just get the size right as you can adjust them, but not very much.

Oh and you can always get a full combo by adding leather body chest straps as well! 😙

Find it on Amazon here.

Slocyclub Sexy Metal Strap Garter Belt ($11.99-$13.90)

This garter belt is also great value for the price.

It comes with 4 metal straps and comes in three colors — red, white and black.

Other ladies report that this piece is high quality, while also being a lot cheaper than other popular brand models.

Material is stretchy and belt looks sexy.

Find it on Amazon here.

Rago Style Garter Belt For Plus Size Women ($25.56 — $45.24)

Now if you want to get more comfortable garter belt if you are plus size, this Rago style belt comes highly recommended.

The model is high quality, straps are from metal. It comes in many sizes that will definitely fit and hold!

Maybe not the sexiest one you'll find, but definitely does the job well!

Find it on Amazon here.

Varsbaby Lingerie Type Garter Belt ($14.99–15.69)

If you like a beautiful lingerie and you are looking for a garter belt that goes together with it, this is a perfect choice.

The quality and fit of this model is great for the price, and it definitely stacks well against major lingerie brands.

Regarding the size, other women suggest to simply order regular size as the laces are stretchy…

So if you order a bit too small size, it will still give in a bit.

The Best Garters (No Belts) To Add A Sexy Touch (Or For Wedding)

And if you want to just add a sexy touch you could simply get a garter.

I, as a man, love lingerie type of stockings, but garters get me crazy!

It's in the little things…

Bridal Ivory Wedding Garter With Rhinestone ($12.99)

This garter will do great for wedding garter toss and it looks really beautiful..!

Will go great with white lingerie as a little sexy touch for special occasion.

You cannot go wrong with classics.

Find it on Amazon.

Nyarer Wedding Bridal Garter ($7.99)

Another vintage looking garter set, that comes in two pieces.

Classic, white, timeless.

Yes, quality could be better, but you get what you pay for.

Nothing special, but good enough if you don't want to pay a lot.

Find it on Amazon here.

Vintage Ivory Sapphire Blue Bridal Garter Set ($28.95)

If you like the vintage look, you'll love this set.

It comes with two pieces — one is a toss garter with satin bow and other one bigger has more crystals.

Find it on Amazon.

Final Tips on How To Wear Garter Belt From Other Women:

If you never wore one…especially for kinky evenings, it helps to get some advice from more experienced women, doesn't it?

Here are the best tips on how to wear garter belt correctly for different times:

“I usually put my thong over the garter so my boyfriend can take it off or if he’s feeling frisky, he’ll just cut it off. “

“Pro tip: If you are using stockings with it, clip the stockings to the garter first, then put it on.

10x easier. Trust me.”

Source: Cute_Tea

“Go for a garter belt that has a clasp/clip instead of elastic at the waist!”

“And I just always wear my underwear over my garter, for sex and also just out in the world.

I do the same thing with crotchless tights.

It makes it SO EASY to go to the bathroom since you don’t have to fuck with your stockings at all.

Plus the same is true for sex, it’s way easy to take them off (and easier/more comfortable to just push them to the side) if they’re over the top instead of tangled underneath the straps.

So long as you match your underwear to your garter it looks normal and sexy to have them over the top.

It's good even if it's just complimentary colors.

I usually get black garters since I can pair any color sexy underwear with them and it still looks dope.

Plus, most garter belts sit around your waist above your hips — so higher than your underwear does — which creates a sexy layered look that totally works with wearing the underwear on top.”

Source: The31Readers

“I put my thong over the top of everything so I can take it off and keep my garter and tights on. “

“If I am wearing the garter for function though, like under professional dress, I usually put it under the garter.”

Source: elliecalifornia

“I love wearing a garter belt and stockings. “

“I feel so sexy and feminine knowing what I’m wearing underneath.

I wear my panties over the garter belt.

It’s much more convenient for when nature calls.

It’s especially convenient for when we’re ready for him to enter inside me and make me his.

He just loves the feel of my stocking covered legs wrapped around him as he’s giving me his hard manhood.”

Source: karije

“Proper way to wear a garter belt.”

“For daily wear and to work, over the panties.

For bedroom fun, the garters must go on first and worn under or invest in some panties or g-string with ties on the side or open beneath.

I feel silly pulling up silky panties over garters, so I found some a few nice lacey pair of side-ties at JCPenney.

Pull the strings and they magically drop to the floor, it’s an instant party.”

Source: Anonymous

Oh and I'm sure this video will help even more to see how to use them for different cases:

“Just be warned that many of the garter belts that you can buy will be for show only. “

“They simply won’t be strong or supportive or comfortable enough to wear for any length or time or during “normal” day-to-day activities.

If it’s just dinner, some might work, they might not.

The “old fashioned” six clasp garter belts were used because they actually worked the best.

I’d suggest that you purchase well in advance of having dinner and have a test run.

Worst comes to the worst (and believe me it’s still pretty damn high scoring) you wear normal underwear to dinner, excuse yourself to the bathroom when you get home, and put the lingerie on.”

Source: Anonymous

Bringing It All Together

Now when you know what to look for you can go to any online or real lingerie store with confidence!

I hope this guide helped you to understand what to look out for, how to wear garter belts and showed you the best price for money options online.

Oh and you can always check this GarterBelts subreddit for inspiration!

Thank you for reading, and have a passionate love making 🍷