How To Cum More & Increase Sperm Volume Fast?: The Ultimate Guide


There are two reasons why guys look to produce more cum:

  • 💪 FUN & EGO: they wanna cum a lot more like pornstars do and shoot the money shot like they see it done in movies.
  • 👶 To Make A Baby: trying to get your woman pregnant, but cannot? By increasing the amount of cum and intensity of semen, odds are much better

Ok, and there's one more — cumplay fetishists… 😈

Those are either guys who want to ejaculate, but cannot…

Or women who like to fuck other women with strapons and shoot massive amounts of fake cum over their victims.

I'll cover it all here & answer all the questions. 🧐

Here's exactly what we're going to cover:

  • How To Produce More Cum When You Ejaculate?
  • How To Increase Semen Quality & SuperCharge Your Male Fertility?
  • How To Cum Farther & Ejaculate Like A Pornstar
  • The Best Cum Pills, Sex Foods & Male Fertility Supplements
  • How To Make Cum Taste Better?
  • Fake Cum: How To Make It & The Best Cum Lubes You Can Buy
  • Reader Stories: How To Produce More Cum & How To Have Fun With It

How To ACTUALLY Produce More Cum When You Ejaculate?

Basics first.

First, what's the average amount of ejaculate that a normal man shoots?

According to the World Health Organization — it's around 0.8 ml to 7.6 ml, which is equal to one teaspoon.

And some guys are just more naturally gifted with larger ejaculate volume.

For example, a male pornstar Peter North was famous for his huge cumshots.

In the book he wrote in 1995, he admitted himself that he was always able to shoot those massive loads of cum.

Just his gift.

In statistical analysis of more than 1,300 men, researchers found that only a tiny percentage could ejaculate more than 10 ml of semen.

With that being said…

What are the things that YOU CAN DO to influence the amount of your cum?

Let me tell you the most obvious point first.

The one that will help increase your ejaculate volume the most.

And scientists agree.

And it is:

Wait for up to 3 days between ejaculation.

But science does support the fact that waiting up to 3 days between ejaculation gives the most increase in ejaculate volume.

3 days is what it takes your body to fully replenish your semen reserve. That's it.

According to research waiting for more days doesn't further increase the semen volume.

Next thing that's good to know is:

What is Semen Composed of?

It makes sense that if you give your body more ammo for semen creation, you'll get higher quality semen and it will replenish faster, right?


Semen consists only one percent of actual sperm.

Most of it is water and around 200 proteins, minerals, amino acids and vitamins like:

  • calcium
  • chlorine
  • B12
  • zinc
  • enzymes
  • potassium
  • sodium
  • lactic acid
  • magnesium
  • nitrogen
  • Vitamin C
  • etc.

Plus, interestingly researchers found that supplements like Vitamin D helps with semen quality even if semen doesn't contain it.

So how does this help you?

Well, short answer:

Make sure you're regularly hydrated and eat lots of “alive” uncooked food, that contains those ingredients. Simply adding nuts, green vegetables, fruits will give you 80% of results.

This is what science agrees with, but not to worry we'll delve in further into sex superfoods, supplements and pills.

While science hasn't proved it, tons of guys have reported positive results.

But before that, let's discuss what doctors suggest to their patients to do to increase their sperm count:

How To Increase Semen Quality & SuperCharge Your Male Fertility?

While doctors don't really talk to pornstars who wanna increase their ejaculate volume, they deal with a ton of guys who want to get their women pregnant.

They deal with issues like infertility.

So what do doctors recommend to their male patients?

Let's cover the basics:

#1 — Do Cardio Exercises To Improve Blood Flow

I'm sure you know this, but still.

Studies have shown that men who exercise in gym or do cardio activities have higher testosterone and semen quality compared to men who didn't exercise.

Cardio in general helps with blood flow.

And if you have troubles with erectile dysfunction it helps to remember that penis is a muscle, a blood vessel.

The more you activate your body and help it circulate the blood, the better your sexual drive and semen quality will be.

#2 —Get Enough Sleep To Give Your Body Time To Produce Semen

Again, frikin obvious…

But your body rebuilds during the night.

If you have ever gone to gym, all trainers will recommend you to eat lots of nutritional food and have 7–9 hours of sleep.

Too much stress, sleepless nights, not enough hours — it all takes a toll on your body and affects semen production.

#3— Stop Smoking & Drinking

“Yeah, fucking genius…”

Didn't see this one coming hah? :D

There are tons of scientific studies that show that smoking, drinking and using drugs reduces sperm count, here's a recent one from 2016.

And here's another idea for you to chew at (not a scientific source).

When I asked around experts and talked to pornstars, one theme kept repeating:

Pornstars report that vegans, vegetarians and guys who didn't smoke or drink had the tastiest semen.

And logically it makes sense.

Healthy habits make for healthier body, and this includes semen.

I'll talk about healthy diet in further section about sex foods and supplements.

Now let's talk about technical aspects that you can do to shoot farther:

How To Cum Farther & Ejaculate Like A Pornstar

Don't want to dribble?

Even if you cannot produce more cum, you can make it LOOK like there is a huge money shot coming out!

Perception is reality. It's all a lie.

Pornstars and adult movie producers know this. They make sure to pick the best angles, the best lightning, use fake cum to make sure that the “money shot” is the most impressive.

It's a grand finale, its what everyone is waiting for after all.

Lets take a few pages out of their playbook.

Let's talk about natural perception ways & techniques to cum farther:

#1 — Practice Kegels To Improve Your Penis Health & Strength

I'm a big fan of Kegel exercises.

They will help with everything during the sex.

They will help with penis control (premature ejaculation anyone?), will make your erections harder and will help you shoot farther.

Kegels are like getting your penis to gym.

Penis is a muscle and you can control your erection with PC muscles.

They are the muscles you use to stop yourself from peeing.

Practice them every time you go to toilet to pee.

Start and stop your urine flow for 5x each time holding it for 5 secs.

When you finish peeing hold it for extra 10secs.

The more you practice the faster your penis health will improve.

You should expect to notice a significant difference in 2–4 weeks.

And strong PC muscles will help you a lot with the next step:

#2 — Edging Goes A Long Way To Shot Cum Powerfully

The best secret I, many other guys and pornstars know is that edging

…the build up is the best way to shoot semen powerfully!

They way it works is that during sex you get close to ejaculation and then calm yourself down by clenching your PC muscles and breathing deeply in belly.

If 1 is limp, and 100 is ejaculation, you'll go for 4–5x till 90 or 95 and then relax back to 70–80.

It is kinda like loading the gun and then adding more and more powder.. the firepower behind it.

The final time you'll thrust hard or jerk off your penis hard and you'll be able to shoot at least 0.5meters to 1 meter far!!!

My girlfriend loves this hah.

⚠️ Note: It helps to practice this by yourself first. During sex it's 100x harder to edge yourself, it's too hot.
When by yourself learn to understand your arousal levels especially the ones between 70–100%.
Plus practice clenching your PC muscles and breathing so you have a reliable way to quickly calm down.

#3 — Learn The Basic Physics of Ejaculate & Master The Perception

Make sure the angle is right.

The best angle to shoot the farthest is 45 degrees:

It's basic physics.

If I wanna impress my girl my favorite position to ejaculate is missionary with guy on top.

Once I am close to ejaculating, I take off condom ahead of the time, move myself a little above her pussy…

I angle my penis in 45 degrees and stroke aggressively to give the cum the most firepower.

I can easily shoot it till her neck or even till her face…

Doggy style works well, but there she cannot actually see the whole process.

If you're on top the physics will work for you the most 👊

#4— Practice & Train Your Body To Ejaculate Regularly (Every 3 Days)

Doctors say that 99% of the semen gets reproduced in 3 days.

Practice makes perfect.

If you train your body to regularly ejaculate and practice by yourself to ejaculate powerfully, you'll become natural…

Like a frikin pornstar!

Alright…now let's talk about the foods and supplements you can take to increase the intensity of sperm (if you wanna get pregnant)..

Eating the nutrients your body needs for semen creation will also help with reproduction speed in case you want to ejaculate more often than every 3 day:

The Best Cum Pills, Sex Foods & Male Fertility Supplements

There are tons of aspects where nutrition and supplements can help.

Low testosterone for example has been reported to be related with lowered sexual drive, stamina and erectile dysfunction.

Zinc and magnesium help to increase testosterone levels.

But we'll focus here on how to increase male fertility and the sperm count.

…and of course… make sure it's tasty!

But first, the unexpected sex superfood:

Drink Water! ⚠️
A human body consists of 70% water and you need it for your body to properly function.
Always keep a bottle of water handy and it will also help with semen reproduction.

#1 — Take Lecithin To Increase Semen Volume

Lecithin is composed of mixture of fatty acids that according to research did help to improve semen quality, antioxidant status and reproductive traits in rabbit bucks.

Many men believe in using lecithin as supplements or just eating soy beans for example.

Lecithin is perfectly safe to add to your diet and there are no bad side-effects.

U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has officially recognised it as safe.

Research done on rats concluded that it's safe to take up to 84 grams of lecithin per day.

You can get it on Amazon.

#2 — Eat Celery To Increase Sperm Amount

While this one doesn't have scientific backing, tons of guys on Reddit, the famous pornstar Peter North swear on it.

Celery is rich in vitamins A, K, and C and minerals like potassium and folate.

If you remember from before semen contains these and it will help to replenish it faster.

The reason why I believe celery helps is because there is no financial benefit for anyone to recommend celery.

From supplements companies make money, but not from commonly available celery.


Eat it for 3 days and decide yourself.

#3 — Make Sure You Get Enough Zinc

Zinc can be found in animal foods like eggs, meat and fish.

Studies have shown that zinc deficiency is related with low testosterone levels, increased risk of male infertility and decreased semen quality.

Having enough zinc in your diet is especially important to guys who actively work out at gym.

Here you can get it on Amazon.

#4 — Maca Root: Lepidium meyenii

Tons of studies have showed that when men took 1.5–3 grams of dried maca over three months, their sexual drive & performance increased.

Additionally maca can help improve male fertility.

Here you can get it on Amazon.

#5— Butea Superba

It's another plant that originates from Thailand and locals call it “Red Kwao Krua” and believe it increases their sexual prowess and cures erectile disfunction.

When the experiment in 2003 was done between 39 men with erectile dysfunction, 80% of them reported positive and significant improvement with no bad side-effects.

Scientists later found that in rats it actually increased the sperm concentration.

Find it on Amazon here.

#6 — Puncture Vine: Tribulus terrestris

This plant increases testosterone levels in men and researches also report that there are some aphrodisiac effects.

While a long term effects aren't scientifically researched Chinese have been using this plant for years to cure male sexual drive and prowess.

In 2007 research was done for five weeks on elite rugby players and results showed increased testosterone levels.

Find it on Amazon here.

#7 — Fenugreek: Trigonella Foenum-Graecum

This is another plant you can take to help you increase your testosterone levels.

Several studies tested men who took 600mg of Testofen (fenugreek seed extract) and found that over three months it improved their sexual drive and increased their erections.

Get it on Amazon here.

#8 — Ashwagandha: Withania somnifera

This is a herb that's been used in India from ancient times because men believed it helped them with fertility.

When scientific studies where done they found that using ashwagandha daily for three months improved both sperm count, volume and fertility.

Men who took ashwagandha during their bodybuilding training also reported increased muscle mass and strength (while also boosting their testosterone levels)

Find it here on Amazon.

Finally here are two of the most popular cum pills…

These consist of mix of ingredients, so in theory you don't need to buy separate sex supplements, but instead you just buy one of these:

#9 — Semenax Cum Pills (Author's Recommendation) ⭐️

Semenax is one of the most popular male enhancement supplements sold in the market and it's been around for a while.

What they promise is increased semen volume, stamina and pleasure.

The pills (or liquid) consist of L-arginine, L-lysine, swedish flower, zinc oxide, pumpkin seeds, vitamin E, maca, butea superba… among others…

Here's the full list of ingredients.

On Amazon there are 112 positive reviews, so there must be something they are doing right huh?

Semenax claim that liquid form is 80% more effective.

#10 — Volume Pills To Ejaculate More Cum

What Volume Pills promise is increased semen volume, higher testosterone and harder erections while using all the natural ingredients.

Volume Pills consists of zinc, Ling Zhi (fruit), Emblica Officianalis (berry), Fucus Vesiculosis (root), Hong Hua Fen (flower), Rou Gui (bark), Tian Men Dong (roots and shoots), Xian Mao (roots) and more.

You cannot buy them on Amazon, but only on their website.

Still here's an Amazon alternative that's pretty close:

Amazon link

#11 Bonus: Pygeum Prostate Men Enhancement Pills

A ton of guys report on Reddit the great effects of “Cum Load Holy Grail” where Pygeum is one of the core ingredients.

Most guys report increased pre cum and overall a lot more semen ejaculate!

Get in on Amazon here.

Reader Stories: How To Produce More Cum & Have Fun With It

Let's add some perspective!

There are real men stories and suggestions of what worked best for them to increase semen volume and/or be able to shoot farther!

#1 — “How To Increase Semen Ejaculate?”

Men answer:

“Zinc. Celery. Water.”

“Stay hydrated. I heard Peter North on the Adam Carolla Show.

He credits good hydration for his freakish loads.”

Jerk off less to let the sperm build up.”

“Can confirm on the zinc.

Took ZMA supplements for their supposed workout recovery benefit. I felt like a human SuperSoaker 50.

I don’t think the supplements do much for work out recovery but I take them on occasion for this wonderful side effect.”

“If she will milk your prostate she’ll get plenty of jizz and your orgasm will seem like it lasts forever.

Since my wife began milking mine my orgasms last longer even when she doesn’t have her finger up my ass.”

Note: Read this to learn more about prostate milking.

“I’ve been doing a small supplement stack for a few months now and noticed a big difference In the volume I produce.

If you Google “holy grail stack” or something it’ll give you 4/5 supplements to take.

I think they’re: -L-Arginine -Soya Lethicin -Zinc+Selenium -Pygeum

However I sub the pygeum for horny goat weed as I cant find it anywhere.
One thing is with all this extra volume it no longer shoots out, but pours out, so you need to do some Male kegel exercises.”

After a prostate biopsy the amount of ejaculate is insane — buckets — for weeks. Problem is it’s blood red.”

“The Cum Holy Grail posted earlier is a good way to go about it. Your loads will definitely increase.

However, depending on how nasty she likes things, you can always do what my wife and I do — freeze your cum and thaw it out for a one-on-one bukkake session.”

“She can massage your prostate as you orgasm either directly from anal massage or from outside with p-spot massage.

You will literally have tons of pre-cum and will fully empty your seminal fluid upon orgasm.

The orgasm will also be more intense.

This also helps with trying to get pregnant as seminal fluid greatly protects sperm as they travel in strange lands to the safety of the ovum.”

“Lecithin, apparently.”

“One tried and tested method by me is a stack which includes: Indian herbs (Shilajit & Safed Muslim), L-Arginine, DHEA, Horny Goat Weed, Maca Root, Siberian Ginseng.

I use it predominantly to increase testosterone but it increases cum as well.

Just Shilajit and Safer Musli could work wonders without any side effects.”

“Eat lots of celery, eggs, and blueberries. Drink lots of water, and take a multivitamin.

Do this the entire day of and before.

Taking zinc, horny goat wheat, and other specific vitamins like the ones already posted would help a lot too.”

“Can confirm on zinc.

I am a paramedic who who also dates a girl that has a cum fetish.

Also take some L-Arginine Complex and drink lots of water.”

“(1) L-Arginine, 1000mg Strength, Taken 1 time daily = 1000mg

(2) Zinc, 50mg Strength, Taken 1 time daily = 50mg

(3) Pygeum, 100mg Strength, Taken 2 times daily = 200mg

(4) Lecithin, 1200mg Strength, Taken 1 time daily = 1200mg


“Keep your hand off yourself for a while but do watch porn, or just don’t get even close to finishing unless you’re with her and she’ll have something to clean up.

A mere two days usually doubles it for me.”

“Ever try the Stop & Go method (Edging) ?

Jerk off to the point where you’re almost going to ejaculate but then just stop. Do nothing. Let the boner die done.

Take a 15 min break. And repeat the cycle but never actually ejaculate.

When you do have ejaculate on/in her, it’ll be lots.”

“I drink more than enough water every day, I’m vegan and my loads could stop starvation in Africa.”

“Make sure you drink plenty of water, semen is mainly water so make sure you’re always fully hydrated.

Certain supplements can help too, folic acid combined with zinc, L-Arginine, L-Lysine and L-Carnitine amino acids, and horny goat weed.

Another important thing is to exercise your PC muscles, you can do that every time you’re peeing by stopping the flow of urine, then starting again and keep doing that every time you pee, those muscles will help you shoot farther.

And finally.

When you’re having sex, make sure to build up until just before orgasm repeatedly and when you do finally cum it will be more forceful and have more volume.”

“A herbal supplement called Maca doubled my volume.”

#2 — “Are there any proven ways to increase semen volume?”

“If you’ve seen a debunking of the “Holy Grail” supplement stack I’d like to see it. I’ve seen definite results.

I didn’t measure my loads before and after, so I can’t authoritatively say “twice as much cum” but there’s definitely a lot more than there was.

My wife recently expressed an interest in wearing my orgasms instead of swallowing them — she loves seeing me cum on her tits — and so I’ve begun taking the supplements to boost my output.

Before taking them my cum would nestle in a small puddle between her tits, maybe 3" in diameter; since I started, the puddle is uniformly large enough that she’s had to get the towel and catch the ‘run-off’.

I notice more total ‘squirts’ (as many as seven) and it forms one or two puddles, each visibly larger than the one puddle before.

The cum itself is more watery in texture, as though it were a suspension of a normal load in maybe a shot-glass worth of a thin clear syrup.

I have no idea if this actually improves the quality of the load (for sperm banking purposes) but combined with edging — think about using the Cock Hero series of videos, maybe — it will certainly result in an increased quantity.”

Source: CantStopStaring

“Do you actually get paid by volume?”

“Staying hydrated is #1.

Water water water.

Then look at the holy grail mentioned elsewhere- experiment and see what works for you.

As for sperm count, which I imagine is more important anyway- I don’t think the above has an effect on that.

As I was told, you’re pretty much at your max sperm after 3 days, after that they’re just recycled and the level stays the same.

But sperm banks may have requirements of their own for this, I know some can be pretty strict (or used to be).

But, anyway- no hot tubs, eat healthy, exercise, boxers, that kind of thing.

Good for you = good for your swimmers, pretty much.”

Source: comach2

“Zinc and l arginine made my load insanely huge.

Almost drowned my ex. L arginine can make herpes explode though.

Found out after she tried some and had a flare up.”

#3 — The Holy Grail of Cum Load Increase- Testimonies?”

“I did it. My GF complained that my dick “felt fake” as in erections were too stiff and felt rock hard.

I also started precuming ALOT, like I would think I had orgasmed because of the amount of precum.

But the actual size of the loads wasn’t as dramatic as I would of hoped.

Some felt stronger but for the amount of money spent on the supplements and the pain of taking so many pills a day the pay off was a little weak.

My gf didn’t even notice an increase really.

After a few weeks I stopped taking it because gushing precum lost it’s novelty as did taking all the pills.

If my gf was into big loads I would probably try it again while adding more celery to my diet. 5/10 might do again.”

Source: Anonymous

“I’ve actually tried this supplement regimen.

Yes, it works.

Biggest difference is the amount of precum, which i’m pretty sure is from the pygeum.

It was like, enough to masturbate with. Actual loads were probably 30–50% bigger.

Best results when combined with edging.

Save some money and just try the pygeum + lechitin.

The other stuff is mostly for libido/erection. I didn’t have any side effects.

Honestly it was fun to try but really just a novelty…swallowing all those pills every day wasn’t really worth it.”

Source: adam_in_la

“I had some pretty good results, increased stamina, loads etc and kept it up for a few months… at which time I noticed I had lost a significant amount of hair (50%).

I eventually figured out that the L-Arginine can cause increases in testosterone, which can cause hair loss if your levels are high enough.

6 months later and I’m almost back to 80%.

I believe most the other ingredients should be safe & I still use the lecithin for partial results.”

Source: visceralintricacy

Kegels seem to increase my output… I used to have weak core strength but now that I do workouts I seem to produce more and its a lot stronger of a shot….”

#4 — “How many girls enjoy when there man tells them they are about to cum?”

Women answer ;)

“Yes! I really appreciate it on multiple levels — it’s hot and sometimes it gets me closer, but also, sometimes I’m holding off until he is close.

And if it’s during a blowjob, it’s really much nicer not to be surprised with sudden cum against the back of my throat, especially if he’s a shooter.”

“Possibly most of the men I’ve had sex with are 100% silent the whole time.

Some even manage to not breathe heavily?

I hate it so much :( but I feel like a dick asking someone to do something they don’t do automatically.”

Hint: Make noises and tell you're about to cum!

“Fuck yes. When my bf says those 3 little words, it can almost make me come instantly. It at least puts me very close.”

“Things you can do if he lets you know he’s about to cum:

Have him pull out for birth control*
Have him pull out to cum in your mouth
Have him pull out to cum on your body (anywhere)
Have him cum inside you

Encourage him to do one of the above (‘Oh yeah baby I want your cum all over my ____ / in my ____ )

Deny him orgasm in a femdom way
Edge him so his eventual orgasm is stronger

Slow down and change it up so sex can last longer, change positions, switch to oral for you, fingering, making out, etc.

Encourage him to cum so sex can end faster.

The list really goes on and on.

Things you can do if he doesn’t let you know he’s about to cum:

He cums.”

Source: pandasuace

“I really appreciate when my bf says it. It helps me keep on going with my hand and mouth actions even though my jaw/hand is sore.

Also it makes me prepared so I have enough air so he can cum in my mouth (I can’t handle it while breathing but working on it.)”

“It definitely turns me on. And when I flashback on it later, it turns me on all over again.”

#5 —” How does vegan or vegetarian cum taste when compared to someone’s with a “regular” diet?”

“The guy I’m seeing now is a vegetarian and he doesn’t really taste of anything — so much so that sometimes I can’t tell if he’s cum because it tastes so neutral.

That’s definitely different to other experiences i’ve had with meat eaters where there’s no mistaking what’s just happened.”

Source: damn-croissants

“Can’t say much about semen but personally my ‘lady juices’ became much less bitter/fishy and much more neutral (I can lick my dildo after using it and it tastes like nothing) so I’d say it affects both genders ‘tastes’”

Source: Throwawayace67894

“My (female) vegan ex would taste neutral to good at all times.

It was almost freaky, we could be out all day in the same, go dancing and she’d still taste good whereas I wouldn’t let her anywhere near be until I showered.”

Source: Hoof_Hearted12

“I was with a vegetarian guy who also had a sweet tooth… his cum basically tasted like juice. It was great!”

“Husband went vegan after 6 years of being together.

Definitely tastes better.

Hard to explain the taste difference.”

“I feel I am somewhat of an expert in this case!

Three boyfriends of mine have been vegetarian and I also was for six years.

All of them have tasted great, although one had weirdly hot spunk that made it not so nice to swallow.

Current boyfriend had been veg for 20 years and eats healthy and mostly veg and greens and by far tastes the best (as opposed to last two who were fond of junk food), I love swallowing his cum.

I definitely think I had a better taste when I was vegetarian too, although I rarely eat meat now anyway.”

Source: ioncesavedabumblebee

“In my experience it has less taste, which is a good thing.

If the vegan eats loads of greasy food and alcohol then their cum can taste close to a meat eaters too.

The worst thing for cum taste is being a user of meth or amphetamine including prescription Adderal and Dexedrine though (makes sweat smell awful too).”

Source: ashtraygril

#6 — “Guys — where do you like cumming on/in the girl the most? Ladies — how/where do you like the guy to cum the most?”

“I love when a guy cums inside me. I usually get off from the feeling.”

“My boyfriend was basically a virgin when we started dating and I assumed that he would be really quick to cum when we were having sex. Not so.

He could only cum when he was stroking his cock.

So we started working on it. Then he moved across the country and we were only able to have sex every 6–8 weeks.

At Christmas, he got 80% of the way to him cumming inside me with a condom.

I just had an IUD put in this week and I get to see him two weeks from now.

The past 6 days I have been fantasizing about him cumming inside me and it makes me melt every time.

My panties are practically soaked just thinking about it.”

Source: ghostofgrafenberg

“There’s nothing like pushing deep inside your girl and finishing there. Especially when she’s urging you to ‘fill her up.’”

“Girl deep throated me once and as I was cumming she shoved my dick all the way back into her mouth so I just shot straight down her throat.

Then she licked me clean for a few minutes.

Hottest blowjob ever.”

“I honestly have no preference, I enjoy it no matter where it lands.

Except the eye, anywhere but the eye…”

“Face/mouth : this is especially hot if you’ve ‘saved’ for a few days or a week and there is a substantial amount.

In the vagina or ass.

This is awesome when forceful thrusting is involved.

Let me know you’re about to blow and just keep going until you can’t go anymore.”

“I love it when he comes on my boobs, ’cause then I get to play with it and tease my nipples with its slipperiness.

And that makes me so hot and squirmy.

Then it gets all dry and I get that weird prickly feeling like I’ve been covered in glue that’s dried and that keeps me reminded of the activity throughout the day, which keeps me wet and wanting.

Or sometimes on my face, as he grips my hair, angling my face up as his, it makes me feel all helpless and wonderful, seeing the lust in his eyes.

Then I wipe that wet heat all around my face, messing myself up for him, before collecting some of his cum on my fingers and sucking it, licking it off, nice and slow, collecting some more and doing the same until I’ve swallowed his whole load.

But most often he comes deep down my throat.

Which is also freaking awesome.

When he comes he almost always runs his fingers through my hair, right on the scalp, grips me and pushes my head down, holding me there, with his big strong hands, my lips pushed up against the base of his cock.

I gag and splutter, as his cock pulses his load deep into my throat and I do my best to please him with my tongue and what little head movement he’s allowed me as he comes.

And when he releases me I lick and kiss him clean, then I smile, and swallow his come.

I love that too, it’s almost like he’s giving me a piece of himself to carry inside me…

Then I usually kiss him one last time and come up for snuggles.

I love giving blowjobs…”

Source: Solsed

Bringing It Together


It's been a long read, but I hope now you have all the perspective and insights about how to cum more and produce more semen!

I tried to involve both science and real reader stories and I'll let you decide what you wanna try!

If you want to read more articles that can help improve your sexual life and pleasure, check out this New? Start Here guide.

Cheers! Happy Shooting! 💥