Squirting 101: How To Make A Girl Squirt FAST & For Real

Do you really wanna learn how to make a girl squirt?

You're in the right place!

Let's put this myth to the rest.

While a recent survey has revealed that 81.9% of women have never ever squirted, the interest is GIGANORMOUS!!!

Even if 18.1 % have squirted before, only 4.8 % report to squirt with regularity.

What's going on here?

Well, porn industry has really popularised the squirting idea, but truth is, it's not easy to make a girl squirt.



  1. You need to have the technique down.
  2. The woman herself must have cleared herself from emotional blocks, insecurities and relaxed.
  3. It takes quite a long time and effort to do it. Unless woman has lots of practice with squirting, you won't be able to get a random chick you hook up with to ejaculate.

But not to worry, I'll teach you the fundamentals here.

It took me quite a while to connect the pieces together and do it with my woman, but after you make a girl squirt for the first time, every next time gets easier and faster. Now I have talked & instructed tons of women and men who've reported excellent results, which I'm going to share here.

Here's what we're going to cover:

Table of Contents

  • What Is Squirting?
  • Is Squirting Real? Can All Women Squirt?
  • Is Squirting Pee or Water?
  • Why Do Women Squirt? What Happens When You Squirt?
  • How To Make A Girl Squirt In 7 Steps
  • How To Squirt During Sex: The Best Positions
  • 5 Other Women & Men Give Tips On How To Squirt
  • FAQ: Common Squirting Questions Answered
🖕 Important Note: This guide is mostly for men to make woman squirt, but truthfully man cannot do it without woman's full support and cooperation, so this one will be great for both sexes.

Before We Start…

Every guy reads articles on steps, techniques..

But almost nobody thinks how to really connect with their woman, how to establish sexual connection that will make her orgasm, squirt…

…whatever with a little effort!

It will be easy — like taking a candy from a kid.

..if you learn how to really connect with your woman.

For example, making noises — most guys are silent in bedroom, even if they love their woman moaning and screaming.

But women are insecure too! If you’re silent they are worried if you’re enjoying it and their logical brain kicks in… and that murders any chances of her reaching orgasm.

Making some noises is the easiest way to set her at ease and make her relax — like RRrr….damn…sexy…love it…!

Check out this video to completely shatter her reality of what sexual pleasure can really be:

💦 What Is Squirting? 💦

Squirting or female ejaculation is when a woman shoots or simply ejaculates a thickish, whitish fluid during the intense G-spot (Grafenberg Spot) stimulation.

It comes from Skene's Glans, which is by some called female prostate.

During arousal it fills up with a liquid and after intense G-spot stimulation gets squirted out through woman's urethra.

The amount and intensity of ejaculate depends from woman to woman.

It might be that a girl just gets super wet and it might be that she squirts intense amounts all over the blankets.

Is Squirting Real? Can All Women Squirt?

Totally, yes!

All women can squirt!

Now with the sex toys it becomes easier and easier to make it happen, but it's important to note that many woman have emotional blocks, lots of tension in their bodies, that makes them unable to orgasm easily.

Yoga helps, meditation helps, massages help, kegel exercises help…

Oh… and if woman doesn't trust or can't fully relax with her partner (yes, you man), then also it will make her unable to squirt.

But keep reading and I will show how to break all the blocks down one after another.

Is Squirting Pee or Water?

It's not pee, but….

What you might not know is that pee is actually 95% water.

So while the squirting might involve pee if there's a lot of ejaculate, who cares?

Squirting liquids definitely don't taste or smell like pee.

And it helps to remember that Skene’s Glans are very small and they cannot create more than 30ml of female ejaculate liquid by themselves.

So if you see in porn women gushing out tons of liquid, it doesn't all come from Skene's glans.

This means, that even if squirting isn't pee, woman will never know if she just squirted or peed.

And you must tell the girl to relax, because when she's about to squirt, she will feel like peeing (since squirt comes from her urethra, same hole where pee comes from).

If it helps, semen has traces of urine the same way, because remember semen comes from the same hole where pee does.

Why Do Women Squirt? What Happens When You Squirt?

What makes a woman squirt is basically a high arousal that fills the Skene's Glans with the liquid and then a strong, continuous G-spot stimulation causes her to ejaculate kinda like men would.

Except that woman can do it as many times as she desires.

When she's squirting it will feel like peeing and orgasmic sensations through the body at the same time.

Sometimes the orgasm will happen simultaneously, but sometimes it will happen before, after or won't happen at all.

What Does Squirting Feel Like?

“It feels to me much like an orgasm. And at the same time also not at all like an orgasm. It’s a very different feeling, but if I had to compare it to anything then an orgasm comes closest.
Unlike an orgasm it doesn’t always lower after the release. Many times with squirting I get MORE excited and want to have sex more and more.
So someone can keep me squirting for many times in a row if they have the skill to do so.
And the feeling doesn’t have to get less. I don’t always need recovery time like I do with orgasms. “— Susanne Fire

How To Make A Girl Squirt In 7 Steps

Aight, time for the juicy stuff…


Read on:

#1 — Prepare Yourself & Set The Scene

It all starts here, you reading this article, preparing yourself and then talking to your girl about your intentions.

If she's not ready to to even accept the idea of squirting, you won't be able to make her cum.

Frankly, maybe she doesn't trust you enough yet.

So talk to her upfront, set her at ease, reassure her that no matter what happens you'll be understanding and attentive

Set Your Own Expectations Right

As they say — Focus on Journey Not The Destination…

Yes, you want her to squirt and she may want to squirt, but you may not succeed at the first time.

So whatever happens, focus on the experience that you do get!

This is especially important for a man to understand. We are goal oriented.

But if a woman sees that all you care is to make her squirt, she will feel pressurised, disconnected and it will murder her arousal.

It's a sensitive thing, no surprise that only 5% of women can squirt regularly.

But you'll be in that 5%…!

Take care of your own hygiene

You'll be using your fingers, so it's very important that you accidentally don't scratch her vagina.

Make sure you cut your fingernails and smoothen then up to remove all the sharp edges.

Alternatively you can simply use hygienic gloves ;)

Get a lube, water & prepare the scene

Maybe your girl gets really wet during arousal, maybe she doesn't.

Get a lube just in case, a water-based option is the safest one, Passion Lube's are my favorite.

It will take quite a bit of time, think 30–60 mins…So get a glass of water next to the bed cuz she WILL get thirsty.

Just in case it goes super wet, keep towels handy.

Get a nice relaxing music playlist for the background, candles, incense is super nice.

Oh, and dim the lights…

#2 — Make Her Really Relaxed

Now, before you make her hot you gotta make her super relaxed.

A long, slow sensual massage (with relaxing music) will do wonders for her.

Ask her, what could make her relax.

Maybe it's a long bath for her, yoga, meditation session, relaxing dinner or… well, massage.

#3 — Get Her Really Turned On And Horny

Now, you can put on some hot sex music…

…and change the mood from relaxing to sexual.

Remember, that woman's biggest erogenous zone is her B-spot — BRAIN!

Anticipation, teasing will go long way…!

If you talked with her upfront, chances are she's already aroused from the idea of you both working on squirting session :)

You'll want to spend a lot of time in the foreplay.

Kiss her body, caress her erogenous zones.

Spend quality time to her breasts, massage her inner thighs…

And slowly zone in to her pussy…

#4 — Start With Vagina Massage & Eating Her Out

First, you'll want to kiss her whole vagina area ignoring the clit.

All of this teasing, slow build-up will make her super horny and wet.

When you finally lick or finger her clit she'll be moaning with pleasure.

⚠️ In this step you do want to get her close to orgasming, but you don't want her to orgasm!

Ask her to tell you if she's close so you don't get her cuming clitorally by accident. I told you, you need her full cooperation.

Get her close to orgasming clitorally first like 2–3x…before you move on. If you don't know how to make her orgasm even with clitoral stimulation, you cannot dream of her squirting.

Read this guide for giving her ordinary orgasms first then.

Eating her pussy out before even going for G-spot is important because it will make your job easier.

She'll cum easier and faster since she's super aroused already.

What you DON'T WANT is to go straight to fingering her with no build-up.

You do that and she'll never squirt or even orgasm.

#5 — Focus Down On The G-Spot And Make Her Squirt

You've got her relaxed…

Then you got her aroused…

Now it's time to make her have a squirting orgasm!

Now this is the most comfortable position for making her squirt.

In the picture it shows guy with the face on her pussy, but you don't need to do that.

You can simply sit next to her using one hand to balance yourself and second hand to finger her.

The G-spot is located few knuckles in her vagina. Your fingers should go inside her vagina and face upwards to her belly button.

You can use your two middle fingers or your index and middle fingers together.

Motion something like this.. ;)

You wanna start slow and gentle. Remember the previous step of getting her close to orgasm and aroused?

If you skipped this step then you wouldn't even find the G-spot. It's a walnut size bump that shows up only when a woman is aroused.

Now work that G-spot and be prepared for some serious time here. Your fingers will hurt over time, but you cann't give in.

Once you get going, you don't stop (unless she asks you to).

Here it's important for her to give you the feedback. Ask her simple questions that she can simple answer with Yes/No like:

Is it good?

You want her feedback, but you don't want her logical brain to kick in, as it WILL murder the arousal and your chances getting her squirting.

You start slow and gentle but after a few minutes you want to really amp the pressure and the speed, and keep on it.

If it's too strong she will let you know.

The way you do it is by locking your arm, wrist and hand together to her pubic bone while keep the fingertips curled up pressing tightly against her G-spot.

Then you start shaking the whole hand up and down rapidly.

Keep this up and it's almost guaranteed that she will squirt.

If something is off, she will let you know and you can work on it…

If you want to cheat just use this handy G-Spot Metal Wand, save the fingers for later!!!

Rinse and Repeat.

And let the squirts flow… 💦 💦💦

🚨 #6 — Give Her Stacked Orgasms & Achieve Continuous Orgasmic State 🚨

Now, this is just a tip of the iceberg, there is a lot more that goes into squirting than simple steps…

For example, you might have not built enough sexual connection and trust for her to be able to relax enough to squirt..or even orgasm!

However there are tons of subtleties and skills you might need to have before going to something as advanced as squirting.

I learned everything I know from my mentor Alex Allman (and tons of practice), and especially his program “Revolutionary Sex” was extremely helpful.

He has a knack for finding the right words and tips to explain how to get women into heightened states they have never been before.

I'm talking about stacked orgasms, squirting orgasms, even continuous orgasmic states!

Yes, your woman is capable of that, the same way as you are capable of non-ejaculatory multiple orgasms for example.

But you gotta have the fundamentals down and there are three main ones:

  • 🖕Avoid the most common mistakes men make with women (sometimes that's all it takes). Like: Not making noises, not connecting with touch, but just being visual (having trained on it by porn).
  • 🖕Learn to drink her in, as Alex calls it “The Sexual Psychic Technique” which teaches how you can sense things that your woman is feeling without her telling you.
  • 🖕Plus, you need to work on sexual trust and removing her emotional blocks
Find out how to build sexual trust that will lead to soul-shaking squirting orgasms!

“Revolutionary Sex” is great for teaching you these things, in fact it’s the ONLY sex guide you might need to read.

🚨 But get started by watching this quick, FREE video that Alex has released for limited time only… and you’ll learn three Ninja ⚔️ tricks to giving her orgasms
…And the basic steps of Sexual Psychic Technique…🚨

#7 — Aftercare: Support Her & Be Understanding No Matter The Outcome


After you made her squirt or whatever happened make sure to be really understanding and supportive… she will need it.

It's not uncommon for women to cry, laugh, shake uncontrollably… and be very emotionally vulnerable.

Be grateful she's letting you in on this beautiful experience and your sexual trust and emotional connection will grow like nothing else.

After these orgasmic experiences my relationships with my girl have never been the same again.

She became this giggly, feminine piece of cuteness, that I just loved.

I loved feeling like a real man who can satisfy her and bring her to the places nobody else ever has…!

How To Squirt During Sex: The Best Positions

If you can make her squirt with hand stimulation, it's also possible to make her squirt during the sex!!!

There are, in fact several great G-spot stimulating positions that she'll love!

But be warned that if you haven't made her squirt with the fingering technique or with the G-spot vibrating sex toy, you won't make her squirt with this.

Either way, it's gonna be super enjoyable… and if you've made her super aroused upfront, she may even ejaculate.

The secret here is to use the correct angle and depth.

To stimulate her G-spot with your penis, you only need to penetrate her 2–3 inches deep.

The best and easiest squirting G-spot position is the classic missionary with variation.

You want to put a pillow under her and put her legs up straight behind her head.

Then you can adjust the angle and thrust her shallowly 2–3 inches deep. Lean back and down if you want to stimulate her G-spot more.

Every woman is different so you'll need to ask for her feedback here.

Another position that is great for G-spot stimulation is variations of Doggy Style.

Either she goes on all fours or lays down by leaning back on her hands… you gotta experiment to find the best stimulating G-spot angle.

If you ever wondered why women love doggy style, it's because of the intense G-spot stimulation.

Just remember not to thrust deep, and angle your penis to point to her belly button…

Keep experimenting and keep talking…

You'll get there. I promise.

5 Other Women & Men Give Tips On How To Squirt

To add some extra colour I found five women and one man to give advice on how they make women squirt…

It might help you!

This is a nice video where TripAdvice interviewed Caitlin V Neal and she gives some super insightful squirting advice:

#1 —” I’m 35 years old and didn’t know I was a squirter until my current bf. “

Besides just having an overall better technique with oral, he fingers me like nobody else has.
Wait until your gf is really wet, and then use your two middle fingers (middle & ring) and make sure your palm is facing up. start kinda slow and move your fingers almost like your telling her to come here.
you should feel a difference in texture between her g spot and the rest of her vagina, a little more fleshy. when she’s getting into it, a little more pressure & speed. keep doing that.
the first time my bf made me squirt, I came 2–3 times before I actually squirted. now…it happens fast.
good luck and have fun!!!


#2 — “From a man: It is actually very simple. “

It might take some practice, but if you keep at it, you’ll get it eventually. Many people have undoubtedly heard of the mythical “G-spot”. This is actually what you are aiming to stimulate.
There is nothing mythical about it at all, it’s a few inches in the vagina on the roof. To stimulate it, all you have to do is direct pressure to the front roof of the vagina. (For clarity, when I say “roof” I mean the top part of the vaginal canal, in the direction of the stomach.)
This can be done through sex or by fingering. Naturally certain sex positions are better at this than others. I don’t know all their technical names, but to name a few of my favorites:
Lie her flat on her stomach, with you coming in from on top. Move as far forward as you can so that your penis moves directly downward. If you feel the contact between you and a wall which is the roof of her vagina, you’re doing it right.
Lie her on her side with you positioned upright on your knees. Again orient yourself at a slight angle so that your penis moves not in and out, but more from back to front.
Have her lie on her back, propping her waist of in the air in an arched back type position. Once again in an upright vertical position, hold and lift her waist to relive some of the weight and direct the motion of your penis straight up in the air.
All of this should apply a good deal of pressure on the “roof” of the vagina and will stimulate the G-Spot.
One thing to remember is that hard pressure (in moderation) is a good thing. You will notice when you familiarize yourself with the roof of the vagina that it is somewhat elastic and stretchy. You want to stretch it (albeit within reason). I’ve noticed that this seems to have the most significant effect.
So now you’ve had enough fun stimulating the G-Spot and you are ready to make her squirt, what now? I have yet to do it through sex (though I’m sure it’s not impossible), so you will continue from here with your fingers.
With her lying on her back, her stomach up in the air, place your fingers in with your palm facing up. Then, hook your fingers so they are pointing back towards you.
At the right angle, you should feel them “snag” on the roof of the vagina slightly, as it stretches. Now, all you want to do is pull slightly, but very quickly putting the emphasis on directing your force up and back towards you. Do it fast enough and you will feel it before long.
Having discovered the “secret” I have not met a girl yet who I haven’t been able to make squirt. I am confident that any girl can squirt provided the proper technique is applied.

— Jaerixon

#3 — “The most important thing to remember is that you can’t break her vagina.”

It takes rapid and intense manipulation of her g-spot, and if you’re timid in bed you’re gonna have a hard time.
First off, make sure that she’s hydrated.
Second off, make sure that she’s really turned on, lots of foreplay, oral, if she’s into being spanked, whatever she’s into, do that.
Third off, make sure that she’s relaxed.
It’s hard to do it with a brand new partner or someone whose uncomfortable for some reason — have her go pee first, as she’s going to feel like she needs to pee when she’s getting close and if she clenches to stop it, she won’t squirt. Once these things are accomplished, it’s really not so hard. The floor of the vagina, closest the anus, is very stretchy.
The gspot and urethral sponge are on the ceiling of the vagina, closest the clit, approximately one inch inside the canal.
Your position on the bed is important. You can straddle her torso, facing her feet, or you can sit along side her, but you want to be (your body) north of her hips somewhere.
Insert the third and fourth fingers (ring and middle) on your dominant hand, fingernails towards the floor of her vagina. Curve the fingers so they form an L at the knuckle closest to your hand. Your fingertips should feel an area that is spongy, which may have a different surface texture than the rest of her vagina — wrinkly, for lack of a better word.
If she’s sufficiently aroused, there should be a spongy mass behind the top wall of the vagina that’s about the size of a shell-on walnut.
You’re going to repeatedly squeeze this urethral sponge into her pubic bone using the top one third of your fingers.
The motion involved presses the bottom wall of her vagina down towards her anus with the _ section of the L you made, and then up towards the clit with the top third of your fingers, and during the up motion, you’re simultaneously pulling, in the direction of out of her body (but don’t remove your fingers), in a kind of “come here” gesture.
You will start to hear a very distinctive squishing noise coupled with a vacuum sound created by what you’re doing to the bottom wall of her vagina.
The entire area you’re looking to stimulate is less than two inches inside her, and the range of motion you’re using is about an inch (that is, the bottom wall of her vagina should be pushed towards the anus approximately a half inch at the bottom of your stroke, and you’ll be separated from it by about a half inch when you’re at the top of your stroke.)
The rate of thrusting required is somewhere between 90 and 120 beats a minute. And your hint that you’re doing it right is the noise.
Or if you want to cheat, invest in one of these: Njoy Pure G-Spot Wand
The technique there is much easier. Insert either end. Hold the exposed bar below the ball you can still see (choke up on the tool, don’t hold onto the exposed ball itself, the thrust will be far too long).
Basically, punch her vagina (not hard, pull up a little short, it’s not supposed to be painful external contact by any means) at anywhere 60 beats/min plus. Oh.
And set out a towel first, at least, under her butt, or the pool she’s sitting in will soak into a wet spot.
The ejaculate doesn’t smell or stain though… it’s just wet for sleeping on.

— Anonymous

#4 — “The bare minimum is to make the “I love you” hand gesture with your hand.”

Your middle finger and ring finger are down while the others are up (pinky, pointing, and thumb are not used). Those two fingers go into her pussy. Now move that hand up and down as hard and fast as you can. You’ll feel her get spongey and maybe feel a type of ball drop down inside of her. Ignore it and keep going, because after those things happen, it means she’s close to squirting.
I can only squirt while I’m cuming but some girls squirt before or after or they just squirt. Make sure your girl cums, don’t just assume she came while she squirted.
Make sure your partner is well hydrated because dehydrated pussies don’t have extra liquid to squirt.
Those are the basics and the technique to get any girl to squirt, because we all of g spots.
Make sure she is aroused and don’t just go in for the kill.

— Anonymous

#5 — It is a lot of fun. Good Luck :)

Step 1 — talk it over with your partner, what you are going to do, let her know she will probably get a peeing sensation, but it is not pee, make sure you are all both open to it. put towels down if you are on anything cloth related i.e. mattress, sofa, chair etc.
Step 2 — once you are ready, have your lady urinate before you start
Step 3 — she needs to be aroused, whatever that takes, i find performing cunnilingus to a clitoral orgasm works the best for us.
Step 4 — prepare the hook method, insert your middle and ring finger inside her vagina, placing the pinky and pointer to the side with your thumb on top of her vagina
Step 5 — Start off slow, but quickly begin a more aggressive up/down motion putting pressure on the anterior wall of the vagina, behind the clit.
Step 6 — Once she starts to swell, it will sound very juicy and you will feel a large golf ball size sack hanging down inside the vagina (some refer to this as the g spot aroused)
Step 7 — Push the ball off to the back of the vagina and continue to do the hook method aggressively, she should start to pop
Step 8 — If she can communicate that she is going to squirt/piss, you should get a nice shot out of the urethra all all over the place, anywhere between 1–4 cups of ejaculate. If your hand is still in the vagina, she will gush.
Step 9 — Repeat, usually a squirt is followed by a huge vaginal orgasm
ALT — If none of this works for you, purchase a Hitachi Magic Wand with a rabbit extension and start from there.

— Seighton

FAQ: Common Squirting Questions Answered

Now, let's cover everything that wasn't answered yet…

Add your question below if something is missing!

#1 — How Do I Make My Woman Squirt? Tried Everything!

If you tried all the steps and still don't get her to squirt, here are few ideas:

  • She doesn't trust you enough yet — If she has squirted with someone else or made herself squirt, then it's pretty much your fault. Work on sexual trust.
  • She's doesn't want to squirt — maybe she dislikes the idea of losing control and some mental blocks around squirting. Talk to her more.
  • She is stressed or not aroused enough — remember, squirting process takes quite a long time. Think around 60 minutes, maybe you're pushing too much on the goal and that stresses her out… Talk to her.
  • She doesn't know herself or has weak vaginal muscles — Maybe she has mental blocks around her sexuality, she should practice Kegels to feel more sensations… Again, talk to her.

#2 — Can Women Really Squirt As Shown In Pornography?

Yes and No.

Some porn is real, but lots of it is just that — acting.

Every woman is different and one can gush out huge amounts of liquids multiple times, while other will simply get super wet.

You'll be better served if you ignore what you see in porn and focus on exploration with the partner.

#3 — What exactly is female squirting? Is it only urine or a combination of liquids?

Again, it's definitely not urine.

Squirt ejaculate usually is odourless, colourless and has a slightly musky scent. When tasted it does have a little salty taste.

It feels similar like peeing, but don't worry it's not urine.

Even then, urine is 95% water, so nothing to worry about!

Just get over the worries and accept the sexy messiness!

You'll do better for it!

🚨Bringing It All Together🚨

This guide should serve as great introduction to the squirting game, but know that the best tips are saved in the program “Revolutionary Sex” by my mentor and business partner Alex Allman.

You see, this is just a bandaid, a tip of the iceberg.

Every guy reads articles on steps, techniques..

But almost nobody thinks how to really connect with their woman, how to establish sexual connection that will make her orgasm, squirt…

…whatever with a little effort!

It will be easy — like taking a candy from a kid.

..if you learn how to really connect with your woman.

For example, making noises — most guys are silent in bedroom, even if they love their woman moaning and screaming.

But women are insecure too! If you're silent they are worried if you're enjoying it and their logical brain kicks in… and that murders any chances of her reaching orgasm.

Making some noises is the easiest way to set her at ease and make her relax — like RRrr….damn…sexy…love it…!


Check out this video to completely shatter her reality of what sexual pleasure can really be:


You’ll thank me later, it’s a quick video that will fill in the blanks.

It will give you the real sex education, the fundamentals that we should have been taught when before we even had our first sex…!

Do it now 🍷