Why You Shouldn’t Quit Your Job
Jessica Wildfire

Jessica, appreciate the raw insights into your own reasoning vs quitting/not quitting your job.

Yeah, indeed Instagrammers/Youtubers need to make it look romantic to be attractive.

But freelancing, entrepreneurs lifestyle is not as romantic as it seems. I've been living it for the last 10 years and a big reason is that I just hate working for someone else.

That's a great motivation by the way. You either make it or need to work for someone else. If that puts dread in you (like it does for me) then that's amazing :)

Wanted to add few cents to the conversation about hobbies as well...

There are some things which are great for turning into businesses and some that are horrible.

In my own life, I tried to turn dancing (kizomba) into a profession. After one year of practicing at least 3 hours a day I understood all my joy from dancing went away. I couldn't relax in social parties, always punishing myself for not being good enough.

Then again when it goes to writing and marketing, it's a hobby I probably wouldn't do if I didn't need to make living somehow…but it's something I love.

In this case, because it involves money, it becomes a challenging, fun game to play. The game of life.

Curious, what's your fear? What do you fear will change if you take a leap to full-time writing, Jessica?