How to Jerk Off: 10 Different Male Masturbation, Fapping Techniques

The best way to jerk off? 🧔

I'm sure you're familiar with classical up & down stroke jerking off motion… 🤲

But what about some creative ways to masturbate and mix things up? 🤙

Expect to be surprised and blown away when you try these new ways of masturbation. 🤗🤯😍

Oh…and check out my even more detailed masturbation guide for more tips.

But in this guide you'll learn 10 jack off ways you probably didn't think off:

First of all… the lube…

A good lube will make everything feel better.

Yeah, you might have a little more mess to clean off, but lubing it all around will pay off a big way.

And I'm not even talking about buying something expensive..

Coconut oil is the best cheap option you can take!

If you want the best from coconut get a virgin, unrefined coconut oil, but if you don't care: anything will do.

Find it on Amazon.

#1 — Use Vibrator On Your Dick

Nothing really comes close to the stimulation you can get with a genuine vibrating wand.

Find it on Amazon here.

Hitachi Magic Wand with Hummingbird attachment will blow any other male sex toy out of the water!

Basically just apply the vibrator on any part of the body, not only the penis…

Especially helpful if you explore the whole area around. You'll increase your sensitivity and reach a lot more intense orgasms.

#2 — Hands Free Masturbation

There are two ways to go about it…

  • You invest in a male fucking machine that jerks your penis off
  • You watch special guided videos with headphones that use binaural beats to get you achieve orgasms without touching yourself (hard but possible!)

The best male fucking machine is the Fleshlight Launch (I've written a detailed guide on it).

It's really the best option you have out there right now — but it will cost your around $300 ($200 for Fleshlight Launch and $100 for the Fleshlight)

But the cool things is that there are virtual reality porn videos that you can connect with this device…

And then this fucking machine will mimic the strokes and intensity that happen on the videos.

In past this bluetooth connection was buggy and you needed to pay separately for those videos.

Not anymore, PornHub has recently released these VR videos for free…

Mix it up with VR goggles and nice headphones and you'll be BLOWN AWAY!

I promise you that..!

Secondly watch the special guided binaural beats videos that will guide you (hypnotise) to reach powerful orgasms without touching yourself.

It does take some effort, doesn't work for everyone…and you may need to retain yourself from any sexual stimulation to increase sensitivity…

But it's possible.

🔞 Here are three videos to get your started (NSFW).

#3 —Milk Your Prostate For Intense Prostate Orgasms

Mmm…did you know that men have more reasons to enjoy anal play than women?

Yeah, we have the precious P-spot hidden down there..!

For some men that's the path to get to non-ejaculatory whole body orgasms…

For some it's just a different kind of orgasm.

Here's how men describe how prostate orgasm feels:

  • “Totally different. [Prostate stimulation feels] duller and less intense in the sense of concentrated excitement, but very powerful and intense in a more full-body experience way.”
  • “It is a deeper, fuller, more encompassing pleasure, radiating from within the body instead of feeling like external stimulation.”
  • “Penile stimulation is about certain external ‘hot spots,’ while prostate stimulation is all internal.”

The best way to stimulate the prostate and have chances to quickly reach a prostate orgasm is by using a prostate massager.

Read the full buyers guide, but here's the cheapest option:

PaloQueth Vibrating Prostate Sex Toy ($24.69)

Now, if you want to have a vibrating prostate massager, but don’t wanna pay a lot, this is the cheapest option you’ll find.

It does the job. It has strong vibrations, it’s not too big and has a remote control.

You’ll get 10 different massage modes to pick from and yeah overall it gets tons of great reviews.

Find it on Amazon here.

And if you want to try prostate milking using your fingers first… and learn how the whole process looks like, read my full prostate milking guide.

It's an amazing journey to take at least once!

#4 — Get A Sex Doll or Realistic Onahole Masturbator

Okay, this is probably even more pricey…but…

If you want the closest experience to the real sex…and don't want to go out looking for a girlfriend…

Then this is a great alternative.

There are excellent sex dolls made now for affordable prices…

And just imagine having 30–50kg realistic sex doll that you can fuck in all the holes and have sex for as long as you want???

You'll learn the definition of having too much sex hah.

You can start small, there are excellent Onaholes (japanese hentai male masturbators) made for more affordable price:

For example, Puni Ana Onahole ($228) doll weighs 4kg and has internal bone structure. It's pretty damn realistic…

Find it on Amazon here.

Watch this video to get a deeper insight of how the sex doll looks and feels like:

It’s Japanese (sorry), so just turn off the audio and watch it.

Then if you're looking for a full-blown sex doll — Jenny is the best option ($609) for the price.

She weighs 32kg, is 158 cm height…and you can abuse her, dress her, undress her as much as you like…

If you are looking for more sex dolls, check this ultimate guide.

#5 — Get A BlowJob Machine

Now blowjob and fucking machines may be similar… but blowjob machines are generally much cheaper…

All the while offering very unique blowjob like — thrusting, rotating, vibrating functions… while you just sit back and relax.

And they pay much less then those advanced sex toys.

Here's the best blowjob machine I've tried.

WeDol Automatic Male Masturbator ($65.99)

This is a fully hands free masturbation stroker that can thrust up to 400x/minute.

How sick is that?

There are multiple thrusting levels:

  • 6 thrusting speeds
  • 2 thrusting modes

It comes with a strong suction cup that you can rotate in different degrees to position for high quality hands-free experience.

You can even use headphones with this thing as there are 6 soundtracks of different girls moaning as you use this thing.

There are nubs inside that feel really good, and different modes are great to play with.

Watch this video for a nice visual review:

Plus, it’s easy to clean… just check the manual.

The only downside? If you’re a little bigger than average, the size might be too small and you should go instead for this bigger WeDol blowjob toy.

#6 — Walking The Edge Masturbation Technique

Okay, so we talked about all the different male sex toys.

This is not really a technique, but edging will seriously change your life.

It will teach you to walk the edge of the orgasms while not ejaculating…

The gist of it is that you get yourself up to 90%, 95% close to ejaculation and then back off.

When you ultimately do cum your orgasm will be so much longer and powerful.

While it works great by yourself, it will work even better during the sex.

If you know your own limits you will be able to last much longer and enjoy a lot more. You will never cum until you want to.

The way you practice is: you change your mindset about masturbation.

You don't go for a goal, you work on getting to know yourself.

Ideally don't use porn because it will distract you from learning about yourself in this case.

#7 — Use Two Hands & Explore All The Area For Increased Masturbation Sensitivity

You probably always masturbate the same way — with your most comfortable hand, same motions… that you know please you.

But how about jerking yourself off with other hand?

How about using both hands?

This is my pro tip — search on adult sites — “the best handjob”, “the best blowjob”.

Look what pornstars are doing there and mimic them! You'll discover so many unique techniques they use… :)

And while you cannot give yourself a blowjob, you definitely can use hands, rub your balls and explore not only your penis, but the surrounding area.

You can also search for “real female orgasms compilation” and watch how girls get themselves to orgasm, how their body shakes, how their moan…

Try to mimic their body movements and you might discover great new sensations.

This is my favorite way to learn new masturbation techniques.

Here's a cool video showing 8 masturbation strokes that you might enjoy too:

#8 — Try The Urethral Sounding

Okay, this is a bit more extreme.

But you can actually sound your urethra (stick a special penis plug in your urethra) to gain intense pleasure!

While prostate milking has indirect access to prostate… then through urethra you can actually directly stimulate the prostate!!!

And there are tons of nerve endings in there that are surprisingly pleasurable!

It's quite popular between some men who just love the extremity of it and it does give very unique sensations.

Here's one man describing how urethral sounding feels:

“I’ve only recently started out with sounding but the only way I can describe it is like you’re being touched inside in a way which you will never have experienced before…
…which you can’t experience any other way and which feels totally unnatural but also strangely good.
It’s like you’re being touched way down deep, from INSIDE the very core of the parts that make your orgasm happen.
The sensations from those parts are coming at the wrong time in the arousal cycle so the stimulation feels intense but…out of place.
It’s like you’re feeling a sensation that you SHOULDN’T be able to enjoy but you do and you can’t help wanting just a LITTLE bit more.”
Source: BigMikeUK

But you must know you need special urethral rods, special lube and extra care for hygiene.

This is the best and cheapest beginners sounding kit:

Utimi Silicone Penis Plug Urethral Rods ($12.99)

This is the safest and smallest starting option.

You will feel the beads and will appreciate the flexibility of silicone.

It’s a gentler way to get started compared with a steel sounds.

Find it on Amazon here.

#9 — Try NoFap For A While

Actually after jerking myself off for years…

I tried to Nofap (no masturbation, no ejaculation) for 99 days.

Turns out there are tons of benefits to semen retention and many extra successful people from past have been practicing it.

You don't need to go crazy as I do (now I don't ejaculate more than once a month).

But I've learned now how to have sex and not ejaculate, and it leaves me feeling a lot better and more energised in the long run.

But even if you just retain from porn or ejaculation for a week…

You'll notice how horny you get and how intense (and how much more cum) there is.

It's pretty awesome…

Which leads me to the next point:

#10 — Masturbate Without The Porn

If you've been masturbating all the time with the porn like most people including me…

You've desensitised your brain and you need more intense and more extreme stimulation.

But you can have detox with nofap…and you can learn to enjoy masturbation a lot more if you do it without a porn.

Yeah…by just laying down and pleasuring yourself…

This will feel new and will get some time to get used to, but I love to both fantasize and try to be completely present at times.

When I'm being present while jerking off I'm learning and sensing how sensitive other parts get…

I start to explore more, my balls, everything around, try moaning, deep breathing…

Touching my penis in different ways — like just rubbing the frenulum, just the shaft….or circling the glans of the head.

It's pretty intense and so much new sensations have come out of this play…

Do try it!

Bringing It All Together

I did run through all the techniques quickly…

But do read the surrounding guides, do experiment and you'll find how amazing jerking off can become again.

I would recommend that you learn not to ejaculate too often as it will leave you more energised to do other things.

Plus, when you learn how to edge yourself, last longer — you'll actually be a lot better lover during the sex.

Women are naturally more sensitive so they enjoy this kind of explorative touch a lot more than just rubbing the clit.

Enjoy! 🍷