Male Sex Toys 101: What Are The Best Masturbation & Pleasure Toys For Men?

Sex toys for women are already taken for granted…

Almost every woman owns a vibrator or a dildo, but what about men? 👊

The great news is that there are companies who are creating amazing male sex toys that give incredible pleasure…! 👍

There are more sex toys out there than ever, just check the Wikipedia, the options for both men and women are huge!

In this guide I will cover all the BEST (and only best) sex toys for men in one place! 🍷

After you're done reading, you'll know ALL the options you have either for masturbation by yourself or playing together with your loved one.

Here's how the article is organised:

  • Introduction: What You Need To Know Before Buying Your First Sex Toy
  • The Best Male Masturbation Toys, Machines & Penis Vibrators
  • The Best Anal Toys For Men: The Prostate Massagers
  • The Best Male Sex Toys For Couple Sex

Since there are three main categories, I'll cover them one by one.

🥇 First, will be all about the male masturbators that you can use for your penis.

Usually these are pocket pussies, vibrators or any other kind of penis vibrators.

🥈 Second, you'll learn all the pleasures that prostate milking can provide.

Truth is, there are a lot more reasons for men to enjoy anal play than women.

Men have the infamous P-spot there which is often called the male G-spot.

If you have ever been jealous on whole body orgasms that women experience… after reaching your first prostate orgasm, you will never be jealous again!

🥉Thirdly, I will discuss all the sex toys that you, as a man, can use during the sex to increase the pleasure.

This will involve:

  • cock rings — for harder erections and more intense pleasure
  • penis sleeves — just in case you always wanted a bigger penis, there are penis extensions you can attach on top of your penis and have tons of fun!
  • cock cage — if you're into BDSM, then this is #1 bondage sex toy that you might consider… It involves your woman locking your penis in cage and being in total control of your manhood…!

Sounds good? Let's jump in!

Introduction: What You Need To Know Before Buying Your First Sex Toy

This will be a short pep talk, because there is quite a bit to learn about materials and lubes…

What's good, what's bad…?

Cheap Sex Toys are Cheap

You get what you pay for.

The thing is anything under $25 probably won't be that good and won't last for long.

My advice is, if you buy a sex toy — then buy a good one, that you could potentially use for years, otherwise… DON'T BUY IT AT ALL.

Anything cheap will be disappointing and you'll write off male sex toys as waste of money.

But there are some amazing pleasure toys out there and consider sex toys as investment in your orgasms and happiness.

Which Materials to Choose?

The best materials are hard plastic, pure silicone, glass or metal.

The one material to avoid is Jelly Rubber. The only thing you need to be careful is the lube you use with your sex toy.

The most common quality sex toys are made from silicone, but silicone lubes break down and destroy silicone sex toys.

The safest lubes are water-based lubes. They are 100% natural, don't break down anything and you can safely use them during the sex as well.

Nowadays, the best hybrid lube that's between water-based and silicone is Uberlube.

It's safe to use with silicone sex toys and it's thicker than most water-based lubes.

Find it on Amazon.

Lastly, always check how easy it is to clean the sex toy you purchase.

Especially for male masturbators, you'll need to clean and dry them after every use if you want it to last.

So just check, how easy it will be to do it.

That's another benefit to any glass or metal toys because you can easily drop them in washing machine and they are clean.

With silicone or hard plastic, you gotta be more careful.

Alright, that's the boring pep talk, let's jump into the sex toys:

The Best Male Masturbation Toys, Machines & Penis Vibrators

From male masturbation toys (for penis)there are basically three categories:

  • the small masturbators that are disposable and easy to hide
  • the bigger ones that have their own container, like a pocket pussy.
  • masturbators that create vacuum effect or even bigger ones which are automatic male masturbators…doing the jerking off for you.

I guess fourth could be simply a penis vibrator…if you really like vibrations kheh.

Fleshlights truly are the best male masturbators, with one downside that they are big and bulky.

If it doesn't matter to you, then just go for a good fleshlight, you cannot go wrong with it.

Later you can always buy Fleshlight Launch which is the device you can put your Fleshlight in to have automatic masturbation — a true sex machine for men.

But let's start first with penis massagers, vibrators:

Hitachi Magic Wand Vibrator ($44)

While this is advertised and generally known to be used by women, nothing beats Hitachi magic wand vibrator.

It’s seriously the best male vibrator you can get, nothing else beats it!

Just put it on your dick and enjoy the sensations — frenulum is especially great spot.

Check my male masturbation technique article for more ideas.

Plus, you can easily repurpose it later for couple play.

The sex toy that will last for years!!!

Oh and finally there are tons of attachments you can buy — both for men and women that can improve the pleasure even further.

For example, there is Hummingbird attachment to provide extra friction for penis… and then there is P-spot attachment for anal play!

Find it on Amazon here.

Pulse Automatic Male Masturbation Vibrating Toy ($119.00)

There are tons of different models, but the great thing about Pulse is that it's small and hands-free.

It's not cheap, but the vibrator surrounds the whole penis, it's waterproof and comes with six vibration patterns.

If you like vibrations, you'll enjoy this one.

If you have erectile disfunction many guys have reported that this toy helped them getting hard and be able to have sex with their women again…!

So keep it in mind.

Find it on Amazon here.

Tenga Egg Men's Male Masturbator ($25.24)

These are small rubber sleeves that come in the shape of an egg.

There are many available with lots is different textures.

They are one use only. (but you can clean them and use up to one month)

Here's a helpful video to show how they look like and can be used… look like pleasure condoms for your penis:

Find it on Amazon here.

I keep a couple handy for those times when I can’t use the noisy masturbators because the vibrators are too loud.

Or they take too much space to put in my luggage when I go traveling.

Wouldn’t buy these for everyday use though.

Stoya Destroya Fleshlight ($79.95)

This one is dubbed to be the tightest and most realistic while being the most pleasurable male masturbator toy available in the market.

It is molded from the shape of Stoya Destroya’s vagina and it’s super tight..and she is quite small…

She has a small pussy, that for tons of guys equals — best pussy hah!

It’s #1 bestselling Fleshlight and you cannot go wrong with that — will be the best for most guys.

Vibrating Tenga Pocket Pussy ($57)

This is another great option, it’s quite affordable and has tons of customisation features that you can use to personalise the experience.

You see there are buttons on the side that you can press to check the pressure the toy has on your penis inside. It’s pretty damn cool.

And since you can open it, it’s super easy to clean and dry it.

Plus, it looks alien so it’s not obvious it’s a sex toy ;D

It could be used as futuristic accessory in your bedroom haha!

The Best Fleshlight Models (..or just make your own)

Riley Reid’s pornstar fleshlight.

Fleshlights come in hundreds of shapes and sizes so if you know what you like you'll find the one that you love.

They have also the end cap that creates vacuum, suction feeling.

They rock in all the areas… that you can really customise any texture, feel, pornstar model you want, just they are more expensive than average.

Fleshlight Turbo Thrust and Fleshlight STA (Stamina Training Unit) are two of the most popular fleshlights if you’re looking for an easy choice.

The only con is the cleaning, but if you get a hang of it, Fleshlights will last for ages.

Fleshlight Launch / Self Masturbating Sex Toy ($199.95)

Okay, now this is the top tier — I talked about self masturbation remember?

Yep, so if you’ve got a fleshlight than you can put into this device and it will basically jerk you off by itself.

You just need to hold on to the sex toy and challenge yourself not to ejaculate in first few minutes haha!!!

It has bluetooth connection, there are special videos that you can watch so the Fleshlight Launch jerking off speed gets matched with the video experience.

Add some nice headphones and VR goggles and you might not even want to return to ordinary pedestrian sex haha!

Just kiddin’!

The same as no dildo or vibrator can replace man for a woman, these male pleasure devices are still weak substitutes to the chemistry and endorphins that get released during real sex!

That’s the quick version — if you want to learn more about male masturbators, learn other men stories, check my pocket pussy guide.

The Best Anal Toys For Men: The Prostate Massagers

Moving on to the backdoor pleasures…

If you're new to prostate milking, read my guide first.

While your own hand can often be unbeatable for penis massage, prostate massagers are invaluable for proper prostate milking.

And man, that's the journey you want to take at least once.

So set aside your limited beliefs, try it and you'll wonder why you didn't try it before.

With prostate orgasm you'll discover a new kind of orgasm you've never experienced before.

It's a full-body experience and many men don't even ejaculate which means they can orgasms multiple times…

How cool is that?

Okay, so here are the choices, from the cheapest to more and more advanced hands-free prostate massagers.

Oh and this is just a quick version, check my thorough prostate massager guide here, if you're interested.

Pipedream Icicles No 46 Prostate Massager ($15.20)

This glass massager is affordable and high quality, beginner friendly option.

Glass material makes it really easy to insert even for first-timer and you can use it with the most slippery, longest lasting silicone lube.

A strong combo. After usage you can easily clean and disinfect by simply boiling it or throwing in the dishwasher.

So easy usage and maintenance. Pretty unbeatable.

The only bad reports from other men have been that handle sometimes breaks down if you drop it accidentally on the floor.

It’s glass after all.

Find it on Amazon here.

PaloQueth Vibrating Prostate Sex Toy ($24.69)

Now, if you want to have a vibrating prostate massager, but don’t wanna pay a lot, this is the cheapest option you’ll find.

It does the job. It has strong vibrations, it’s not too big and has a remote control.

You’ll get 10 different massage modes to pick from and yeah overall it gets tons of great reviews.

Find it on Amazon here.

Njoy Fun Wand Prostate Toy ($59.91)

Now this toy is one that is a multi-purpose.

You can use both for men and women. Pretty handy, huh?

While one end is designed to stimulate the prostate , the other side consists of anal beads moving in the sizes from 0.75" to 1".

You wouldn’t use them at the same time, probably, but it’s nice to explore anal together huh?

It’s made from stainless steel so you can use it with silicone lube and it’s easy to sanitise it.

Find it on Amazon here.

Couples also frequently buy these three toys together:

  • Njoy Pure Plug — which is a high end version of Icicles (since it’s metal and cannot break)
  • and Njoy Pure G spot Metal Wand (which comes the most recommended if you wanna give woman squirting G-spot orgasms).

Nexus Revo 2 Rotating Silicone Prostate Massager ($200)

Now this is another great model that has tons of features and is great to use in public, in couple play, because of it’s nice remote control.

It comes with 6 powerful vibration modes and is USB rechargeable.

Their wireless control is super strong and will work from even 30 feet.

As title says it’s made of silicone and it just hits that P-spot well.

Find it on Amazon here.

Again, check my full prostate massager guide for more detailed insights on male prostate toys.

The Best Male Sex Toys For Couple Sex

Alright we're in for the final stretch:

  • Penis sleeves
  • Cock Rings
  • Cock Cage — Bondage sex toys for men

These are the toys you'll use together with your loved one…and cock rings are one thing that you definitely must try…!

What Are The Best Penis Sleeves?

Penis sleeve can be attractive if you're average or small sized and always wanted to get bigger size and have fun with it.

Using blindfold with your lady can create a feeling that she's having sex with another man (if you're into that kind of play).

Here I'll touch on penis extension lightly, if you're curious for more, check the full penis sleeve guide.

Here are two awesome and highly recommended solutions:

Fantasy X-tensions 2-inch Penis Extension ($35.29)

This one uses suction to hold on to your penis and you can even customise it to fit better.

It does look weird and veiny, but works well.

Find it on Amazon.

Vibrating Penis Sleeve Kit ( $19.36)

I haven’t tried this one, but I know a lot of you guys are looking for extra kinkiness…

So these vibrating penis sleeves are pretty fun to add for very, very unique sensations:

Find on Amazon here.

What Are The Best Cock Rings For Men?

Well, cock rings go around the balls and penis and basically stops the blood from going out of the penis.

It creates huge, huge erections and is the easiest and fastest way to get longer and girthier member ;)

The only thing you gotta be careful with is the time — don't wear it for more than 20 minutes and you'll be safe.

Read the full guide on cock rings here.

But here are the three of the best cock rings that are the most recommended by guys:

The Screaming O Cock Rings ($6.19)

These are super cheap ones, but come with a ton of great reviews.

Screaming O c rings are stretchy and great to test out the waters.

Find it on Amazon.

CaleXotics Silicone Tri Snap Cock Ring ($8)

The silicone is velvety soft and I’d strongly recommend this one.

Me and my girlfriend love it and we both love the way it looks and feels.

10/10 would recommend as quality, affordable option.

Find here on Amazon.

Lelo Tor 2 Vibrating Cock Ring ($126)

If you want to mix a super erect penis with vibrating sensations then Lelo is the #1 quality option.

Lelo Tor 2 does cost $126, but will last for a long time.

The second version they have is stretchier, waterproof, made from silicone and fits all sizes.

Find it on Amazon here.

The Best Cock Cage For Male Chastity Bondage

Now this is the kinkier side of male sex toys.

What happens is that your lady locks your cock into the cage and has the keys.

You cannot get it off unless your lady says so. You can still pee through it, but you cannot get it off.

Some members have reported to wear a cock cage for over 2 weeks — now that's a one helluva domination over the partner.

No self-pleasing while you have this one on!

FYJ Medical Grade Cock Cage For Men ( $18.99)

This one is the cheapest and highest quality…!

You can buy it in different sizes and colors, and it works great!

Just read the reviews!

Find it on Amazon.

Utimi Cock Cage for Men ($29.99)

This is another option you could pick.

It looks more attractive, feels more comfortable, but its a lot harder to hide it if you are planning to use it for a long-term play.

Find it on Amazon.

Bringing It All Together

I hope this guide will serve as a great introduction to the exciting world of male sex toys..!

There are tons of options coming out there, and they are lots of fun!

If you have a partner, I would really recommend you try a cock ring or get the Hitachi magic wand…!

If you're single, you must get a Fleshlight — they feel so good that even women's pussy doesn't get close…!

And yeah, if you have small penis or erectile disfunction issues — check the penis sleeves, penis pumps and cock rings.

Many men with ED use penis pump to get their penis hard, then put on the cock ring and are able to have a quality sex for at least 20 mins! :)

There are tons of solutions… and tons of pleasure to be had…

Yeah, and I do hope you try prostate milking at least once.

You'll understand that your ordinary orgasms don't even get close…

Cheers, have fun 🍷