Nipple Clamps 101: The Ultimate Guide to Nipple Play Orgasms

Ahh…nipple play…

You've heard that some women can orgasm just by touching their breasts or even simply nipples… 👅

There are those things — nipple clamps: what's the deal about them?

In this guide I've collected the best advice about nipple play all in one place.

You'll learn what nipple play is, how to reach nipple orgasms and how to use nipple clamps.

Did you know, for example that nipple play lights up the brain the same way genitals do according to the study in Journal of Sexual Medicine?

Finally, I included tons of other people stories and experiences so you get first-hand experience!

Sounds good? 👍

Here's how the guide is organised:

  • How To Play With Nipples To Achieve Nipple Orgasm? Is It Real?
  • What Are Nipple Clamps, What They do & How To Use them?
  • What Are The Best Nipple Clamps, Chains and Clips?
  • What Is The Other People Experience With Nipple Play & Nipple Clamps?

Let’s jump in! 🦁

Introduction To The Nipple Play

Some people love light nipple play, some need pain added to the nipples to enjoy it…

But even medical studies show there's something in it:

Manipulation of the nipples/breasts causes or enhances sexual arousal in approximately 82% of young women and 52% of young men with only 7–8% reporting that it decreased their arousal.

Here are two people stories of their experience with nipple play:

“I can cum from having my nipples touched and sucked on. “

“It can’t be too rough though.. it has to be really light.

It drives me crazy.

I can have back to back orgasms from that alone.

Especially if I’m on top of someone and they touch them.. it’s even more intense.”

Source: eliza-goddess

“I’m not a huge fan, doesn’t feel like much.”

“Some sensations make my teeth feel weird, similar to scraping your nails.

But if you add pain in then its pretty great, will never be the make it or break it, but it certainly improves it, whether its pinching or biting.”

Source: bitprivate

How To Play With Nipples To Achieve Nipple Orgasm? Is It Real?

Truth is:

Most women won't be able to achieve nipple orgasms straight away.

The same way it takes quite a bit of work for most women to reach squirting or whole-body orgasms.

The biggest erogenous zone for women is their mind.

This means if you're stressed, distracted, tired… it will be hard for you to orgasm at all, not even talking about more subtle orgasming like from nipples.

The good news are that you can work on it.

You can incorporate a long massage, bath or meditation session before-hand.

For you to achieve nipple orgasm the best way is long, gentle foreplay to increase the sensitivity.

Massage the whole body, till you focus on the breasts.

Massage the breasts and circle around the nipples varying with strength, intensity and movements.

And remember: it's about the journey, not the destination. Try too hard and you'll never orgasm from nipples.

It's all trial and error — you gonna learn about your body, you sensitive spots and you'll get there…

Here's other women advice on achieving nipple orgasm:

“Sucking and massaging — it’s great to massage breasts, oiled or not, and then work your way to the nipple (teasing)… “

“Then start sucking.

The attention on the whole breast is important, whether individual or both at the same time.

It’s incredibly erotic. I love breast play (am female) though, and I’m lucky that my partner is incredibly into that as well.

I’ll even “feed” him and that’s a sure fire way to achieve orgasm.”

Source: crookedjanedoe

“Not all women seem to be able to have a nipple orgasm.”

“From my experience, half of them can’t (or couldn’t with me), the rest could sometimes and only one most times, so I suppose that it will depend on your sensitivity there.

The best stimulation orally in my opinion would be sucking while also licking with the tip of the tongue.

But you could try one of the suction devices that are also used for clitoral stimulation, that would be great.”

Source: ReasonableAdagio

“Hi, I am male and this usually works for both (male and female nipples).”

“Here are my best tips:

  1. be relaxed
  2. be totally focused on how your body feels, where, the beginning it is subtle, but sensations will become stronger and stronger
  3. avoid expectations, only enjoy
  4. you mast vary stimulation, if you use a constant stimulation, the pleasure go out
  5. Avoid going directly to the nipples. Start by teasing and enjoy all the chest/breast. Focus on how pleasant it is, do it slowly. Make circles, enjoy the changes of texture.. and go on ignoring nipples (you can touch them but quickly return to circling around and massaging. The circles can began from the external part of the breast, making them smaller until you arrive to the nipples. Enjoy the changes of the texture, then go back making bigger circles
  6. When you go to nipples try different ways of stimulation: pinch the tip, press them, twist, stench, vibrate..

Enjoy it. And take your time.”

Source: mmmniple

Here's a good instructional nipple play video by Adina Rivers:

“For me, I am able to orgasm from nipple stimulation alone. “

“Sometimes, I get to the edge and can’t get over the hump. I use a little bit of oil, which makes them a little cold.

That will normally put me into an orgasm. If my husband is involved, he lightly bites and will flick his tongue.

That will definitely send me over.

Busom Buddies balm from Pure Romance is good to use if you like tingles.”

Source: Megnikdav

What Are Nipple Clamps, What They do & How To Use them?

Here's the Wikipedia's definition:

“Nipple clamp is a clamp that is applied to the nipples of a person of any gender. It causes pain by the pinching of the nipple, by the restriction of blood flow, and by the reintroduction of blood flow.”

Sounds scary huh? :) I guess that's why it has most attraction to BDSM community.

But truth is, they are tons more fun and you don't need to go hard-core right away.

What do nipple clamps do?

Nipple clamps contribute to nipple pinching and some women (and men) love the little pain they give.

First, they look cool — your breasts suddenly have jewellery!

If you have a chain your partner can pull on it during sex so it hurts a bit in a good way.

Then when you remove the clamps your nipples suddenly will become super sensitive.

All the sensations will be amplified… even gentle sucking and rubbing will send you over the edge.

How to use nipple clamps?

Know that nipple clamps hurt most only when you're applying and removing them.

When they are there, unless you have a chain — you'll forget about them.

If you're worried about them being too painful at first:

There are gentle clamps where you can adjust the tightness.

Alligator clamps are just little spring clamps with screws to adjust the pressure of the squeeze.

There’s also tweezer clamps that are like chopsticks with a slide adjustment.

Use them to simply pinch the nipples and leave them for few minutes.

Alternatively there are also nipple suction cups that do the same thing, but is much more gentle…!

Then, of course if you want to go hardcore BDSM there are nipple clamps — with weights and chains…they look badass :)

Mix it with a nice ball gag and you have a scene out of movies!

Watch this video for more of the BDSM side to nipple clamps:

How Long Can You Leave Nipple Clamps On?

If you're concerned with the safety know that nipple clamps are safe as long as you don't use them longer than 20 minutes.

Same as with the cock rings since they restrict blood flow — 20 mins are safe as acknowledged by doctors.

While I haven't heard of doctors prescribing nipple clamps, they do suggest cock rings for guys with erectile dysfunction.

What Are The Best Nipple Clamps & Nipple Suction Devices?

You can start simple:

Wooden clothespins, hairpins or bag clips make for good nipple clamps.

My favorites are hairpins since they are not too tight, great for beginners.

If you don’t have any of those lying around, actual nipple clamps are pretty cheap online.

But let's take a look at all the best options available out there.

If you want something sexy looking, practical or even nipple suction devices that help with nipple arousal, read on..

Definitely start with low-pain clamps or even supple nips to learn about your pain threshold. 🖕

Clitoral & Nipple Sucking Vibrator ($29.69)

You can use this thing for both clitoris and nipple sucking sensations!

This bad-boy has 6 vibration modes and makes for an excellent couples toy.

It's intense, the only downside it's loud… But great for the price.

Find it on Amazon.

Twist up Nipple Suction Cups ($12.95)

If you're a beginner I would even recommend to start with these instead of nipple clamps.

These suction cups will train the nipples to get more full and sensitive.

You can play with the suction from really pleasurable to even packing a good pinch.

They are great alternative to nipple clamps with only downside… they don't look too kinky…

Find them on Amazon here.

Bull Nose Nipple Clips and Jewelry ($9.82)

These simple and great-looking nipple clips allow to easily adjust the pressure and rubber tips are gentle to the nipple.

They can be set as painfully tight or as pleasurably gentle as you like!

Find them on Amazon here.

Utimi Nipple Clamps With Neck Collar ($13.74)

These are similar to Bull Nose clamps, yet they are even more badass, BDSM looking.

It’s a perfect combo and feels like a quality, well-made sex toy.

Find it on Amazon here.

You can adjust the tightness of neck collar.

You can change the pressure to nipples and go as light or as bad as you like.

Black Japanese Clover Clamps ($11.99)

These ones are for advanced users… They are really intense — definitely don't start with them.

If you like a tight pinch and badass look, you'll love them.

But you gotta be a bit of masochist to enjoy them.

Find them on Amazon here.

Utimi Vibrating Nipple Clamps ($16.99)

While you shouldn't start with vibrations as beginner (it might be too intense), it's a great upgrade if you enjoy nipple play.

It's all about playing with new sensations and seeing how far you can push your bodily pleasures.

These nipple clamps have 7 vibration modes, 3 pulses modes, and a remote control. Tons of fun.

Find them on Amazon here.

Supple Nips For Gentle Nipple Pleasure ($22.97)

These tiny things will help to have a really gentle nipple sensations and will even help make your nipples bigger (if you want that).

You can wear these for longer time since they don’t restrict the blood flow.

The will suck up to nipples fast and after wearing these for an hour or more, your nipples will get more sensitive…and yes, even grow.

This is the model that has been even mentioned in Playboy’s magazine, don’t overlook the effectiveness!

Find them on Amazon here.

What Is The Other People Experience With Nipple Play & Nipple Clamps?

We're on the final stretch!

Are you curious of what other people experiences with nipple play and nipple clamps are?

This is the best part — you'll get tons of ideas and understanding about it just by reading the real stories!

“Can women reach orgasms with only nipple stimulation?”

“I’m sure there is no one answer to this — different women will respond in different ways at different times.”

“The thing to understand about women is that the woman’s mind is the key to orgasm.

In fact, some can cum simply by thinking about sex.

So if your GF is actively fantasizing while you stimulate her, she may very well cum from it.

But if she is thinking about cracks in the ceiling or worrying about body odor — in other words if her mind isn’t focused on sex and on the sensations of her own body — it probably won’t work.”

Source: goldenstream

“My experience with nipple clamps.”

I looove my nipple clamps. We have two different styles.

These and these.

The clover clamps are INTENSE.

Japanese clover clamps.

I only break them out once in awhile because wow, they really pinch, hard.

When it’s time to take them off, I often well up with tears because the nubby plastic really embeds in the skin.

The bull nose are great for regular use, you can adjust how hard they pinch and the rubber is softer.

So.. the process.

You put them on and at first it’s a bit uncomfortable, and you kind of forget they are there.

Except now your tits have jewellery. Sweet.

Any tugging or pulling hurts (in the good way).

My boyfriend likes to put the chain between his teeth when he’s riding me.

When you take them off, your nipples become SO SENSITIVE.

Any light biting or smacking (do you do boob smacking? because if you like some hurt, it’s good) is amplified.”

Source: Anonymous

“There are many types of nipple clamps.”

“Some are essentially little clothespins, some are adjustable, and some pinch harder when you pull on them (like clover clamps).

When you put them on it doesn’t hurt instantly.

It’s a strong pinch that hurts more and more over time, but then the pain fades away.

When you take them off that pain comes back with a vengeance.

There are a lot of different ways to play with them. You can use them as part of pain play.

If you wear them while getting spanked, you can feel it every time you move.

You can use them as part of a bondage scene, like having them tied to your ankles or something.

When your legs get tired and you lower them, your nipples get tugged on. There are endless possibilities.

If you like pain and nipple play, give it a shot!”

Source: CaptainBipto

“Be careful with nipple clamps…”

“The more you clamp, pull or stretch on nipples… the more they grow.


I know a guy who a few years ago had normal regular sized nipples.

Then he got obsessed with nipple play.

And now his nipples have doubled in size and quadrupled in length.

Like they stick out really bad when he’s wearing a t-shirt.

On the upside though… he can cum now just from playing with his nipples.

It’s kind of amazing to watch.”

Source: CuriousDonJuan

Bringing It All Together

That's it folks…!

I hope you learned and got tons of inspiration to play with breasts and nipples…!

I certainly did by just writing this article… cannot wait for my girl to come back home..!

Now you should know exactly which nipple clamps are best for you, if and how to play with nipples… and this includes both male and female partners! :)

Truth is, it's an erogenous zone for both sexes.

Enjoy! 🍷