Nipple Rings 101: The Best Nipple Jewelry & Nipple Piercing Tips

Are you looking for your next nipple ring set? 👯

Or maybe you're doing research before getting your nipples pierced? 🍒

In both cases, this guide will be extremely helpful to you! 👌

I've collected the best nipple rings in one place (the ones that don't cause allergic reactions & are extremely practical or…extremely beautiful).

Then at the second part of the article I've collected lots of experienced people tips who have gotten their nipples pierced.

You'll learn some deep insights on what to expect, how to take care of your nipples and what to watch out when buying nipple rings.

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Let's jump in:

Before we start with reviewing specific nipple rings, do watch this video from Angel Victorious.

She explains things you should watch out for when choosing nipple rings while presenting her nipple jewelry collection.

Very insightful:

What Are The Best Nipple Rings Out There?

Less is more.

I've included only the best of the best that have the highest reviews and least amount of complaints about any issues.

I've focused on Amazon selection, but know that there are tons of great hand-crafted nipple rings that you can buy, for example, on Etsy.

But they also come more pricey… :)

Below are the best affordable yet high quality items — the perfect balance.

Pierced Owl Titanium Nipple Bars ($8.99)

Titanium is the best option for nipples and they won't trigger metal detectors.

Bars is much better than rings if you have freshly done your nipple piercing.

Find it on Amazon here.

These are the highest recommended, simple nipple bars that comes in 7 different colors.

They feel well done, no issues with irritation, color coming off or anything like that.

The bars are great because they don't catch on things without a bra like rings would do.

The best first purchase.

14-Piece Nipple Ring Jewelry From Surgical Steel ($10.99)

This is a nice set if you are looking for more options to change :)

You'll get 14 pieces in one buy (7 sets) and you can pick between 4 different bar lengths, which is great for people with bigger nipples.

Find them on Amazon here.

Even the sensitive nipple owners have recommended these nipple rings.

Pro tip: Unscrew and screw the balls on nipple rings several time to make sure they don't accidentally unscrew and you don't lose them.

Luxury Nipple Ring Jewelry ($13.97)

These are the ultimate nipple piercing rings for princesses.

They are beautiful and well done, you can pick between three color tones.

Find it on Amazon here.

Know that they look prettier in the real life than in picture.

The only caution is if you have big nipples as the rings may be too small.

Heart Shaped Nipple Ring Jewelry ($8.99)

These nipple rings are made from stainless steel and will look and fit perfect for even very large nipples.

These will go nicely around the nipples but you'll need to be a bit careful to ensure that rings don't get cuaght on clothing.

Find them on Amazon here.

Some users report that it's a big hard to wear these for longer time — beauty requires sacrifices.

These rings are lightweight but over long periods will still cause the sense of pulling nipples a bit forward.

Best not to sleep with them, but put them on for a special occasion.

Screw Bar Nipple Ring Jewelry 12-pieces ( $12.99)

This is another combo kit if you want to get lots of variety with one purchase.

These nipple rings are made from stainless steel and look super hot!

Find them on Amazon here.

The only challenge is that these unique screw shapes will snag on some stuff or you can poke yourself with the pointy end while sleeping.

But if you wanna freak people off — definitely will do the job!

Probably it's not recommended to wear screw nipple rings day-to-day, but perfect for a special occasion.

Nipple Chains Ring Jewelry ($8.99)

This is the one time when beauty and practicality goes together!

Made from surgical steel these little dangles will add to the looks while making no problem to sleep or take showers with them.

Find them on Amazon here.

If you have big nipples though, note that the bars aren't too long so they might not fit. But you'll be fine unless you have extra large nipples.

And, of course, you can remove the chains when you want :)

4-Pairs of Beautiful Shiny Nipple Jewelry Rings ($13.99)

If you're looking for something extra princesy and cute — this is the set.

They look very beautiful, but know that the hearts and hoops will get caught on just about everything.

Find them on Amazon here.

Not very practical as day to day wear — like a special dress, you should wear those on special times when they really will be seen and appreciated.

Handcrafted Swarovski Crystal Nipple Ring Jewelry ($15.99)

If you want to give a truly beautiful set to your nipples, this is the one…

This is the highest quality and most beautiful nipple ring set I've seen!

Find them on Amazon here.

Yes, they are fragile…but they are so beautiful.

With a special care you can wear them daily — they are comfortable, good for the skin…and did I say beautiful?

Common Nipple Piercing Questions Answered

If you haven't done nipple piercing just yet then these real people experiences will be really helpful to you to understand…

  • what to expect?
  • how does the aftercare looks like?
  • which is the best starting nipple jewelry? (hint: it's bar, not ring)
  • does nipple piercing make nipples more sensitive?

Read on:

“Had my nipples pierced for about 4/5 months.”

“I was pierced with a 12 gauge needle, definitely make sure you’re getting pierced with a thicker or higher gauge otherwise they’ll migrate.

I highly recommend doing your research on a reputable piercing artist. If you can, check their work.

Nipple piercings need to go through the base of the nipple, not the areola.

If they go deeper than the base of the nipple there’s not much they’ll heal.

Get internally threaded implant grade titanium jewellery.

Don’t get surgical steel, despite the name it doesn’t mean it’s good for your body.

Medical pins and implants are made of titanium.

Plus it won’t go off in metal detectors when you’re heading on your honeymoon.

Keep in mind that they will take at least a year to heal completely and you will have to take them out to breastfeed and potentially during pregnancy due to the changes in your nipples.”

Source: maisysiam

“I got my nipples pierced a little over a year ago.”

“Healing for female nipples can take 6 months — 1 year for super complete healing.

My piercer told me at least 1 month hands/fluids off.

It took 10–11 months for the crusties to go away completely.

I was sore for 2–3 days, tender for a week, week and a half.

I like them, still do.

Be careful when you first get them.

I accidentally hooked one of mine and got a little rip, took ages to heal.

Be good with your salt soaks and cleaning the crusties off the jewellery.

I found that wearing a bra 24/7 the first week was good.

The nipple was just messed with, so its was hard almost all the time, which was very uncomfortable rubbing against my shirt a bra alleviated that issue for me.

Make sure the piercer uses the right gauge (so it doesn’t reject) and a ring/barbell big enough to accommodate swelling.

My nipples were hard almost all the time the first week, but it went back to normal on that front (though they get harder a lot easier in the cold weather).

No noticeable change in sensitivity, etc.

They’re fun, I’d highly recommend it. 😆”

Source: slates

“Tips and aftercare for the first time nipple piercing”

“Nipples can be finicky and stay a bit angry for a year.

Be prepared for them to take 12 months to really heal. Be careful and do salt soaks if they seem upset.

Make sure you get nipple piercing done with bars, NOT rings.

Rings are not appropriate initial jewellery for piercings, as they move a lot and drag crusties and bacteria into the fistula.

Stay away from any piercer who offers to do them with rings as initial jewellery.

Salt soak twice a day and gently clean off any crusties, but other than that leave them alone.

Don’t turn the jewellery or any of that nonsense.

Be careful when you’re getting changed because holy hell, snagging your nipple piercings is so painful!

And obviously keep hands an mouths away from them until they are healed.”

Source: such_a_sin

“I’m pretty sensitive and I put off getting nipple piercing for years because of the long healing period. “

“I lasted 11 months before I gave up and took them out, salt soaks daily, really babying them, the whole thing didn’t help.

They take 9 months to a year to heal, and I have a good friend who said hers took closer to 18 months.

Frankly, I missed being able to involve them in sex, but they were just too… fragile, with the piercings.

I ended up picking function over looks and taking them out, and I’ve been much happier ever since.

If you already really enjoy nipple play, you might want to consider if it’s worth it, it’s a very long process.”

Source: Kalindalee

Bringing It All Together

Hope the stories were helpful to you…

Oh and if you are looking for increase nipple sensitivity..maybe you don't need to get your nipples pierced to enjoy it?

There is such a thing as nipple clamps and nipple suckers.

You can wear them for 15–20mins during the sexual act… enjoy the nice jewelry… the kinkiness…

Nipples will be extra sensitive after you take those clamps on.

It's a great effect without putting all the work in to take care of nipple rings.

Just a thought :)

Cheers! 🍷