Onahole Review: Do You Know The Best Hentai Onaholes Out There?



What are they? 🤔

In this guide we'll take a look at onahole — a male japanese type masturbator toys with hentai twist. 🏯

If you love hentai, you'll love these sex toys as they bring your imagination to reality. ㊗ ⚔

What's unique about onaholes is that they are heavier and more realistic than usual masturbators. 🎌

Many of the bigger toys actually have a bone structure built in them making them more stable and realistic for some heavy thrusting.

But yes — one thing is clear:

You either love everything about japanese kind of sex and sex toys or they do nothing to you.

But since you're here — I'll assume you're a fan or you're at least curious!

Hentai adult movies are amazingly done with stories and they really capture the BDSM type, dark fantasies in anime…

You just gotta have your own onahole to experience the Japanese sexual touch even closer.

In this guide you'll learn about the best onaholes that you can buy through Amazon.

Since you're reading this in English, I'll assume you're more familiar with Amazon than some local Japanese sex store.

Introduction: What is an Onahole?

Onahole is an artificial vagina, butt, breasts or mouth that's designed to imitate a real or not so real female sex organ.

Onaholes are japanese male masturbators where the sex toys are inspired by hentai characters or popular Japanese pornstars.

The unique thing about quality (and more expensive) onaholes is that those masturbators actually weight 2–4kg and have artificial bone structure built in the toy making it feel more real and rigid.

Contrary to Fleshlight or Tenga most of Onaholes are actually made from silicone making them a lot more safe and lasting longer.

🖕 Note: But know, you get what you pay for. Cheap $20 pocket pussies with onahole hentai team will still break fast.
Plus, if you don't clean and maintain your masturbator you cannot expect it to stay nice and fresh for long.

Watch this video if you want to see how the most popular onahole (similar to puni ana spdx model) looks from inside.

You'll see how onaholes are different from all the Fleshlights and Tengas out there:

How To Use An Onahole & How Cleaning Looks Like?

Using is pretty simple: you do what you would do during a sexual intercourse.

But every onahole usually comes with instruction manual and suggested sex positions.

The bigger and heavier onaholes you can put down and fuck hands free…

The smaller and cheaper pocket pussy type masturbators you'll use similarly as you would when giving yourself a hand job.

How onaholes look from inside (this is blowjob type).

Cleaning is very similar to any other male masturbator, though if it's silicone, you don't need to apply cornstarch on it.

You can buy special onahole cleaning kit with a brush for puni ana type of onahole.

For other smaller pocket pussy type of masturbators, you can easily turn them inside out and wash clean with hot water.

This Shibari antibacterial toy cleaner is recommended to use after that.

Unbiased Onahole Review: What Are The Best Onaholes You Can Buy On Amazon?


With introductions out of the way… what is the best onahole?

Since everyone's preferences are different I'll focus on reviewing the most popular onahole models and let you make your pick.

Just remember, you get what you pay for.

If you want to experience what's truly unique about onaholes I recommend getting the heavy, bone structure type toy, which I'll review first:

Puni Ana SPDX Onahole Doll ($228)

There are several different Puni Ana models out there like:

  • puni ana
  • puni ana dx
  • puni ana futaworo
  • puni ana spdx

I'll focus on SPDX since it's the biggest and the most recommended onahole of all of them.

Find it on Amazon here.

Other models are simply smaller and cheaper.

But SPDX is the biggest, nearly full body (larger than hips) and the most realistic vaginal tunnels you'll ever use.

It weighs 4kg!

SPDX has a very nice plastic bone skeleton which will make the sexual process a realistic hands-free thrusting experience.

Cleaning: This toy will require full cleaning and drying. Usage of antibacterial toy cleaner and baby powder to keep it lasting for long.

Watch this video to get a deeper insight of how the sex doll looks and feels like:

It's Japanese (sorry), so just turn off the audio and watch it. It's a pricey toy, you should fully know what to expect.

Toysheart Virgin Age Onahole ($25.83)

Virgin Age Admission onahole is the smaller and simpler pocket pussy type of male masturbator model.

It's a very tight model with simple texture in it.

If you've ever dreamed of being inside a tight virgin pussy, this will be the closest thing to the real thing.

Find it on Amazon here.

You need to be hard to get inside, as the hole is so tight that it will push your penis out otherwise.

Regarding size, you can put around 4" inside and if you're around 6–7" you might complain that it's too small.

But for average penis it will be perfect.

Afterwards it's very easy to clean it just by rinsing in hot water till everything comes out.

Watch this video to see how this onahole package looks visually:

Unless you go crazy this onahole will last for months. Great value for the price.

Lilith Uterus Onahole

Lilith Uterus is a super soft and tight onahole, and will be the best enjoyed with slow motions when you take your time.

This model is very realistic focused on reproducing a vagina as closely as possible.

Find it on Amazon here.

When you go deeper you can reach uterus, but you won't feel too much of it — it will be just a little tickling and will give a suction effect.

That's why you should take it slow, you'll enjoy wall openings only if you really build up your sensitivity.

The length of onahole is 6.3" so it will definitely be enough for average penis size owners.

Watch this video to see how Lilith Uterus and the box looks in real life:

When you're cleaning toy after use, you can easily turn it inside out. Very easy cleaning.

Futanari Anal Onahole ($46)

If you're looking for something more kinky then futanari is a onahole with penis, breasts and anal penetration hole.

While it looks like there's urethra opening in penis head, it's not big enough for penetration.

Find it on Amazon here.

This model is very popular in Japan and definitely for the kinkier transgender type of plays.

It does weight 400g so it will feel quite meaty and realistic.

Watch this video review if you wanna see how futa onahole looks and feels in the real life:

Onahole Doll From Magic Eyes ($160)

Compared to all the other male masturbators you can buy this will feel the most realistic for the price.

It weighs 2kg and comes with internal bone structure which makes it meaty and stable (while most silicone toys are just wobbly).

Find it on Amazon here.

It comes with beautiful breasts and one vagina hole which is tight when entering.

Here are the size specifications:

The only real downside (besides the price I guess) is that it's very hard to clean.

You'll need to rinse water inside and it will be a challenge.

A tip would be to use a condom to avoid the mess, but where is the will there's a way.

Watch this video to see how the onahole doll looks and feels in the real life:

Loli Onahole ($27.80)

This is another interesting onahole variation.

If you check the picture then you'll see that this model is very stretchy even for the bigger than average members.

It weighs 326 grams making it quite sturdy.

Loli does give a nice suction feeling and it will last for the long time if you maintain it well.

Find it on Amazon here.

The very unique thing about this onahole is that as you go deeper there is a womb penetration side which makes it feel like penetrating the virgin pussy for the first time.

As will all the other these type of onaholes, you'll get the most sensations if you take it slow and really focus down on subtle feelings of pleasure.

Most guys who report meh sensations just jerk this thing off as they see in porn.

Yandere Onahole by ToysHeart ($46.00)

This is an incredible and popular onahole Yandere model that you gotta try!

It looks unique from outside and from the inside there are interesting textures:

  • there are diagonal lines at the opening
  • octopus tentacles at the middle (giving a suction sensation)
  • and final womb penetration zone
Find it on Amazon here.

The entrance and the final stage feel especially good, if you take your time to do it slow and really enjoy the subtle sensations.

As for the size it weighs 330g and will feel realistic as most onaholes.

Watch this video to see how the yandere looks and feels like.

It's in Japanese/english, video done by cute Japanese pornstar Shibuya Kaho. She is hard to understand, but she's so cute:

Mo Musu Girl Clear Onahole ($30)

If you are looking for a see-through onahole, then you should check out this model.

It will feel like a nice extension of your hand since you can grip it as strong as you like.

The texture and tightness is really nice to this thing.

This onahole has varying tightness inside it which will give very unique kind of feel mixed with vacuum suction.

Find it on Amazon here.

It's great value for the price, it's very durable and will last long.

Plus it comes with a toy cleaner.

Toysheart Fairy Onahole ($34.30)

If you're buying your first onahole this comes highly recommended.

The toy has full body structure, it feels great penetrating, and it will be difficult to last long with this toy.

As all of them, focus on slow thrusting to get the most sensations.

Find it on Amazon here.

The inside is very textured and fun, the hole is tight.

If you clean and dry it regularly (and be gentle with thrusting) it will last for a long time.

It will feel like a real thing due to the bone structure.

La Bocca Della Verita Onahole by Magic Eyes ($36.98)

If you want the most realistic feel of amazing blowjob (mouth sex toy), you gotta try this onahole.

It's scary how realistic it is — it's so well done.

Find it on Amazon here.

The tongue, the lips, the teeth. Plus, it weighs 400g.

The tongue makes the thrusting feel soft, soothing and also quite stimulating for the head at first.

Once you get deeper inside you'll start feeling a nice vacuum suction and it's gonna be tight…

Plus, the feeling of the teeth, tongue is incredible.

Watch this video to see how it really looks:

However you should be gentle, it's a well done, but fragile for hardcore thrusting.

The cleaning is a breeze.

Onahole Warmer ($12.99)

Finally, you gotta have this thing.

Not much to add.

If you want a truly realistic and nicer feel while using your onaholes, it pays to get this USB style warmer.

You can also put lube in the hot water beforehand to make sure everything is warm.

Find it on Amazon here.

Definitely worth the extra effort.

Bringing It All Together

That's it, folks!

This is the conclusion of the review to the most popular onaholes out there!

Definitely watch some more sexy hentai videos if you don't understand the appeal in these sex toys.

Some onaholes actually do come with CD's of the complementing videos but nowadays everything is available online.

I wish you smoking hot self-pleasuring process.

Enjoy the beauty, aesthetics of Japanese sexual culture.

Cheers 🍷