Penis Pumps 101: Debunking Common Myths & What ACTUALLY Works


There’s so much mixed up information about penis pumps and male enhancement, that once and for all I wanted to clear the smoke away.

This guide condenses all the best knowledge — from medical, scientific standpoint together with real men success and failure penis enlargement stories.

When you’re done with it, you’ll have learned the both sides of the coin…

And you can decide for yourself what you wanna do with it.

I just give you the information. You decide.

Here’s what we’re going to cover:

  • Do Penis Pumps Work & What Do They Do?
  • What’s The Average Normal Penis Size?
  • What Are The Best Options For Male Enhancement (that ACTUALLY work)?
  • Real Men Penis Pump & Male Enhancement Stories (Positive & Negative)

Do Penis Pumps Work & What Do They Do?

For guys there’s a ton of pressure (perceived mostly) to get a bigger penis because of overexposure of the porn.

The truth is most guys never see other guy’s erect penis in real life ( I haven’t) so porn becomes their reality.

The reality is that most guys indeed have average penis size which 99.99% of women are perfectly happy with.


Do penis pumps and other penis enlargement techniques work?

The short answer is: YES.

The long answer is: it’s complicated and it depends.

Even medical study done by Wiley-Blackwell for penis extenders in 2009 confirmed that it does work.

And no results are permanent.

Use it or lose it.

What absolutely and completely doesn’t work though is: male enhancement pills. I’m talking about penis enlargement pills.

Stuff like viagra definitely works to give you hard erections, but you won’t get anything bigger without doing the work.

Two of the most praised penis enlargement techniques by most men are:

Jelqing and Penis Pumps.

Jelqing is a manual way of making your dick bigger by use of exercises.

Penis pumps are basically a lazy way — it does it for you.

There are two kind of penis pumps:

  • air based
  • water based.

#1 — Vacuum Penis Pumps

Air based penis pumps work by using a vacuum suction to get blood concentrated in the penis making it engorged and erect.

During pumping process you get more blood than normally to concentrate in penis to making it so erect that it actually becomes bigger.

The idea is that you use penis pump regularly every day and over time your penis gets temporarily bigger than it was before.

But again — stop using penis pump and your penis will shrink back to it’s normal size.

#2 — Water Based Hydro Penis Pumps

From all I’ve researched men had far more success and less injuries with water based penis pumps.

Bathmate brand is the one who invented them.

It’s basically an evolution from vacuum penis pumps.

Hydro penis pumps still use vacuum but you use them in a bathtub while being exposed to warm water, the pump uses the same kind of vacuum to fill penis with blood, it’s just way less forceful.

Watch this video to show how it really works (NSFW):

If you dig into jelqing exercises, what experienced guys recommend is to always warm up your penis with warm water before and after the exercises.

This seems very similar and is very important part of avoiding injuries.

Fun fact:

Penis pumps have been reported by studies and real users to be an effective way to treat erectile dysfunction.

It’s not permanent, but the way it works is that you would use a penis pump to make it fully erect and then would put a cock ring on to prevent blood from leaving.

It works, but you should know that cock rings shouldn’t be used for more than 20 minutes at a time if you want to avoid any injuries.

Can you injure yourself using penis pump?

Yes, you definitely can.

If you don’t read the instructions, overuse it to the point of swelling and hurting.

There are tons of stories of guys who actually broke their penis by reckless jelqing exercises.

But there are also tons of guys who successfully made their penises bigger.


Hah, I promise this is the last time I repeat this, but there are no permanent results

So here it is your decision:

  • Accept your penis size and don’t take chances to endanger your penis.
  • Or
  • … read all the stories, instructions, success, failure stories carefully and take it slow and patient.

Better be super careful than sorry.

But that’s why you’re here.

From penis pump brands though ONLY consider Hydromax Bathmate.

Don’t buy from Amazon, don’t get any other shady brands.

You can of course, do your own research, but bathmate is the most famous and reliable from countless reviews I’ve read.

But keep reading…

There are tons of other and arguably better and free options of making your penis bigger than using penis pumps that cost over $100.

What’s The Average Normal Penis Size?


But I needed to add this section.

Most of the guys who have insecurities around their penis size…

Have perfectly average penis size!

It’s just that they’ve been too much exposed to porn!

Truth is, the average penis size is between 5.1 to 5.6 inches. Girth — 4.56 inches.

I’ve written an extensive article on average penis sizes and all the studies surrounding it.

If you’re feeling insecure, just check Reddit Average Penis (NSFW) where guys post photos of their average erect penises.

You’ll find out that it’s alright if you have little crooked, little less girth or whatever kind of penis.

There was also interesting study done by Kevan Wylie where he surveyed 50,000 men and women online.

What this study revealed was that:

85% of women were satisfied with their partner’s penis size.
Only 55% of men were satisfied with their own penis size.

So maybe, just maybe…

You should just accept what you have?

But what if you DO WANT A BIGGER PENIS?

Okay, here are the best options you have for your manliness enhancement:

What Are The Best Options For Male Enhancement (that ACTUALLY work)?

No holding back…

Here you go:

#1 — Super Safe: Have Lots of Sex & Practice Kegel Exercises

What Dave Asprey (Bulletproof) found was that when you actively use your penis — be it regular sex or regular kegel exercises…

Your penis actually increase in size for 15–20%!

There is no scientific evidence behind this, but I can attest.

If you use your penis you’ll get increased size for a while…

Don’t use it however — penis will shrink to a little smaller than it’s normal state.

What about kegel exercises?

Kegels are overall amazing exercise to keep your penis healthy.

It is like a gym for your penis.

When you strengthen the penis muscle (which is just a big blood vessel and spongy tissue), you’ll have stronger, longer erections and increased control that actually helps you last longer in bed.

If you get stronger erections… it kinda means your penis gets bigger… and also feels bigger.

Just ask any woman, they will attest that they love rock-hard penis vs bigger but barely erect one.

Maybe this is all you need?

You practice kegels by contracting your PC muscles. PC muscles are the ones you use to stop peeing.

It’s a lifelong exercise like gym. If you practice clenching PC muscles, holding and releasing for around 2 weeks regularly, you’ll notice positive effects.

Stop doing it and penis will weaken.

Kinda the same as all penis enlargement practices — use it or lose it.

The easiest way to practice is to use going to the toilet as a trigger reminder to your brain.

Every time you pee, clench your PC muscles for 5secs and release. Stop and start for up to 5x. Once you finish urinating hold it for the final time for 10 secs.

You do it and you’ll notice awesome results.

#2 — Jelqing: Make Your Penis Bigger Just Using Your Hands

I wrote in depth guide of jelqing before.

This is a quick version.

Jelqing works by stretching your half erect penis with a number of exercises.

For specific technique check the article.

But note that like with penis pumps you must be EXTREMELY careful!

Read everything on Pegym (the best community and information online on penis enlargement techniques).

Then read everything on this Jelqing subreddit.

If reading all the positive and negative experiences you still wanna proceed, proceed with caution and from informed point of view.

Because it DOES WORK. You’ll get a bigger penis.
But if you overdo it you can also break it and have permanent consequences.

#3 — Learn The Deep Penetration Sex Positions To Make it FEEL Bigger

You may notice that I’m a big fan of smart techniques to increase perception of my penis size.

Frankly, I love them.

Results are immediate and permanent hah.

If you have a small penis by average standards you still have some advantages.

For example, small penis is the most anal friendly and you can also much easier hit her G-spot to give her incredible pleasure when you angle yourself correctly.

But here are the best deep penetration sex positions for you to cherrypick from:

  • Doggy style — it’s very easy to stimulate her G-spot from here.
  • Missionary positions with a man on top — upgrade it by putting a pillow under her butt, spreading her legs up in the air or behind her legs… angle your penis to hit her G-spot and she’ll be screaming with pleasure!
  • Experiment — frankly you need to experiment to find the best ways to please your woman. Every penis owner is different. You might have crooked, angled, thick, long penis… You gotta find how to use what you have to the most effect. Just try everything and see what sticks.

Additionally… guys over obsess around their penises.

But even if you have small dick, you can still please your woman and give her soul-shaking orgasms that she will overlook your penis size and find ways to return the favor.

So learn how to eat her pussy, make her squirt, finger her…

I’ve written a ton of guides on SexualAlpha about that.

#4 — Use These Perception Tricks To Make Penis LOOK Bigger

These might be obvious…

But maybe they are so obvious that you never thought of them.

#4.1- If you are overweight simply by losing weight will give big effect

Yeah, big belly, flappy legs make your penis actually look smaller.

Plus, overweight hurts your blood flow, erection…

bla bla bla… all that stuff.

You know it already. Just get fit.

#4.2 — Shave the pubic hair

Yep, if you have a huge bush your penis simply disappears there.

Have you noticed that pornstars have nicely shaved penises with just a little hair left on the top of their pubic bone?

Chances are you love shaved girl’s pussy…

She loves shaved penis too, heck you’ll get more blowjobs that way.

Perception is really, my friend.

Real Men Penis Pump & Male Enhancement Stories (Positive & Negative)

Okay, I gave you a quick review of all the best options.

But let’s say you don’t want to scour all the forums and communities to gain extra insight…

Don’t worry — I got you.

Here are the both side of the coin from the guys who tried penis pumps and their experiences.

Read them… And then decide your plan of action.


#1 — “3 Years of Penis Enlargement (My Experience)”

“Let me start off by saying, this is from my experience, what works on my cock, your cock might not agree with.

This is partially the reason why I don’t follow or look into much of the PE theories, because most of them work off of individuals experiences and bro science.

Instead I try to look at multiple sources and multiple forums about what people swear by, because PE is something where time is a precious resource, since for most people gains talk a lot longer, relative to working out the body.

Argument for PE:

Most gains people experience from PE I find, is just a result of erection quality, more blood flowing making it a bit bigger, not legit expansion of the chambers, since most people just do basic jelqs.

The more advanced penis exercise that force expansion, I think actually cause legit gains.

Warming Up:

I don’t really believe in putting too much emphasis into warm ups, even though people say its crucial to prevent injuries (Personally my dick seems indestructible).

But i think body heat is sufficient to warm up your joystick.

Get it hard, edge a little, or if you’re just going to stretch, put it in between your legs.

If its really cold, put the cock in a sock and jerk a little, the sock will keep the heat in and warm it up.

TL;DR: Don’t need to spend so much time on warm up.

Basics (Jelqs or Variations):

  • I still think these are crucial for beginners, i don’t really know for sure, but just to be safe. Although there really was a difference between my dick pre-PE and after PE, where now after, it feels more elastic and malleable, so I believe the basics are what causes this. It also really prepares you for what to expect later.
  • I also switched to to dry jelqs early on as lube took too much effort to use and clean after. What i noticed with dry jelqs, since im cut, my skin became looser, so dry jerking was easier, so i highly recommend for people who are cut. 
    It didnt push the skin forward to create a new foreskin, i never wanted that, but it works on the same principle of foreskin regeneration.
  • don’t jelq 100%, jelq close to 100% for girth, less for length was what i was told.

TL;DR: Beginners, definitely start off with the basics. Dry jelqs will make circumcised penis skin looser.


  • i basically started off with JP90, as most beginners do. I don’t agree with it for long term actual gains. It did improve my erection quality noticeably, but after 3 months i didn’t see any gains.
  • I never agreed with the tug theory, and was later told it was not accurate anyway. I also think things like helicopter shakes are waste of time.

TL;DR: Waste of time


This is what gave me significant length gains, i went from little bit above BPEL 6" to now little bit above 7" (7.5" on a good day).

Basically what contributes to the gains is the stretches, stretching the flaccid penis every direction for a good amount of time.

This is why people swear by penis extenders, and why all day stretchers are a popular thing now.

In my opinion, you can’t train the penis like a muscle, by doing reps of jelqs, but you need constant strain on the tissues.

  • Eventually i stopped warm ups and jelqs and just did stretched.
  • i stopped once i reached my goal of 7" +

TL;DR: DLD and any stretching for length

Unnamed Girth routine:

Now i really needed a routine to increase girth, and another problem i was having was these routines were taking too much time like 30–40 mins, and with warmups it would take an hour, even though on paper it seems like 20mins routine.

So i found on this forum on either thundersplace or pegym about someone saying less is more, and stressing that a real 20 mins workout is enough.

I cant find the link, and i forgot the exact routine.

But it was basically:

  • Mondays: ULI 30sec reps x 7–12 sets, jelq from base to mid shaft 20reps x7–12 sets, and 100–200 normal jelqs
  • Wednesdays: ULI 30sec reps x 7–12 sets, jelq from midshaft to below glans 20reps x7–12 sets, and 100–200 normal jelqs
  • Fridays: ULI 30sec reps x 7–12 sets, jelq from base to mid shaft 20reps x7–12 sets, and 100–200 normal jelqs

I gained about 0.125" in girth (idk what the correct way to state it, i grew up on metric system, I’m Canadian, but we still measure our dicks in inches).

It seemed significant at the time, but recently i wonder weather it was measurement error from before.

Nonetheless it took too much time still, 20 mins routine took me 40 mins in reality.

Another big factor was the privacy factor, i lived with my family as my university is close by, so family members walking in my room was an issue, how well i was able to hide things was key.

My brother walked in on me during one of my sessions, and it was really awkward for a month after.

But i really do think this was good prep for later clamping.

TL;DR: ULI good intro to clamping

Penis Pumps (Bathmate):

I didnt want to spend as much time anymore, i wanted privacy, i needed faster gains, so after seeing many people swear by it, i finally got a bathmate x40 (as per my size).

Funny enough when i started PE and saw ads for these on the sides of PE forums I always thought people who would buy these are morons.

What i first encountered was fluid retention, a lot of it.

Which is what causes these temporary “gains”, making me balloon up to over inch increase in girth.

Pumping erect gives you a bigger dick (more fluid retention), but what i noticed was pumping flaccid gave better expansion of blood chambers (corpus cavernosum, etc), you can tell once erect if you squeeze the shaft, through the squishy fluid once you feel the hard blood chambers, it was bigger in size.

But from my experience and further research i realized, it wasnt going to give me gains, because it wasnt causing internal stress and expansion, all it was, was temporary expansion.

So when people swore by it, it was mainly due to the accompanying jelqing they would do along with pumping.

I also ended up doing hour routines, 2x10mins fully erect, but putting it on + getting erect, added up to an hour.

I do think its kinda good for length, because max vacuum it really stretches your cock.

But what people dont really mention is how much it hurts on max pressure, not the actual shaft, but because of the vacuum it sucks in your scrotum and basically crushes your balls against the lip of the pump, idk how but i pretty much powered through the pain for 3 months like that, i wouldnt say its as painful as if someone was standing on both your balls, but real close to it.

TL;DR: Waste of time


So recently as of 2 months ago i started clamping, which i should’ve awhile ago. I would do ULIs before which i always thought were the same thing, they’re not.

ULIs aren’t as efficient, you cant clamp as well with hands, and your hands get sore.

I started off clamping by basically tying paracord around the base, and kegeling blood in.

Don’t do this, its a waste of time, it just gave me more fluid retention, and really hurts, not as painful as the bathmate, so i powered through.

You need something which actually clamps down with force on your shaft, so i finally got one of those cable clamp pro things, and i think this is perfect (for now). Not that much fluid retention, and after 2 weeks i think im seeing real gains.

And this was all because i stumbled upon this subreddit and found the Monster Girth 101 post (i would before get all my info from thundersplace or pegym). So i basically just do the monster girth routine, and ill see how it goes.


Flaccid Hang:

For flaccid hang i noticed any type of stretching works, my favourites are lazy stretches, basically sitting on your cock behind your cheeks.

I used to do bed fowfers, but it was hard to sleep with them.


Injury is a commonly negatively associated with PE, especially on mainstream reddit posts even, theres always people that say “I did PE and jelqing and broke my dick, so please no one do it”, but its just like working out the body, lifting weights, you can injure yourself bad if you dont know what you’re doing and push yourself too far. For beginners I urge you to caution yourself, and figure out what your penis can handle first, and dont jump to advanced techniques right away.

For the most part, injuries wont be permanent or threatening. I’ve only ever really injured myself earlier this year.

Awhile ago i thought i injured myself and couldn’t get myself hard, turns out it was psychological, and this is usually the case.

You suddenly feel some pain, and think you broke your dick, so you try to get it hard to see, but your worried that you might’ve broke your dick, so in turn the anxiety keeps you from getting an erection.

Earlier this year I actually did injure myself, i was doing Super squash jelqs way too fast, and felt a pain, and further jelqing also felt painful, also erection wasnt as hard.

I just stopped PE for a week, its just like if you pull a muscle.

Week later it was back to normal.

But if it still persists, then you really should see a doctor.

A Quick Summary:

Most “injuries” are psychological, for real injuries take a week off PE, if it persists, see a doctor

Beginners should do basics/jelqing, for advanced techniques, stretching, DLD, penis extender for length, clamping, MONSTER GIRTH 101 for girth.”

Source: ripSOCRATES

#2 — ” Do penis pumps work? If so how do they?”

“Put your mouth on your arm and suck as hard as you can and you’ll notice that you have a hickey, which is just a funny way of saying you have a bruise.

The reason bruises happen is because blood, for whatever reason, pools underneath the surface of the skin.

In the case of your hickey, the suction has drawn blood away from other parts of your arm and into the area under where your mouth was.

A penis pump does the same thing, conceptually.”

Source: CanYouGuessWhoIAm

“So they don’t work for very long. “

When it’s in the tube and your pumping, it gets extremely girthy, a little longer, and can turn your penis purple (with blood).

It’s just pulling a bunch of blood into it.

It’s kind of fun to do, but when you remove the pump it takes about 30 seconds for it to go back to normal.

However it makes you instantly hard and seeing the gains, makes you kinda horny.

They don’t work for making you longer or girthier but they are a fun novelty item.”

Source: taketheadviceplease

“Overtime with the addition of “other exercises”, permanent expansion will occur. “

“However, pumping alone would just increase size temporarily.

Check out Pegym.


Learn how expansion occurs overtime.

I use a water and air pump daily along with additional exercises.

I have increased in size over the last year by 1.7 inches in length and .5 inches in girth.

Pumping alone would mostly increase girth (temporarily).

Stretching + pumping + exercises will give you both overtime.

Trust me —

A stranger on the internet who is self-conscious about his small penis (according to the Kinsey scale) since high school.”

Source: Anonymous

“I use a bathmate hydromax 30 water pump. “

“Water pumps are recommended over air because they provide a uniform pressure and stronger vacuum.

The bathmate hercules is a great investment, but that all depends on your starting size.

The bellows/check valve system effectively guarantees you won’t over do it. I personally started at about 5.75 bp and right now I’m at about 7.5 bp.

I’m not sure about girth but I’m 5.6 or so and I’m sure I’m bigger since my wife can’t close her hand around it like she used to.

Its been maybe 8 months of pumping about 15 minutes a day at a moderate pressure. Usually just about the amount of time it takes for me to shower, shave, and brush my teeth, no big deal.

I have started to incorporate some stretching and bathmate pulls as well as some moderate jelqing to cement gains and focus more on length. I’d like to get into the 8–8.5 neighborhood with slightly more girth.

I’ve noticed girth doesn’t make for great blowjobs, I’m already starting to get a lot of teeth.

Oh and they are rock solid erections, which was the original reason I bought the thing, (I didn’t expect gains really, just felt a little soft.).

Sex is way different and I can now get into both fornices which makes for two additional kinds of orgasms I couldn’t give her before, but some positions are no longer on the table and she has had to really get used to the difference as it became a little uncomfortable for her until I managed to do some reading on the subject.

All in all a good $100 investment and nominal amount of time have yielded a great deal of returns.”

Source: Green-Spark

“My advice to you would be to accept your size, and focus on learning more techniques.”

“If there was a scientifically proven technique for penis enlargement (non-invasive aka without surgery) every Doc would prescribe it and soon every below average male would run around with above average size.

And since THAT did not happen, the whole penis enlargement industry builds on peoples uncertainties and their wallet.

So once again, learn more about techniques and better bed communication, openness and a will to experiment and patience with your partner.

That’s what mind-blowing sex actually “is”.

And it will boost your ego way too much.

2/3s of women cant orgasm from penetration alone, so even big dicks do not satisfy most women in the end (even though we want to believe that before the act).”

Source: dont-be-silly

#3 — “Penile Shrinkage, Penis Pumps, and my experiences… (50 years old male)”

So, I have intermittently used penis pumps (vacuum pumps) for years, as result of ongoing ED issues, primarily.

In so doing, I’ve learned a bit through trial and error as well as via doctors and simple research into the medical lit.

I thought it might be helpful for some to share my experience. I am not a doctor, nor even remotely a medical professional, nor am I recommending anything — just thought I’d pass along some hard-earned (pardon the pun) personal, anecdotal info.

Over the last 5–6 years, I have been on long term pain meds (and after that, benzos) that all but killed my libido.

In addition, I had thyroid cancer (and a total thyroidectomy) 10 years ago, though we don’t know if that had any actual impact. As a result, my testosterone levels plummeted, down to anywhere between 57 (at its lowest) and 200, naturally.

I did not get regular erections, nor have any sex drive, for probably 3 years. When I finally went on testosterone replacement therapy (TRT), my libido returned, as did morning erections.

What I noticed, in short order (pardon the pun) was that my erections were, well, smaller…

In measuring, I realized I had lost a full inch on my erect penis, down from 8" fully erect to 6–1/2–7", and significant girth lost, as well.

To be sure, and I will spare you the details, I used the exact same measurement technique I’d used years earlier, using the same method.

About a year ago, I went to the urology center here in southern Virginia.

I spoke to the doctor there regarding my ED and asked if penis pumps (he let me know that “vaccum device” or “vacuum pump” is the correct terminology, apparently) could help — but also, if there were any actual, scientifically verified ways to get back my lost penis size.

He immediately shot down all the pills, and the creams, and the overnight fixes, etc., that we have all seen advertised.

He did say, however, that there is a growing body of research, already well established, that vacuum pumps, in specific circumstances, had been proven to restore LOST length and girth.

He was clear to say that they could not give a guy “new” size, but only restore some or all of what was lost, in some cases.

(I do know, from the subreddits and elsewhere, that many guys would argue that vacuum pumps indeed can give you new size, so acknowledging there is disagreement on that).

Specifically, there is a regime of the combined use of erectile dysfunction meds, Cialis, Viagra, etc., that, when used daily (in my case, 5mg Cialis per day), along with a pump, could provide this benefit.

I asked what the regimen was, and he said it varied from man to man, but that low dose daily Cialis (I forget the generic name) along with using a pump for 10 minutes a day, regularly allowing the device to inflate and deflate the penis, causing oxygenation of the blood, etc.

In short, what I have best been able to learn is that penis pumps cannot permanently increase penis size in men who have not lost length/girth perviously.

It is effective, however, in penile rehabilitation and can restore penis size in those who have lost it due to a variety of reasons, such as prostate surgery, or other medical conditions that have reduced overall blood flow to the penis over time.

This seems to largely be due to the “atrophy” (for lack of a better word) that occurs in a penis that is not regularly provided blood flow, such as daily erections.

Anyway…for someone out there who experienced what I did, hopefully something in what I’ve written will help you — or at least you can ask your doc or urologist.

TL;DR: In my admittedly personal and anecdotal experience, penis pumps appear to have the potential to restore lost length and girth in penises that have lost size due to lack of regular blood flow due to some medical conditions.

Here are some medical studies:

  • This is one such study: The science of vacuum erectile device in penile rehabilitation after radical prostatectomy.
  • And the similarly-titled: The Use of Vacuum Erection Devices in Erectile Dysfunction After Radical Prostatectomy.”

Source: SteveJackson007

#4 — “Penis Pump — How do you know what is safe?”

“I don’t have any experience with an air pump, but sounds like you’re doing it right.

As long as your dick is bigger than usual in the cylinder, isn’t discolored, you’re not experiencing pain, and you’re not bursting blood vessels or some shit, you should be fine.

I guess, just don’t be a dumbass with it lol.

Also, when it comes out, the penis is not really erect (maybe 50%) since it’s not really being stimulated sexually. Is that normal too?

That’s normal. As long as it’s bigger/fatter than usual while fully erect, it’s doing it’s job. The more you use it (like, over months), the better the results will be, and the temp increase will last longer.

I have a bathmate (water pump), and it’s designed so that you can’t go past a certain pressure limit, so I don’t really worry about it.”

Source: SkinnyPeenBandit

#5 — “Can You Use Penis Pump To Get Hard Faster After Ejaculation?”

“You have to have both a cock ring and a pump for this to work.

You can pump yourself up, but it will just go back down unless you have a tight ring to restrict out flow of blood.

My wife hated it because without fresh blood flow your stiffie just feels like a lukewarm dildo.

Plus if you restrict blood flow more than 20 minutes you can cause damage.

On top of that it doesn’t feel as good for you either — especially if you are the type guy who gets super sensitive post orgasm.

My advice?

Buy a quality strap on instead and she can use it to explore pegging you also-thereby expanding your horizons and avoiding a chance of penile destruction.”

Source: notoneofyourfans

“Yes, you can pump with a non-metal cock ring…”

“Most pumps even come included with some jelly ones (which super suck; get a legit thick silicone one).

Once you release the pressure, probably 20% of the oomph goes away, but the rest lingers, especially if you’re using a cock ring.

I think it depends on the guy whether the blood you pumped in is structurally in the right places to produce a resilient rigid erection, but it should be thick enough, if a touch floppy.

I’ve only used them for fun and medical reasons, not for refractory reasons, so I can’t tell you for sure that it’ll solve the problem you’re having…

But they’re fun toys, regardless, and if your woman is onboard, y’all should get one.”

Source: Jitzgrrl

Bringing It All Together

In conclusion…

If penis pumps or jelqing didn’t work, there would be nobody recommending them…

And there would be no successful companies selling penis pumps…

There is no smoke with no fire.

Now you have the full picture of what works, how penis pump work…

The danger it entails and alternatives you can go for.

Be wise. Be careful. Be patient.

And chances are…

You’ll be alright.

Decide what’s best for you, but if you ask me first work on mental issues and insecurities you might have.

Then look at techniques to feel and look bigger… and learn how to please your woman better with the penis you have.

And then… Then yes, if you’re still not satisfied check jelqing and penis pumps.

There are plenty of options.

Cheerio! 👊