Penis Sleeve 101: Everything You Need To Know About Penis Extensions


You might have heard about ways to make your penis bigger…

Penis pumps, jelqing exercises, kegels…

But what it you could get a bigger penis just by buying a penis sleeve?

There are other potential side-benefits to using a cock sheath:

  • if you have issues with premature ejaculation then buying the right sleeve could help last you a lot longer
  • if you've got small penis, this could be a fun upgrade to use from time to time.
  • if you're into kinky games than using a cock sleeve while she has a blindfold on could make her feel unique sensations like being with another man.

The tricky part however is finding and buying the right size, material and quality cock sleeve.

Read on:

Here's what we are going to cover:

  • What Are Penis Sleeves & How To ACTUALLY Use One?
  • What To Look Out For When Buying Your First Penis Sleeve?
  • What Are The Best Penis Sleeves Available?
  • What Other People Say About Cock Sleeves?: Real Stories & Reviews

What Are Penis Sleeves & How To ACTUALLY Use One?

People call them cock sleeves, cock sheath, penis extension…

Whatever…they all mean the same thing.

Penis sleeves extend the length and girth of your penis.

You can use them as a fun sex toy, but maybe you're really having a small penis and this could be a godsend?

There are different material penis sleeves so it's gonna feel like having a super thick condom on your dick (if you buy the right size and material).

The tricky part is to get the right one.

So…How Do You Go About Using a Penis Sleeve?


You get your penis hard (put on a condom, if you need one) and then apply a water-based lube (I like Passion Lubes) on it.

Why water-based? Because water based is the safest option to not have any bad reactions to any materials… condoms, cock sleeve..etc.

You just cannot go wrong with water lube.


Then you put the cock sheath on, lube it up again together with her pussy.

And let the joy begin.

⚠️ One word of warning is that it helps to have a healthy penis to be able to maintain strong erections longer.
Kegel exercises are ones that will give you amazing results, read my last longer and harder guide for more info.

Penis Sleeve Cleaning & Hygiene

This might be obvious, but I'll mention it here.

Use one with exclusive partners, don't switch it without properly cleaning, sterilising it after using, same as you would do with any sex toy.

Just follow the instructions you get in the manual.

Proper care will make sure that sleeve lasts longer and you won't get any infections.

What To Look Out For When Buying Your First Penis Sleeve?

Make sure you know your main objective, before you go look out for one:

  • are you looking to use it to increase your size? if so — how much? Discuss with your partner.
  • to last longer? (you should look for thicker materials)
  • comfort?
  • quality?
  • price?

It is a challenge is to buy the right penis sleeve at the get go.

I got it right with the second attempt.

But this guide will help and wherever you're buying it online.

➕ , you can always reach out to customer's service to make sure you make the right call.

#1 — Pick The Right Penis Sleeve Length & Girth (+ Texture)

Make sure you measure your penis correctly to learn the right size, so it fits comfortably and isn't too big or too small.

The best way to measure your penis is by:

  • length — measure it with ruler from the FRONT, pubic bone to the tip of penis.
  • girth — get a flexible tape measurer and wrap it around the shaft where its the biggest (closer to balls)

For more detailed instructions, check this penis guide…where I discuss average penis sizes and how to properly measure one.

Another thing to watch out for is to make sure that there is enough space in the whole where your balls go through (if it has one).

Yeah and finally, texture… angle…firmness…

There are tons of options, best to pick together with the partner, if you wanna buy the right one at the first time.

#2 —Choose The Right Materials

The safest option is to ONLY look for silicone penis extenders.

If it has weird plastics or anything made from jelly (which is a cheap material) — avoid it like STDs (or whatever is scary to you)!

Jelly contains a ton of harmful chemicals and on top of that it is a porous material (it has tiny holes in it) which make them very hard to sanitise properly.

Look for toys that are “phthalate-free”.

Also there are many TPR/TPE material toys, that you must be careful about.

What always works is a smell test.

If it smells weird — better don't use and ship right back for the refund.

In three words: Just be careful.

#3 — How Extender Attaches To Your Penis

Don't overlook this one!

Cock sheaths either attach with suction or there is a strap that attaches and holds it to your balls.

Suction one has been better in my experience.

Just buy a quality one… to kinda protect yourself against unwanted sensations…

But I'll say it again:

#4 — Don't Buy A Cheap Penis Extender or It Can Backfire

The cheap materials or quality can backfire in a way that you either throw it out after first use…

Maybe it makes something swell up…

Maybe it makes weird noises…

Maybe it material is not good and causes irritations…

Or something from the toy breaks off and then you need to go for a long rescue mission to find the lost piece in her vagina.

I know you probably wanna test-drive things first, but better spend some time picking the right one, but if you get one — get a good quality cock sheath.

For example, here's one reader's story:

“My wife and I once purchased a rather plain Jane vibrator/dildo, but it had a silicone sleeve that went over it.

The sleeve had these little plastic balls embedded inside of it, so as to create “speed bumps” for her pleasure.

The sleeve worked on the dildo, but also on a normal penis.

We used that toy quite a few times, and she liked it quite a bit — though she needed to be aroused, or the sleeve could irritate her.

The downside to it was that it was a bitch to clean, as it would really collect vaginal secretions and lube in all of the nooks and crannies of the sleeve, and was tough to really rinse.

One day, a couple of the little balls popped out somehow while I was fucking her while wearing it.

Digging around inside you’re wife’s vagina to find small plastic balls is a bit of a mood killer (and was mortifying to her).

It took forever to find the last one… and that was that for the sleeve, which was then relegated to the great sex toy drawer in the sky.

We do still use the dildo today, though it is a relatively secondary toy (mostly used for anal on either of us).”

Source: alittlebirdy1

What Are The Best Penis Sleeves Available?

While the best is a relative term, here are three companies and three most recommended penis sleeve models out there right now:

#1 — Fantasy X-tensions 2-inch Penis Extension ($35.29)

This one uses suction to hold on to your penis and you can even customise it to fit better.

It does look weird and veiny, but works well.

Find it on Amazon.

#2 — SHEQU Penis Sleeve (3 pieces/3sizes) — $19.69

I absolutely love this discovery — you can use it as penis extender, as a condom or simply to last longer.

Reusable condom… that's an idea.

The material is very stretchy (silicone) and it slips on the hard penis the same way as condom would.

Find it on Amazon here.

The small may be too small, large too large…but the middle one will be just the right size.

The suction that this sleeve has is decent and will be great for average size guy.

#3 — SheVibe Pleasures Online Shop

If you're looking for fancy and super high quality penis sleeves, SheVibes and BadDragon are on the top of the list.

Tons of variety, tons of how to guides… all you need to know.

#4 — Vibrating Penis Sleeve Kit ( $19.36)

I haven't tried this one, but I know a lot of you guys are looking for extra kinkiness…

So these vibrating penis sleeves are pretty fun to add for very, very unique sensations:

Find on Amazon here.

#5 — Dragon Cock (from BadDragon)

if you wanna have something a lot bigger, this is a super fun and highly recommended cock sheath from BadDragon.

They have super high quality stuff and sheaths itself look formidable!

You can always look videos on Youtube to see better how those cock sheaths look like… For example here, Fat Boy Sport dick sleeve review:

What Other People Say About Cock Sleeves?: Real Stories & Reviews


Now let's add some perspective on what other people (men and women) experiences with cock sleeves have been.

Here are their best stories and advice:

#1- “[Question] I have an incredibly small penis. Slightly over 3 inches and not girthy either. I recently found out about penis sleeves. Can anyone advise me on which to get?”

Here are the answers:

“I’ve heard great things about the sleeve(s) from Bad Dragon toys, which have an open end for the tip of the penis and fit average sized penises.

It’s a lot more about girth and texture, and some may be put off by the fantasy-type aspect of it, but I hear it’s much more pleasurable on the guy’s end.”

Site: FeralQueen

“There’s the tommy gunn sleeve extension, which gets some great reviews by people.

(at least, by people who can read- it’s amazing how many people buy something that has accurate measurements listed, and then give a low rating because “I didn’t think it would be so big”)

Also, the fat boy and fat boy sport.”

Source: comach2

“The Best Penis Sleeves In My Experience…”

“Traz Rhino: Huge.

Made of silicone. Stays on very well due to the suction.

Cons: Can tug on the vaginal walls or be too hard.

A sleek version is available, if you don’t want the girth!

Vixskin Colossus’/Ride on: The best extensions. Maybe at your length, you might find the end to be empty. If that happens, you can use a small rubber ball or something, to fill that space. Cons: Expensive.

Topco Tommy Gunn: Cyberskin, real feeling, huge, well fitting, can be trimmed to your length (or fill the empty space with a rubber ball or something).

Cons: Cyberskin is porous and hard to clean.

If you want a short time trial use, you can use this or just be meticulous. It may also have an off-putting smell.

Fat Boy: Very stretchy. It adds girth and length, but its feel may not be as good. Could make you too big as well. But it has nice pleasure nubs on the inside.

If you want to avoid the rubbery feeling you may use a condom over it (for the receiver) It however works well as a masturbation sleeve.

3 extra inches extender: It’s nice, I’ve heard mostly positive things about it. Cons: Head is hard and could be uncomfortable.

Ball strap is small.

Bad dragon sleeve: Adds to girth alone. But a good product nonetheless.

PS: It is best to heat the toys up and use water based lube to get the best out of them. Note that cyberskin can melt if it is heated too much.”

Source: portmantoux

“How Penis Sleeve Feels?”

“Suction, a little sliding (I’m uncut) and pressure, and glans rubbing on the end.

Plus, the fact that it’s a major turn on and her vagina contracting on the dick (which gets transferred).”

Source: portmantoux

#2— “What are women’s experience with a cock sleeve?”

“Can be fun to change shape and size”

It feels almost like you’re with someone else, or like your partner is more easily controlling some kind of dildo.

I used them with my partner during a threesome where we pretended he was being fucked by more guys and the extenders made things feel different enough that it subconsciously convinced him he was bottoming for a lot of guys.

At least, it produced the desired effect.

But I think the sleeves are mostly unnecessary.

And especially so if a guy wanted to use it because he’s not secure in his size.”

Source: mareenah

“So it’s a thing that makes a man’s penis bigger?”

“That doesn’t sound fun.

Honestly I often wish guys were a bit smaller (and almost always shorter), and I’ve never had a time where I wished he was bigger.

Guys often seem super self conscious about their dick size, but seriously don’t worry about it.”

Source: accidentw8ing2happen


“And I’ll happily repeat this here: For most women, penis size doesn’t matter unless it's an extreme.

And even at that, a majority of women need clitoral stimulation to orgasm.

Penis in vagina is not what gets s majority of women climax no matter the size of the dick.”

Source: Svataben

#3 — “Ladies what would you think if your partner brought up maybe using a penis sleeve while having sex?”

“I think something like this wouldn’t be for just a one night stand. “

“I understand size is a big issue for guys, but not for all women.

Only if the guy was in a long term relationship and they felt that their sex life was suffering because of his size and they wanted to make it work, it could be a great tool to save someone’s sex life, but don’t just whip it out on the first time!”

Source: shonabee

“I’d find it weird and would need some real discussion on what’s in it for him as I don’t understand the appeal”

Source: metathinking

“Me and my wife are completely happy with my size.

But we have a sleeve that we use on occasion because it’s fun.”

“I thought it was going to be a textured thing for his pleasure.

Currently I am worried about fitting him in as it is (haven’t tried yet), don’t need it bigger.

But I am game to try it out if he wants to down the road.”

Source: capughe

Bringing It All Together

That's it folks!

Hope you got excited about penis sleeves and now you have the necessary ammo (hint:information) to pick the right penis sleeve for you!


And wishing you a kinky love life! 👊